By Stephen Powell

(This content is taken from my new book “Financial Glory for the Believer” set to be released in July of this year! I pray this revelation blesses you and encourages you in your walk with the Lord!)


In previous articles on financial glory we discussed where money truly comes from and how to tap into heaven’s resources to be fully funded and empowered in what God has called you to put your hand to in this life. In this article we will continue with this theme. We will discuss what I call “The Hiram Anointing” which is a kingly anointing where God joins you together with others to form necessary partnerships for building the kingdom of God.


(1 Chron.14:1-2)

1 “Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, and cedar trees, with masons and carpenters, to build him a house.

2 So David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, for his kingdom was highly exalted for the sake of His people Israel.”


In my first book, “Financial Glory for America, Israel, & America”, I spoke about this Hiram/David dynamic in the context of the Spirit of Breakthrough which works in God’s people. I talked about how God united David with this king of wealth and finance when it came time to establish him in his kingdom. That king was Hiram, king of Tyre. In the unique process that God unfolded in the bible, regarding the building of the temple according to heaven’s desire, this man surfaced in the story, whose role and actions speak loudly to us on this subject.


Hiram the King of Tyre was not only involved in the completion of the temple, but also in the building of David’s personal house during his reign as well (1 Chron.14:1-2). Once again, we see that beautiful desire of God for his people coming through the words in this passage when the writer writes, “his (David’s) kingdom was highly exalted for the sake of His people Israel” (vs.2). God so loves people. This is what his heart burns for. This is what God’s desire burns for. It burns for the people He loves. And once again we see how David’s kingdom was exalted according to that desire. Truly this is where wealth and resources come from, the desire of God’s own heart!


Here we see Hiram King of Tyre emerging to supply resources for the building of David’s house, which is in direct correspondence with the exalting of his kingdom for the sake of the people, for the purpose of fulfilling God’s desire! Hiram is another example of a kingly company of people emerging on the scene who will have a grace to recognize and flow with God’s heart more than ever before. Notice how as David served the Lord to end of serving God’s people, David himself and his household was exalted. This is how kingdom wealth works. As you position yourself to fulfill the desire of God for his people, you position yourself right in the flow of heaven’s mighty resources, that will in turn meet all your needs, and even more than your needs!


Hiram is a Hebrew name which means “noble’. Jesus said that it takes a noble and good heart to bear kingdom fruit from the word with patience (Lk.8:15). The word is the directive of the desire and love of God. Hiram was a man that followed the directive of heaven’s desire and found great resources flowing to and through him for the building of God’s kingdom work in the earth.


(1 Ki.5:7-11)

7 “So it was, when Hiram heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly and said, blessed be the Lord this day, for He has given David a wise son over this great people!

8 Then Hiram sent to Solomon, saying: I have considered the message which you sent me, and I will do all you desire concerning the cedar and cypress logs.

9 My servants shall bring them down from Lebanon to the sea; I will float them in rafts by sea to the place you indicate to me, and will have them broken apart there; then you can take them away. And you shall fulfill my desire by giving food for my household.

10 Then Hiram gave Solomon cedar and cypress logs according to all His desire.

11 And Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand kors of wheat as food for his household, and twenty kors of pressed oil. Thus, Solomon gave to Hiram year by year.


Notice how as Hiram purposed to fulfill the desire of Solomon, his own desire was fulfilled in the provision that came for his entire household (vs.9). As Hiram fulfilled Solomon’s desire he was actually fulfilling God’s desire that was originally birthed in David’s heart out of relationship with God. As we seek to find people, ministries, businesses, and even political campaigns to sow into as givers, we have to discern the desire of God in what we’re giving to before we sow a dime. This is crucial. This is called the correct apostolic alignment that releases the blessing and favor.


As Hiram partnered with Solomon and fulfilled his desire, He was actually serving the desire of God, which brought forth the temple and the glory of God in the earth. As we find people and organizations that are carrying the desire of God, we are finding causes to sow into that will truly make a difference, because ultimately God is behind it. There is where we touch the realm of “fruit that remains” because God is behind the seed! Whatever God is behind will make lasting impact for the glory of his kingdom and his redemptive purpose in the earth.


Many organizations try to disguise their efforts and work to appear as if they’re carrying the heart of God. They will show enough superficial evidence of the good they’re doing, but it won’t have the lasting kingdom fruit that love intends because they’re building after their own desires. This is why you must “know those that labor among you” (1 Thes.5:12), (especially when donating large amounts of money and resources on a regular basis). You must hear the voice of God for yourself on where to direct your resources. Nobody has the right or the authority to tell you where to direct the flow of resources which God has entrusted to you, except the explicit command of scripture. God has made you steward over your resources. You will stand before God for where you direct your funds, not anyone else. Let’s be a wise and prudent people that hear the voice of God out of intimacy with him and strategically release our resources in the earth for the restoration of the temple, for the furthering of God’s kingdom in our day.


Hiram was a man that discerned the desire of God in both David and Solomon and therefore partnered with that desire for the advancing of God’s kingdom. As he did this, all of his needs were met and then some. In (vs.11) the bible says that He was given twenty thousand kors of wheat for food for his household, and twenty thousand kors of pressed oil. Notice how the only thing that was discussed in their agreement was the wheat for food (vs.10). The wheat that was given is a representation of having all of your needs abundantly met when you partner with the desire of God in the earth. But the oil represents the supernatural anointing, blessing, and favor that comes on your life, that draws in more than your need. This oil came from Solomon, who was a greater, more powerful, more influential king than Hiram. There is a very important kingdom principle here to see and grasp. When you come under someone who is serving the desire of God in the earth who is greater and more influential than you, you position yourself to receive of that person’s kingly anointing, which in turn enables you to rise up to their level of kingdom manifestation in the earth! These are the ways of the kingdom of heaven so beautifully penned into these stories in the bible! May we all have eyes to see and ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to us through these words, and may we stay in the power of God’s divine will to walk these truths out to the fullness of their fruit and glory!





If we’re going to learn to flow with the desire of God’s heart in the earth, bringing Jesus his full reward in the nations, we must learn to cultivate the desires of our own hearts out of relationship with God. Some people are puzzled as to why Jesus would say to his disciples in (Jn.14:13-14), “Ask anything in my name and I shall do it”. I believe that this falls right in line with (1 Ki.3) when Solomon asked the Lord for a wise discerning heart. Before Solomon asked he made a great sacrifice to the Lord. I believe, since we’re in the new covenant and we have become temples of the Most-High God, that our bodies and our very lives have become the altar of sacrifice. I believe that when we sacrifice our time, our agenda, and our schedule to sit at the feet of the Master, that our hearts become more and more one with his. I believe that as intense as the flames were that consumed the bulls on Solomon’s alter, the intensity of the fire of God’s love baptizes a man or woman when they commit to intimacy with him in the secret place. Out of this place of our hearts and desires becoming one with his, the Lord Jesus says, “Ask anything & I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (Jn.14:13).



“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.”



“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


When Jesus spoke these words, I believe that He was talking about more than just natural treasure. In (Gen.2:10-14) the bible declares that there was a river that went out of Eden and parted into four river heads to water the garden. It also says that there was gold found in the midst of these rivers. The bible says in (Prov.4:23) “keep your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues (rivers) of life”. Interestingly there are also four chambers in your physical heart. I believe that the gold, the glory that God has invested into our hearts is his love, and that as we cultivate that love in an intimate relationship with God that new desires flow forth out of that heart. This is likened to tending the garden to keep one’s heart with all diligence. As we cultivate the desires of our heart through delighting ourselves in him, through intimacy with the Lord, I believe there comes forth a union of desire, and from this place God visits us and says to us, “Ask! What shall I give you?”. The question is, are you willing to take the time to know the Lord? Are you willing to soak in the oil of myrrh and be baptized in the perfumes of His presence like Esther was during the beauty preparations that made her ready for her king? If you are, then (Est.2:17) will be yours:



17 “The king loved (desired) Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace & favor in his sight more than all the other virgins: so, he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti.

18 Then the king made a great feast, the Feast of Esther, for all his officials and servants; and he proclaimed a holiday in the provinces and gave gifts according to the generosity of a king.”


As you soak in the presence of God you come into the tangible anointing of favor. As you pursue that relationship with God, his love and his desire begin to be poured out in your life. When this happens, there is a release of the feast and the generosity of the king. God will elevate you like Esther to make a difference for the sake of his people. God will highly exalt you, as He did with his servant David, for the sake of his people. This is where money truly comes from, according to God’s ways. It comes from the desire of God. God is looking for men and women who would cultivate the desires of God in their own hearts out of intimacy with him, and would seek to serve that desire through the good works they were created for! To those, the resources of heaven will flow in our day, and we will see the healing of nations; we will see the greatest harvest that the church has ever seen!


(You’ve just finished reading content from my new book “Financial Glory for the Believer,” set to be released in July of this year! I pray that it has been a blessing to you!)


In His Service,

Stephen Powell



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