By Stephen Powell

Yesterday we talked about a revelation of the intrinsic value in every person, imparted by God through man’s creation in His image and likeness. We discussed deception that is prevalent in educational and political power structures, which directly violate bedrock principles of God’s economy such as sowing and reaping. Today we’ll continue to unfold this revelation from God’s Word, and seek understanding together of God’s higher ways concerning finance and wealth creation. I pray this is s blessing to you.




Because the wealth of the earth comes from man being fruitful and multiplying out of his original creative value, the enemy really has no value in comparison to man, because the enemy is void of all glory. His only power and finance come from getting man to agree with him to violate God’s laws. The enemy seeks to set himself up as a god in the earth, funneling the desire and worship of man to him, which in turn causes man’s created value to be transferred into the enemy’s domain.


One of the primary ways the enemy does this today is through media. Media touches all of the seven mountains of influence, serving as a conduit and distributor of creative value in and through these spheres of man’s kingdom. Media seeks to capture the desire of man and serve it. With this serving, there is an exchange of creative value, as the finances flow to films and TV shows which feed man’s desire. Whether it is the desire to be famous, to be rich, to look a certain way, to be a celebrity, or whatever, the desires of man, which flow from within, are an outflow and expression of that creative value, that glory, that love, which God has invested within every person, and the release of it is a form of worship. Depending on whose altar you continually worship at, and on whom you’re continually bestowing your affections, this determines who you’re really worshiping. With this comes the release of creative value from man, including the flow of wealth and finances. Therefore, when a man or woman turns toward the heart of God in affection and love, wealth is a fruit of their being awakened to their original creative value and restores their proper flow. We were created to worship God. We were created to create with God, in love, out of the overflow of love’s expression which we share with the Father, through His Son, by the power of His Holy Spirit. We were created to build with God out of His glory. When we are restored to do this, what we build has eternal value and will withstand the test of time. For what the Lord builds no man can destroy. It will stand forever. This is why Christ forever sits upon the throne of David. It’s because David wasn’t building his own kingdom, he was building God’s, and therefore his kingdom was made according to the eternal order of God’s kingdom.


So understand the war for worship is the war over wealth, and it determines where it flows and whose agenda is being empowered in the nations, God’s or the enemy’s. This why the Gospel of the kingdom, the good news concerning the pearl of great price, is still the ultimate nation-changer: it causes men to sell everything to purchase it. The Gospel changes hearts and redirects creative power to build of God’s kingdom in the earth. So let us not become weary in dealing with that which is of greatest value still, even when it seems dull, lacking visible sheen in the midst of this flashy world of media and entertainment we live in. Let us see the value of the Gospel demonstrated through power and glory in our day, and may we see the desires of man redirected back to God, back to King Jesus, for the true restoration of man.



“And I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory,' says the LORD of hosts.”


The shaking must come to redirect the desire and worship of whole nations. They’ll come to “the Desire” of “all nations,” who is King Jesus. At the core of every man’s quests, every man’s seeking and searching, there is the person of Jesus that people really want and really need. Only He can truly satisfy. Only He can truly fulfill. He is what everyone truly desires within.


In coming to Him, the Desire of All Nations, we are restored into our true identity, with the recognition of our true value. This restoration of identity coincides with the infilling of glory. Our glory, our original creative value, comes from God, it comes from King Jesus, and in worshiping Him, in desiring Him, we are restored to walk in glory as sons and daughters of God.




People need to understand their creative value in God. The poverty spirit mantles a man when He doesn’t understand his true value in Christ. We look to the world, we look to outside forces to try and increase us, or to try and explain why we are without. But because the true wealth of this world is man, one will remain under that poverty spirit unless he comes to understand the truth: wealth is within. When you operate in this truth and create with intention and purpose, it releases the glory within to create wealth and value in the earth. If you are suffering from this poverty spirit, be free today. Quit looking to other people - to the government or to your job to make money for you - to be the key ingredient in your prosperity and increase. God has already given you your prosperity, He has already increased you; He has already given you great abundance of wealth. If you were to fully tap the well that is the wealth that God has invested in you, there would not be enough bank accounts to hold it all once you brought forth its fullness in creation. The wealth of one man coming from the creative glory within is enough to fill worlds with riches.


Having a job ultimately does not help most people, it hurts them because it puts a cap on man’s creativity, which in turn limits his ability to create wealth. Jobs are necessary because many of them fulfill vital functions in a working society, but you should never convince yourself that your job is what takes care of you. You should never fall prey to the lie that your job feeds your family, or your job sends your kids to college, or your job pays for your retirement. This is inferior thinking based on an inferior system of economics. The Lord is inviting you to think like Him, to think like a king, to walk in financial glory!


Heaven’s economy creates an environment that encourages thinking that takes all of the limitations off to be fruitful and multiply. This is why entrepreneurship in a free market is so powerful. It causes men’s imaginations and creative ability to explode in fruitfulness and productivity because the limits on rewards for one’s labor are demolished. The only limits that exist are how hard you’re willing to work, how much wisdom you’re willing to apply, and how much you’re going to believe in yourself. Many people who have a j-o-b embrace limitations, which come with market value for careers, and how many hours you can get from your employer. This is why some of the most powerful and brilliant people in history who have changed the world defied conventional wisdom and instead opted to begin creating.


Conventional wisdom says that you need a college education to prosper. But Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to create instead. Out of his creative capacity, he started technology which changed the world, as he founded Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen (1). Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year in order to devote all his efforts to finish the creation of his vision called Facebook. Facebook has changed the world, and is valued today in excess of 400 billion dollars (2). Isn’t it Interesting that two of the wealthiest most influential men in the world today had to drop out of college in order to create? They understood what so few do not: the wealth is in you, directly connected to your God-given ability to create.


Every person is actually worth billions, because their source of creation is the same as Bill Gates, the same as Mark Zuckerberg, the same as every man or woman which has gone before them. You only need to believe in that creative value within and unleash your glory. Unleash your power to create, which is the true power of wealth.


The truth is, at the end of the day, you are always your own boss. You’re responsible for feeding your kids, for paying your bills, for paying for your retirement, not your boss or your company. Not even God is ultimately responsible for these things, because He already did His job in putting the power within you. People who have relationship with Him can enjoy the fellowship which comes when you begin to co-labor with Him, co-create with Him, and flow in the glory. But we need to take responsibility and quit blaming God, man, our boss, our government, or our society for our lack. True lack and limitation are in your mind, born of the poverty spirit.


When you understand that you can do this, you can go beyond pay-check to pay-check living once you recover your identity and understand your God-given ability to create wealth; nothing will stop you or hold you back again. You will be a creative, fruitful machine. Everywhere you go and everything you do will flourish, because you will begin to release and operate from that glory within, and that glory makes deserts in fruitful places; that glory makes something out of nothing quite easily, because it is the ability of God to create. It’s the ability of God to move upon the earth and over the face of the deep, that’s without form, void, and in darkness, and begin to create. Understand, man is the wealth, not things. Begin to create in faith, believing in yourself, and watch what happens. The fruitfulness and the multiplication that comes with the economy of heaven will flow in your life, and you’ll do great things, creating things of value not only in the temporal but in the eternal!


In His Service,

Stephen Powell





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