A Vision of William Branham & His Angel Part 1

By Stephen Powell

I was driving back from New Orleans on my most recent ministry trip and suddenly I found myself being overtaken by the glory of God.  I’ve become accustomed to how visitations come to me over the years.  Many  times they are preceded by waves of the glory signaling something coming from heaven.  This was such a time.

When I arrived home I quickly made my way to the room I was staying in.  By the time I laid my head down on the pillow I was gone, caught up in a prophetic experience which is still impacting my spirit to this day.  I saw an angel standing in front of a man.  The angel looked to be taller than the man by him, and he had on a cloak which was grey and dingy in appearance.  His appearance was nothing like some of the radiant images I had seen of angels in the past.  His cloak reminded me of the mantle of humility that I read about years ago in the “Final Quest” book by Rick Joyner.  It too was grey in color.  The angels rejoiced at its sight because it represented the highest rank in the kingdom of God.

In this encounter the angel spoke this simple sentence to the man by him.  “When the heavenly vision comes it will overtake your earthly vision.”   At that moment it was quickened in my spirit that this was the angelic commissioning that William Branham received in 1946 (70 years ago, from this writing).  The man in this encounter was William Branham!

After the angel spoke, William Branham turned to me, pointed his right pointer finger at me, and said, “I was holicted by the Holy Ghost”. Holicted is not a true English word in this form, but "holic" is. According to dictionary.com it means: "indicating a person having an abnormal desire for or dependence on". William Branham had a unusual dependence on the glory realm, on the visionary realm that came to mark his ministry. I expound more on this later.

Union Vision

There is something amazing that is happening right now in the earth.  It truly is the most exciting time to be alive.  God is awakening His children to the reality of an attainable manifest union with Christ that most have not previously believed for.  In most generation’s minds prior to this age, this kingdom age of expansion, they did not even have theological permission to think these kinds of things.  But God is opening our minds, He is opening our hearts, and He has is introducing us to a walk in the spirit available to everyone that is higher than what we’ve known.  I believe that William Branham was such a man that was used to begin to open our hearts and minds.  What does it look like for a man to walk in union with Christ while on the earth in human flesh?  What does it look like to actually operate in the mind of Christ, and not just talk about it?  What does it look like to walk in the kind of revelatory gifting and demonstration that our Lord walked in while on the earth in human form?  William Branham was a prototype that came forth in the previous generation who gave us keen insight into the possibilities of the dynamics of the new creation reality! 

William Branham was a simple man born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana in the early 1900’s.  From the very beginning his life was marked by extraordinary signs, wonders, miracles, and heavenly visitations.  One of his earliest visitations that he could recall came when “his angel” moved through the yard in what looked like a concentrated whirlwind.  This whirlwind had movement, a controlled presence, which eventually rested in a tree above Branham.  Then a voice spoke from the whirlwind telling the young boy to never raise alcohol to his lips, to never put a cigarette in his mouth because he had a special purpose that he would one day come to realize.  Branham was not raised in a religious home, and even if he would have been, these were extraordinary things that even most Christians at the time would have had a hard time understanding.

Branham struggled through his early life with these happenings.  He continued having visions and supernatural phenomena that manifested because of the great call on his life.  Even after he gave his heart to the Lord and became a baptist minister the struggles still continued.  It was so confusing trying to understand these events.  He was convinced for a great many years that these visions and encounters were inspired of the devil.  He was told by his regional director whom he was under in his denomination to dismiss these occurrences, and pray that God would take the demonic pictures away.

One day Branham reached his wit’s end so to speak.  He decided he could not go on until he had some answers to his peculiar life journey.  So he hiked deep into the back woods of Indiana and found his favorite place to pray and be alone with God, a cave carved out of a rock structure that he had often spent time in since his youth. He prayed for many hours in the cave that day.  It was May 7, 1946.  He toiled and he cried and he pressed into God.  He needed answers and he was going to get them, even if it killed him.  Soon he grew weary from praying and began to grow more silent.  Then suddenly, the angel of the Lord stood before him and began to explain his peculiar life and his incredible calling that he had carried all those years.  You can read about this encounter in-depth in the series of books called “Supernatural: the Life of William Branham; by Owen Jorgensen”.

The angel told him many things that day.  He told him that he had been sent from the presence of God to tell him that God was raising him up to carry a gift of divine healing to the nations of the earth.  He told him that God would use him to start a movement that would “bring on the second coming of Christ”.  He also told him that he was being given two “signs” just as Moses was given two signs before He was sent out.  The first sign would manifest in his left hand.  Take any man or woman’s hand in your left hand, the angel said, and by the power of the Holy Spirit you will be able to detect any germ-caused disease.  The angel told him that the second sign would be more powerful than the first. He said, "You will eventually begin to have visions that break before you in the glory and God will reveal the very secrets of men’s hearts to you.  And if you will stay sincere and if you can “get the people to believe”, nothing will stand before your prayer, not even cancer!"

It was an incredible visitation from heaven.  William Branham went on to do many great things.  God used him to spark a movement which came to be known as the Voice of Healing, or the Latter Rain Movement.  People like Oral Roberts and T.L. Osborn, who became powerful healing evangelists leading millions of people to the Lord, directly contributed the spark in their ministries to Branham's influence. Branham himself went on to shake the nations with the power of God. Heads of state, the rich, the famous, the multitudes lined up everywhere he went to see this great gift of God, to see the glory of God.  It was one of the most amazing records of a supernatural life that we have ever been given in church history.  It was truly remarkable.

When I was brought into Branham’s 1946 commissioning I heard something that I have never read in any of the books about Branham, or that I have ever heard men teach on in the body of Christ when they talked about Branham.  I heard the angel describe an aspect to the visionary realm that Branham moved in that explains the operation more in depth, which I think is quite amazing!  The angel said, “When the heavenly vision comes it will overtake your earthly vision.”  One of my favorite scriptures to meditate on at this time is found in Galatians written by the Apostle Paul:


“I have been crucified with Christ: it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”

I believe that there are realms in the spirit, places that we can reach in our manifesting of Christ in and through us, where Christ thinks his thoughts through us, opens his eyes through us, the eyes of God!  I believe this is precisely what Branham experienced when his angel would come and the glory of heaven would overtake him.  I believe that it was no longer him seeing and saying, but Christ, in those moments.

Gordon Lindsay had this witness of William Branham, after having observed and having been a part of the man’s ministry for many years: “I must confess, I never saw the man miss it, not once, when he was moving in his visions.”  That is an incredible statement.  I believe that is what Samuel walked in, who is a type of this apostolic coming that is emerging!

(1 Sam.3:19)

“So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground.”

Samuel walked in the realm of the seer, and in that realm when His visions manifested the word that came forth always had 100% accuracy.  That is what is meant by the saying “none of his words fell to the ground”.  People say, “Well, I just don’t believe that is possible for a man, only God”, and I would totally agree.  We are not called to walk as mere men (1 Cor.3:3), we are called to walk as new creations, the old being passed away, the new coming forth, and all things being of God (2 Cor.5:17-18).

It was also said of William Branham that many times, after having been caught up in that realm of glory in his services, that he could not even recall with his own natural mind what had happened in the meeting hours before.  His campaign manager had to sit there and tell him the miracles that had taken place, tell him who he had called out, tell him what had happened as the Spirit of God moved.  This is what I believe the angel meant when he said in my encounter, “The heavenly vision will overtake your earthly vision”, and that is the reason, I believe, behind that incredible realm of accuracy. He was not seeing from the earth, but from heaven! Here's an account of one such time when Branham was so caught up he couldn't recall with his natural mind:

"When William left the platform, the anointing usually left him. It sounded to him like a pulsating wind receding into the distance. By this time William felt so tired, he often didn't know where he was or what was happening. Sometimes he would be so far gone he wouldn't know if he was walking on his own, or if someone was carrying him. Eventually he would realize he had left a meeting. He never wanted to talk about it right away. Often he felt deflated, missing that special proximity to the beautiful Jesus Christ, Many times he would sit in his hotel room reading his Bible for an hour or more, trying to relax and unwind. Later Ern Baxter or Fred Bosworth would stop by to check on him. Bill would ask, "What happened tonight, brother? Vaguely I recall several people I prayed for, and I remember a few visions, but that's all." "Oh, Brother Branham, it was a marvelous meeting..." Then one of his managers would tell him about it." (Supernatural: the Life of William Branham; Book 3, pg.128)



“No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.”

Jesus describes a state of walking with the Father in the glory where literally you are conscious of your heavenly state and position while on the earth.  Did not Paul say that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places now?!! (Eph.2 :6).  I believe this is what happened when Branham was overtaken by the glory in those moments. I believe he fully operated from his heavenly state, which is firmly seated with and in Christ.

God is calling forth a supernatural generation in this hour who will realize their heavenly estate, understand their inheritance in Christ, and have the faith to rise up and take that life NOW!  It is available, it is who we are in him, the one we have been joined to.  He that is joined to the Lord, is one spirit (1 Cor.12:13).  With this realization and understanding men and women are beginning to rise up all over the church now with a cry that cannot be quenched, with a call that must be answered… I want to be who I am, I want to walk in the reality of what Christ has purchased for me, I want to walk as a manifested Son of God!

(1 Jn.3:2)

“Beloved, now are we the children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed (appears), we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.”

(1 Sam.3:21)

“Then the Lord appeared again in Shiloh.  For the Lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord.”

Who says the Lord cannot reveal himself to you now?  Who says we cannot become who we are in the spirit now, despite occupying a natural state?  Only your unbelief limits you.  Rise up saints and believe the word of the Lord that is issuing forth in this hour!  Rise up and take hold of your inheritance! Rise up Manifest Sons of God and begin to walk as Jesus walked, in mature love, and in the fullness of the gifts made manifest!


Stephen Powell