By Stephen Powell

In yesterday’s writing I shared a recent prophetic experience I had in which I saw an angel taking the offerings of the people, even financial offerings given in a service, up to heaven to be offered to God on behalf of the people. In this experience a fire came forth from the throne of God and devoured the offering only leaving a small portion of what was offered originally. What was received was transformed into gold pieces with three people’s names written on these pieces. Although many had given their offering, had given their money into the basket that night, God only received three people’s offerings because only three offered theirs with a pure heart and faith.


In the previous writing we opened up Malachi’s prophetic book and saw clearly how God receives offerings based on the purity of the ones offering them. We read how once God received the pleasant offerings from the priests offered in purity, tried in the fire, that He answered by releasing justice and righteous judgment in the land, which struck down witchcraft, financial corruption, and economic injustice in the land. Today we’ll continue to unwrap this subject.





8 “Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, in what way have we robbed You? In tithes and offerings.

9 You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed Me, even this whole nation.

10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.”


A man robs God when he does not bring “all” the tithes into the storehouse. The Hebrew word here for storehouse is ‘owtsar which can be translated “treasure house” or “treasury”. So obviously we’re not talking about giving to the local church coffer necessarily (although church offerings are one of the primary conduits for tithes and offerings to be given to God). We’re talking about giving to God here, and this is why I believe ultimately this word is used for storehouse. I believe it points to a higher kingdom receiving it, just as I saw God receive the offerings into the treasury room of heaven in my prophetic experience.


When the bible says, “bring all the tithes into the storehouse”, it’s implied that there is a specific amount required, and that if you don’t bring that amount in and give it to God in obedience then you’re falling short in this respect. God calls it robbing him! We of course know what that amount is in reference to tithes. It’s a tenth. Tithe means a tenth. We must understand that when it comes to offering our finances up to God as an offering it all starts with the tithe, and the tithe technically isn’t yours. You’re really just watching over it until you release it back to the Lord. I believe this part of the “offering system of God” in the economy of heaven which we’re privileged to be invited into, is very special and unique. I believe that this entry level process so to speak simply requires raw obedience. Give the tithe and you’ve done your job. You’ve obeyed God and have started the process.


Many times Christians want to feel all ooey gooey when it’s comes to their activity in the kingdom. In many cases they don’t feel like they’re really accomplishing anything unless they feel good. I find it prudent that the Lord saw fit to design an entry level process for stepping into kingdom economics and kingdom prosperity which doesn’t require feelings at all. It simply requires raw obedience.


You tithe because God says to do it. As you do this faithfully time after time, you find that your heart begins to change. There’s something about handling money, and releasing it time after time in obedience to God, that does something to your heart. Your heart begins to be tied to this economic system of heaven which in turn prepares you to start giving offerings in faith above and beyond the tithe, which is what really propels you into financial glory. As your heart becomes tied to the economy of heaven it can be freed from the babylonian economic system of the world.


As I’ve taught before in my teachings on financial glory, offerings are what tie you into the tenfold return, the multiplied harvest coming back to you, based on your faith seed being sown above and beyond the tithe. I believe the tithe to be God’s portion which He places in your stewardship to jump start the flow of heaven’s economy in your life (which includes financial blessing, favor, wisdom, justice, judgment, and so much more). The tithe is like the dollar that a parent gives their child to put in the offering at church to introduce the child to biblical sowing and reaping. It’s the parent’s money. The child doesn’t own the dollar. But the result is the same. The child still benefits from the handling and giving of what is not technically theirs. You benefit from the handling and the giving of the tithe which is technically God’s. As you do this faithfully you gain greater access to the flow of heaven’s economy by faith, and by faith you begin to offer up offerings continually to the Lord in righteousness. These offerings are pleasant in his sight because you’ve built your giving on a system of raw obedience to God’s word, faith, and trust. It’s only as you allow God to purge your heart of false mindsets, false beliefs, and unbelief that you can effectually start to offer to the Lord these offerings in faith, and those are the offerings that God receives. That is the seed that succeeds, the one that God receives, the one offered in faith.




This is why I saw what I saw that night as the heavenly vision was disclosed to me concerning what was happening behind the scenes in the spirit realm as people donated that night in church. Most of the people there were donating out of religion not out of biblical faith born from their relationship with God in which unbelief and sensual desire had been purged from their hearts. If you just throw money into the bucket to contribute to keep the lights on you’re missing the point. That’s good. It’s a good thing to keep the lights on in the local church, and keep the pastor and his family fed. But remember just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s God. Ultimately you’re not giving to meet man’s needs you’re giving to God. The tithe meets the priestly needs. That’s why God said there would be food in his house once they brought the tithe to him. But offerings are to be of the heart, of faith, based on God’s word to you, not based on anything else.


The fact of the matter is much of the giving in the church is carnal, worldly, and not truly being offered week after week to God in faith with a pure heart. How do I know? It’s apparent by where much of the donations flow to in the church. Much of the donations flow to the most sensual, flesh appealing, and desirous ministries and churches. Much of the donations flow to the church’s eye-candy. Finances flow to celebrity Christianity because in our hearts that’s what we want. We want to be famous, we want to be the next american idol, and our celebrity preachers in many cases wrap holiness around this american idolatry, and they’re empowered in it by the people. These carnal empires which have been built by the giving of the church reveals our hearts. In many cases we’re not giving out of pure hearts, out of pure faith. No, we’ve found a way to sow into our carnal desires in many cases and call it holy unto the Lord, and the Lord is not receiving much of it. And when the Lord doesn’t receive the offering it does not build his kingdom. When you give to a man it builds the man’s kingdom, not God’s.


When approaching the offering time during a service we must give unto the Lord not unto man. This means that we don’t give based on the performance of the preacher. No, that’s called tipping. When a person goes to a restaurant, many times that person tips based on how well the service was. If it was good they tip good, if it was bad they tip a lower amount. When you give into the offering based on how much you liked the preacher’s sermon, based on how well He did, based on how good he made you feel, you’re not giving to God but to man. We must approach the offering plate reverring it as holy unto the Lord, and give not based on man’s performance but based on heart faith as unto the Lord.


How do we break this stronghold in the American/Western sensualized church? One of the ways is we pray and ask God before we even go to the service what we are to give and determine to give that before we arrive. In this way we are not manipulated, either intentionally or unintentionally by the speaker or the church culture itself, to give less or more. Your giving is then a direct fruit of your relationship with God, hearing from God, and responding to his word to you. I’ve done this and I’ve seen amazing results in my personal life as God has blessed myself, my family, and my ministry with a flow of heaven’s resources day after day. When you operate this way it frees your heart from an earthborn system that God does not approve of.


If you want the benefits of heaven then you have to play by heaven’s rules and heaven is not receiving much of what the church is offering because it is not pure. Let us purge ourselves in this day as the sons of Levi did in there’s. Let us submit our hearts and souls to the refiner’s fire, to launderer’s soap, and cleanse our hearts, our motives, and our faith in this hour. Then our offerings will be received. Then our seed will succeed because God receives the offering offered in faith and purity of heart!


Tomorrow we’ll go deeper into this revelation together!


In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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