Dear pastors and leaders,

I am very happy to endorse the ministry of Stephen Powell. I consider him a true spiritual son, and an associate of our ministry, Fresh Fire. I know that anyone who invites him in will be deeply blessed and enriched by both the revelation he carries and the anointing for miracles, signs, and wonders that flows in his life. He's a gift that I discovered a few years ago in Alaska, and He is very much a new breed revivalist that God is releasing into the nations for such a time as this!

Stephen has filled in for me on several occasions, doing meetings in my place, when I wasn't able to make them myself. So my confidence in him as a prophetic evangelist, as a true ministry of healing, is very strong. Out of His intimate walk with the Lord, He knows how to flow with the Holy Spirit and step out in faith to see God's dunamis power released.

Stephen is a man of integrity and humility. He serves our ministry whenever and however He can with joy. He is a committed husband and father, with incredible testimonies of God visiting his entire family and using his children in miracles. His father's heart is evident when he ministers to God's people in love. He deeply connects with those being healed or delivered, and with those coming to Jesus in His ministry.

It's rare that you find all these traits in one vessel, but such is the case with Stephen. I know that you will not regret inviting Him to be a part of your event! He is a blessing to all those who have the privilege of working with Him!

Todd Bentley
Founder & President,
Fresh Fire Ministries


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell. He is indeed a great prophetic voice and also an excellent writer. Many are great "hearers" of God but to be able to also write out in clear fashion what you have heard...this is quite rare. Stephen's words are very keen and detailed, and His experiences are very similar to Bob Jones'. I'm really enjoying getting to know Stephen Powell more and more...he is a new prophetic voice in this day and more people are getting to know him."

Steve Shultz
Founder & Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

Bob Eschliman
Freelance Journalist
Charisma Caucus

"Stephen Powell is one of those few Gems that God sprinkles upon the earth from time to time. He is a man that walks not only in power but also in integrity. God is literally using Stephen Powell to shape the landscape of his Kingdom. With a Powerful prophetic Seer Gift coupled with Amazing demonstrations of Power, you will see meetings that will gain momentum exponentially. If you want a life changing encounter for not only your church, but your region, then Stephen Powell is God's man for this hour."

Derrick Gates
Apostolic Architect
The Way KC Revival Center
Kansas City Reginal Revival Center
FOUR12 Churches


"I would like to give a recommendation for Stephen Powell.  He is a man of integrity who loves the Lord and has strong gifting in healing, words of knowledge, signs, and wonders. I believe you will be blessed by His ministry."

Steve Toliver
Senior Apostolic Leader,

Kalifonsky Christian Center


"To pastors and leaders, I am writing you this letter of recommendation for Stephen Powell. I have known Stephen for a number of years and have grown to respect him and the anointing He carries. I have been both a friend and mentor in his life. Stephen has a deep devotion to our Lord Jesus and to advancing God's kingdom. He is energetic, submissive, and is growing in God's grace. I have enjoyed seeing God's wisdom and teaching manifest in his life. I have also greatly enjoyed the evangelistic and revivalist gifting he carries. Not only do people's hunger for Jesus increase, they also frequently receive a physical healing in their bodies. You will be blessed to ask and receive what God is doing in Stephens life."

Jim Hedberg
House Prophet & Elder,
Kalifonsky Christian Center