Stephen's Testimony

My name is Stephen Powell. I was born and raised in the great state of Alaska, one of the most amazing places in the world. I was raised in the church but didn't really give my life to Jesus and start living for him until I was fourteen. From the very beginning of my conversion I was extremely devout in my faith. Although much of my immature expression of that faith was religious at the beginning, I had a pure heart, and God graciously visited me powerfully from the very beginning! My greatest memories as a teenager were of fasting, praying, staying up late next to an open fire outside reading the Acts of the Apostles, reading books like "Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith, by Stanley Frodsham" & "Power in Prayer, by E.M. Bounds"!!!
When I was fifteen I was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues. When I was nineteen I had what I call my first "season of visitation" which always lasts about three months. At this time, during a supernatural encounter with the Lord, I was anointed with oil on my head for my future assignment. I was also given my first gift of discernment which works in conjunction with the healing anointing, whereby I can can discern peoples pains and injuries past-present-&future. During this time the strongest influences on my life from leadership in the church came through the ministries of Kenneth E. Hagin & Todd Bentley. God awakened my heart to the reality of visitations from Jesus with Brother Hagin's testimonies of heavenly encounters with Jesus, and I was ignited for supernatural kingdom ministry through Todd Bentley's example and inspiration. Little did I know that Todd would play a key role in my life for many years to come!
At the end of my first season of visitation, much to my dismay and bewilderment, God clearly spoke to me saying that the anointing I was just given for ministry would not be activated for many years. He told me that a revival would come and go and I would have to watch from a distance and not be involved. This wasn't for God's pleasure but for His purpose and training which I needed in what He described as my "wilderness season".
So for more than eight years I was a husband to my wife (who I happily married a year after my first season of visitation), a Father to my children, a provider, a faithful church member, and a devout seeker of God in the Secret Place! This time span proved to be extremely fruitful in my own spiritual maturity as I continued to have visitation after visitation from God in the Secret Place, but it also proved to be very confusing and very painful. As year after year passed I thought about how God had visited me. I thought about how He told me I was going into the wilderness for a season, but He never specified for how long. I never dreamed it would be almost a decade. I can remember spending many hours deep in prayer with nothing to sow at the alter but my tears, my anguish, my confusion, my depression. Why would God anoint me, visit me, call me into full-time ministry, and then abandon me? Why would He give me revelations that were incomplete; visions and dreams of things I would do without any understanding as to how they would come about? These are things I wrestled with for years, but God never abandoned me, and God knew exactly what He was doing!
The more the years went by, the more the light of my faith seemed to diminish. Had I really heard God? Did I miss the interpretation? Had I wasted my twenties following some fantasized plan? I wish I could tell you that my wilderness was perfect, but it wasn't. I wish I could tell you that I always had a good attitude during this season, but I can't. It was rather ugly at times. A few times I tried to abandon the call completely and go and get a "real job". No matter how many applications I filed, no matter how hard I worked to land a nice career job and settle down more comfortably with my family, it was to no avail. On several occasions, when I had come back around to believing once again that I was still called to ministry, I tried getting ordained with a local denomination, tried going to bible college, but nothing ever worked. At the time I didn't realize it like I do now, but my life was in fact owned by God. I had so completely and utterly abandoned myself in my teenage years, that God was quite happy to take possession of me as a sacrifice to him! My life was on a course that I was not entirely aware of, and I just had to keep coming back to the feet of Jesus and trusting that He was good and that He would lead me beside His still waters...that He would make all things work together for my good.
During my wilderness my life took on a staggering descent and decline which I wasn't prepared for. I was fired from my first adult job because of my faith. The only job I could lock down after that was a job with a man I knew from my old church working as a night shift janitor. I was fired from that job too while I was on a forty day fast, in the midst of my third visitation from heaven, because of false accusations brought against me by co-workers. The lies were so blatantly false that I had a hard time believing my boss could even consider them seriously. I felt so unbelievably horrible. I felt like someone had completely stripped me of my manhood. I couldn't even hold down a job as a janitor, and there we were about to have our third child with no income. Despite my hardship and confusion God never left me, He was always there, and God never allowed me to be tried beyond that which I could bare. There were times I completely stopped reading my bible and praying for months and months; times I could barely get out of bed to drag myself to church or to anything really, but I always found the grace of God lighting upon me pulling me up again, giving me fresh breath, fresh faith, fresh life when I was at my end.
This very hard season began to change in the year 2012 when Todd Bentley came and ministered at my home church in Kenai, Alaska. During the meetings He ministered at, I was the church janitor. I was cleaning the toilets before service on a Sunday Night, and the next thing I knew I was standing up front with Todd Bentley. He called me out, prophesied over me, and told the congregation that He felt led to invite me on the road with him in ministry! From that day I started traveling with Todd and the Fresh Fire team all over the world! I've seen God powerfully move in revival fire in nations like South Korea & South Africa in which we saw thousands of people saved, healed, and delivered! In all of our meetings we see incredible signs, wonders, and miracles. We've seen creative miracles, people growing back body parts, metal disappearing, blind eyes opening, cripples walking, the poor powerfully touched with the love of Jesus! Jesus has fulfilled His promise to use me in full-time ministry, and I constantly feel overwhelmed with the goodness and the faithfulness of God! Understand that God used me during my wilderness season as well. I saw, at one time, more than seventy-five people healed in one month living the kingdom life on the streets and on the job in Alaska! I do believe ministry is who we are as sons who live in and manifest the kingdom everywhere we go! But there is nothing more satisfying than fulfilling your destiny. Your destiny is within your assignment, and I have been assigned and appointed to minister the gospel of power full time around the world in full-time ministry! I'm fulfilling my destiny!!!
I'm married to the most amazing woman and friend in the world, my bride Amanda Kay Powell! We have four beautiful children together: Sophia, Ezra, Charley, and Rowyn.  In 2015 we completely left our jobs in Alaska, moved the family and the ministry down to Fort Mill, South Carolina (where we currently reside), and entered Full-time ministry for the first time! My wife & I currently serve on Todd Bentley's Senior Apostolic Leadership Team, I teach in the Fresh Fire's School of Revival, minister in our local church plant called "The Secret Place Church", and travel as a full-time itinerant revivalist around the world!!! God is so good!
Be encouraged today as you read this testimony that God can use anybody, that God always fulfills His word, and that God never leaves you or forsakes you! JUST KEEP GOING! Trust that He truly will work all things together for your good as you love him and keep accepting the call He has on your life!
Stephen Powell
Founder & President
Lion of Light Ministries

"I have known Stephen Powell and his family for many years and I've been absolutely amazed at his growth and maturity in the prophetic ministry and consider him to be a premier voice!"

- Todd Bentley

"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman