By Stephen Powell

Just this last week I’ve been on a ministry tour in Iceland and I could feel the prophetic glory very strong on me during this trip. It was filled with prophetic experiences, visions, and dreams. Many of which dealt with financial glory and in particular the subject of inheritance. The first revelation came to me in the form of a dream, which I’ll share later on in this series. But let’s first talk about different levels of stewardship when it comes to managing the flow of resources in your life.


Solomon wrote in Proverbs 11:24 that “there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty”. This scripture speaks of stewardship of resources which God has caused to flow into your life. There is an amount which is right to hold onto, and an amount that is not right to withhold.

I believe that according to the word of God, even for the new covenant believer, it is wrong to withhold the tithe. That’s a start. An automatic ten percent of the flow of one’s resources has to be given into the kingdom as the tithe. This is like our tribute to the king, first clearly revealed when Abraham, the father of our faith, tithed into King Melchizedek, an earthly type of King Jesus. The Lord has specifically spoken to me about this, about separating my tithe from my seed (which is resources sown above and beyond the tithe which we receive a multiplied harvest back from). The reason why the Lord told me to separate them was because I was led by the spirit to start keeping track of my seed so I could add numbers to my prayer time and faith declarations. I started keeping track of my seed so I knew what my multiplied harvest coming back to me was based on. It was based on my obedience with the seed, which is apart from the tithe. This is a very important distinction, because you can’t believe God for increase on the tithe, only the seed. The tithe is owed to God as a debt, the offering is seed above and beyond the tithe for your harvest, even in financial glory (Mal.3:8-12).

So there is a percentage of your allotted resources designated for the tithe, the tribute unto King Jesus, and that, according to the word of God, is ten percent (Lev.27:32). There is also an amount that God calls us to give away in the form of offerings unto the Lord, even in generosity, which is above and beyond this tithe. No man can tell another how much this should be. This is personal, between you and God. But it is right to give it and be obedient as the Lord speaks to you, and it is wrong and disobedient to withhold it when God moves your heart to give. This is why christians can tithe and still be poor. Your needs are met, I believe, based on your tithe. But your increase and harvest is based on your seed. This is why Solomon wrote that to withhold “more than is right” leads to poverty. It’s right to give the tithe, but it’s also right to offer the seed to the Lord when He speaks, and believe for the multiplied harvest.

We have this understanding: A portion of the flow of your resources is designated for the tithe. A portion should also be designated for your offering. But there is also a portion which is called your “inheritance” and this portion is very important and very dear to the Lord.


2 “”I have loved you,” says the Lord. “Yet you say, ‘In what way have You loved us?’ Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” Says the Lord. “Yet Jacob I have loved;
3 But Esau I have hated, And laid waste his mountains and his heritage for the jackals of the wilderness.”

16 “lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.
17 For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.”

I can remember Shawn Bolz sharing a story in his book “Keys to Heaven’s Economy” (1) about how he had been given a very nice, very expensive, rolex watch early in his twenties. Because of the way he had been taught and trained, his first inclination was to sell the watch and then give the money to the poor. When he went to sell the watch, the Lord rebuked him for it, and told him that He had a spirit of Esau! This shocked Shawn when He initially heard it, but as He looked at the scriptures and studied exactly what implications this statement had, he discovered it was true. He was selling his inheritance.

It is God’s great delight to give you your inheritance. It is his great joy to bless you, to increase you, to make you to eat the fat of the land, which is above and beyond your need. But when we don’t agree with God’s word we can’t walk with him into our promised land. Much of the church has had an Esau spirit and has put no value on their inheritance.

We’ve been taught for generations that God wants us to give give give, but not really receive much. It’s been said that it’s more pleasing to God to just be concerned with “spiritual things” and not things of the earth. But we have a very tangible life here on planet earth, and it’s not by accident, it’s by intention and purpose, even by God himself. He’s placed you here, not so you can have your head in the clouds all the time and be broke. He hasn’t placed you here to suffer and heap your sufferings on your children and family because of your bad doctrine. No, he’s placed you here to thrive. He created you as his precious child, and he has a plan to bless and to prosper you, even materially, even financially. You are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that you should walk in them (Eph.2:10). You have a call and a destiny. You have specific things that God created you to do, even in the flesh. But you can’t do many of them if you’re broke. You can’t do these things if you don’t learn his kingdom ways of managing your flow of resources. You can’t walk out the call of God if you don’t learn to receive and walk in your inheritance.

Much of the church has taught for generations that our inheritance is “spiritual” and not physical in nature. This has been perpetuated from a greek heresy that infiltrated the church early on called “dualism” which has it’s origins in Platonic teaching, not the bible (2). Dualism gave place to gnosticism, which caused many believers to deny the incarnation of Christ because they deemed all things physical evil. John combatted this heresy when he wrote, “..every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ came in the flesh is of God” (1 Jn.4:2). This bad way of thinking has plagued the church since the beginning. It’s being dealt with in our day!

If we can’t accept that this natural world is within the dominion of Christ and that it has been created as a blessing to us, a gift for us, how can we ever walk in the blessings it has for us? How can we ever walk in the tangible inheritance of Christ, which He’s already given to us by faith, to be strengthened in financial glory, to fulfill the great commission and bring in the great harvest? The answer is we can’t. And herein lies a huge infection that has crippled the body of the church, and made us a weak harvester. The devil has been happy to use our inheritance to further his evil agenda, and build his anti-christ system. And we’ve felt that we were being spiritual to hand it over to him, and not place any value on our inheritance. Well all of that is changing. This is the Jacob generation rising up to lay hold of their inheritance, to be strengthened, even financially, to take back the flow of resources in the earth from the devil, and further the kingdom agenda of tangible love in the earth. It’s time to claim our full inheritance in Christ, not just what we’ve called the spiritual gifts.

“In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things after the counsel of his own will.”

Yes, we understand that our inheritance is in heaven, incorruptible, undefiled, and it never fades away, according to (1 Pet.1:4). We understand that yes our inheritance is spiritual, it’s in Christ. But the heavens of heaven cannot contain God (1 Ki.8:27). Heaven is in God, and if God is in you, then heaven is in you, including your inheritance in Christ. We’ve understood the spiritual side for generations. What we haven’t understood is the natural implications. Part of our inheritance in Christ, which we’ve already received in him, is the earth and all it’s resources (Ps.24:1, 115:16; Matt.5:5). By drawing on this inheritance we can begin to step into financial glory and be strengthened according to the power within, to walk out God’s purpose on the earth. We can be strengthened to fulfill his will and bring heaven to earth. We’ve been waiting on Christ to return, but Christ has been waiting on us to draw on our inheritance and bring in the great harvest, so he can return. We must begin to put value on our full inheritance, not just pieces that we’ve traditionally looked at.

Next week we'll look more into this revelation and explore what's included in the inheritance which we have in Christ. I'll also share with you a dream I had in Iceland which spoke to me very clearly about the importance of not forfeiting your inheritance through false humility.

Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell

(1) Key to Heaven’s Economy, pg.83; by Shawn Bolz


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman