By Stephen Powell

I believe the leadership of the church of America has committed a grievous sin against the Lord and His people by defrauding God’s voice in the sanctuary, by depriving God’s people of the truth spoken forth in pure prophetic authority. Leaders of the American church have castrated prophets spiritually by falsely labeling them religious, doomsday, and judgmental, when God has been desperately trying to bring forth necessary corrections and judgments through these voices for our well being.
Even in the reading of scripture, we’ve lost the authority of God’s voice in many circles. Because God does not change (Mail.3:6) neither does His voice. But we’ve let the deaf & dumb spirit rob us when reading, for instance, the Old Testament. This is because we’ve been deceived. If you have a problem with what Old Testament prophets said then you have a problem with God, because as true prophets they were not speaking from their own religiously broken mindsets, as many in the American church have been fooled into believing. They were speaking from the mind of God. Their words were the words of God, and because the word of the Lord endures forever (1 Pet.1:25) we are still subject to their words today, as is our faith before God. You have not a faith without the word of God because faith comes by it (Rom.10:17). This includes both the God-breathed harmony of the Living Word and His holy written word, namely the Holy Bible, delivered to us by our Lord, exercising His sovereign hand in the history of man and His church. Yes, we must read the scriptures through the lens of the New covenant and we must see it in the light of Christ. But we must read it none the less and cleave to it. It was the holy scriptures that Jesus took up as the sword against satan as He was lifted high into satanic prophetic temptation, and those scriptures being plucked from the Old Testament did not diminish their power or effectiveness. He used the holy word of God!
Look past the limitations of your carnal thinking and see the truth: there is no such thing as a judgmental prophet verses a prophet of love. Yes, of course a prophet of the New Testament will function differently than a prophet of the Old. Jesus has come, grace and truth have been revealed through his person. A mystery which was sealed for thousands of years has been revealed. The gospel, the good news of Christ has comes forth! The prophet’s message, as well as any preacher’s message today, must be in the context of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and have a redemptive purpose to it. But understand saints, in light of the gospel, in the momentum of what Christ started with the ministry of reconciliation, the Father will still bring forth Godly correction and judgment for the good of His people. He will still scourge and chasten His bride, even with words and deeds that seem harsh, in order to prepare her to meet her King. These difficult tasks many times fall at the feet of the prophets and apostles. He will warn the body as well as nations concerning the consequences of their sins and choices, make no mistake about it. But unfortunately this ministry has been greatly rejected over the last ten years in light of a growing grace movement being fueled in part by doctrines of demons that teach people to not submit to prophetic and apostolic authority. But God is raising up an anointing to deal with it. He will answer this anointing with fire!
If a person is a true prophet they will bring forth the person of Jesus in word and in deed, in fruit and in power. True prophets carry both the kindness and the severity of God (Rom.11:22). You cannot be a true prophet if you do not. Many pastors or teachers who bring forth wonderful ministries of loving exhortation, encouragement, and instruction are quite often confused as being prophets of love, when in fact they are pastors and teachers with a prophetic anointing operating in the gift of prophecy. But having the gift of prophecy or being prophetically gifted does not make you a prophet. Any christian can function in the prophetic anointing or prophetic gifting. This is not an indication of the governmental office of the prophet. Both the apostle and the prophet will have the governmental anointing to judge, correct, rebuke, and govern with all authority (2 Tim.4:2). If they do not they are failing the people, letting the wolves run rampant through the flock, letting false doctrine have it’s way. Both Paul and Peter are seen judging and governing out of the order of God over and over again in the New Testament. It made the first century church very strong. We lack that strength today, but God is restoring it in our time!
The true word of the Lord has the power to break deception and open the eyes of the church. But we've gone through days of prophetic darkness over the last few years as more and more people have quit listening to the voice of God and have only lived in their feel-good theological echo chambers. There’s been an abundance of the gifts of the spirit at work, but pertaining to the true gift of Christ working through pure apostles and prophets, it has been dark in America. They have only been found in the remnant churches for the most part because it is these churches who have been open to hearing the true word of the Lord that is not sugar coated and soaked in unbalanced grace rhetoric. But God is good. He will shake us out of it, and people will begin searching for the voice of God where their false doctrine has not helped them, and they will find it in great need. America’s hour of greatest need will cause the church to find the voice of God again, and it’s all the plan of God. Don’t let anyone tell you that God is not involved in the shakings. He is Lord over the shakings!
(2 Thes.2:9-11)
9 “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,
10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,”
Paul prophesied a coming lawlessness that would overtake much of the earth, even the church, and he described it as being a move of satan with all power, signs, and lying wonders. Just as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses with the exact same sign and wonder in the court of Pharaoh, so will psychics and mediums invade the prophetic movement with the same prophetic gifting that true prophets operate in, and many people will not be able to tell the difference. It’s already happening. When you see this high level of lying signs and wonders invading the church you know it is time for the deliverers to arise to deliver the church, along with entire nations that submit to the leadership of the deliverers God is raising up, bowing the knee to Christ Jesus our Lord.
It may be hard to accept what I’m about to say, but it is the truth. God has shown me these things, and it’s validated by scripture. You have to either receive or reject it. There’s no middle ground with this stuff. Hear me when I say: Some of the highest level psychics in the world are currently in the prophetic movement as some of it’s most popular prophets of love. They perform amazing signs and demonstrations of revelatory gifts, and then they turn around and talk about the love of God, but never preach the gospel. They never tell people they have to repent, take up their cross, submit to Christ’s lordship. No, they tell people to just know that God loves them, and that’s enough. They are deceivers operating in some of the highest level demonic deception, and many of them do not even know what spirit they are of.
The door that these Christian psychics have opened to the demonic has come primarily through their lack of “love for the truth”. Paul was clear about it here in (2 Thes.2:9-11). In that day, if you are not a lover of the truth, then God will send strong delusion upon you. Delusion is the greek word “plane” meaning “wandering” or “mental straying”. It’s translated several times in the New Testament as “error”. The adjective “strong” describing this delusion in this scripture is most interesting as well: It is the greek word “energea” which Paul used in (Eph.1:18-19) when he prayed that we would be enlightened by the Spirit to know the greatness of God’s power (dunamis) according to the working (energea) of His mighty power (kratos - meaning dominion).
18 “the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,
19 and what is the exceeding greatness of His power (dunamis) toward us who believe, according to the working (energea) of His mighty power (kratos).”
You must see saints that there is a power which purely flows from God, that is absolutely His power, which He is the source of. That is the dunamis. But you must also see that there is another “power” that is given which is the administrator of spirit power in an individual which allows a vessel to manifest the supernatural. This is called the energea. This is what we can call a gift. Hear me when I say this saints: Both prophets and psychics have the same gift (energea) given from God, in many cases from birth, but a true prophet and psychic will always have a different source of spirit power they are allowing to flow through them. But their energea, their gift, will look exactly the same, and it comes from God.
Once again, we see this clearly in the story of Pharaoh’s magicians when they manifested the same gift (creative miracles displaying power over the natural realm), but the source was clearly different being that Moses represented Jehovah, and the magicians represented the gods of Egypt.
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
This is one of my favorite scriptures when considering the power of truth and it’s effects on the individual believer. It really is true what the prophet of old said when he spoke of men dying for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). It really does come down to what you know and what you don’t know. The truth has a power in it, just for you the believer, but you have to tap that power by becoming intimately acquainted with it through the beautiful knowledge of God. Knowledge according to the believer, unlike a Greek’s view, has a wonderful scriptural association with the idea of intimacy. In order for a couple to have a child in the bible they had to “know” each other. In order for a son or daughter of God to bear fruit that remains, they have to “know” God intimately. Well, in order for a believer to stand in the liberty that truth has for them, they have to have an encounter with that truth through intimacy with Jesus via the Holy Spirit. The believer must be baptized into both His Living Word and His Holy Written Word. We’re called to walk in the fires of holiness to know God. This is a fire that consumes even the threat of delusion as it tries to draw near. I implore you dear brother and sister in the Lord, take up this call of fire, intimacy, and the baptism of truth, and stand firmly in the freedom it provides you through the knowledge of God. In this place you will stand as an overcomer and be equipped for whatever comes your way. In this place your spiritual gifts will be completely purified, as with fire, and your flow will be that of the pure stream issuing forth from the throne of God, from the Ancient of Days. Yours will be the pure ministry of Jesus to His people and this earth!
In His Service,
Stephen Powell



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