By Stephen Powell

Last week we discussed how to handle different levels of stewardship when it comes to the flow of resources in our lives. Those being: the tithe, the offering/gifts of generosity, and our inheritance. I shared some of the revelation God’s given me on what entails the inheritance that we’ve been given in Christ, and how our inheritance is not just spiritual but it is very tangible, and is intended to bless you as well as strengthen you to walk out your calling. This week I’ll share I dream I had about inheritance while in Iceland recently, and how false humility and lack of discernment can rob us from our inheritance and harvest. I’ll also share about a sign that was given to me while on that island which confirmed to me this glorious revelation on inheritance that He’s imparted!


In a dream I had while on tour in Iceland, I found myself being scheduled to speak at a very large, very high profile, charismatic conference of sorts. It was almost like a summit of all the who's who in the spirit-filled church. I think it represented the sum and the pinnacle of itinerant ministry in the church. The meetings were set to go for weeks. I was scheduled to speak many times throughout this series of meetings, and it was an incredible honor and privilege to do so. Every great leader was at these meetings, and everyone who wasn’t wanted to be. But God had chosen me and set me apart as not only one of the speakers, but as one of the keynote speakers. I actually ministered one of the seven o’clock sessions right the beginning to open the conference. I was feeling very excited and blessed as these meetings began to open and the Holy Spirit moved with power during my ministry times!

A few days went by. I was enjoying myself, getting to know other leaders better, enjoying the sessions as they unfolded one by one. Then the unthinkable happened. I was canceled from the whole rest of the conference. When I approached the nameless faceless man who was in charge of putting the meetings together, and asked him the reason for me being cut from the rest of the schedule, this is what he said: “YOU’VE BEEN CANCELED BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO GIVE ONE OF YOUR SPEAKING SPOTS TO ANOTHER SPEAKER”. Then the dream ended.

In this experience there was being demonstrated a type of fullness in my calling as a minister, the peak of influence as a leader in the church. I was happy to receive this inheritance and walk in it… to a degree. The nameless faceless man in the dream who put together the summit of meetings represents the Holy Spirit, who is the true orchestrator of the affairs of the church. People rise and people fall, and great Holy Spirit overseas it all. Like Shawn Bolz in his story, I thought I was doing the good christian thing, showing humility, being generous. But in fact, by not valuing my inheritance, the gift which God gave me, and by not walking fully in it, I was actually disqualifying myself from going any further with it. This is a very important lesson if you want to learn to walk in the fullness of your inheritance, if you want to truly walk in financial glory and be strengthened unto every good work. There is a portion to tithe, and there is a portion to give and be generous with, but there is also a portion to receive and protect and be blessed with, and we must discern the difference between these if we are going to walk in fullness!

In the story of Esau he ultimately gave away his inheritance for a bowl of soup (Gen.25:29-34). The church has traditionally interpreted  this as valuing the things of this world, the things of the flesh, more than the spiritual inheritance that we’ve been given in Christ. And yes, this is an accurate interpretation I’d say. I just believe the Lord is expanding our interpretation here to give us understanding of valuing our inheritance. It ultimately doesn’t matter what you give it up for. If you give it up it’s wrong. Things like giving to the poor, or even giving my speaking opportunity to another minister; those things are good things, those things are right things, but we must understand the ways of God if we are to flourish in the fullness of our calling.

Solomon instructed us in (Ecc.3:2&7), “There’s a time to sow, and a time to reap; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.” In my dream it was my time to reap, it was my time to speak, but I gave that harvest away, I gave my time to someone else when I wasn’t supposed to, and it disqualified me from reaping anymore in that situation. This is the wisdom of God saints, this is the word of the Lord. We must add this understanding to our process. We must work this out in our day to day living through our relationship with God. Learn to discern these levels of stewardship and nothing will hold you back from fully reaping and fully walking in your abundant inheritance. You will live the blessed life which God has gifted you with, and you will do all the amazing things He’s called you to partner with him on, as long as you understand the ways of financial glory, putting value on your inheritance.


A few days after I had the inheritance dream in Iceland I was telling my host about it, telling him what I thought the interpretation was, sharing with him my thoughts on inheritance. I even shared with him Shawn Bolz’ watch story while I was talking about this revelation.

Later that I night I walked into a church which I would be preaching in later on, and a man walked up to me and began to give me a word. He told me that the word was in (Dan.3:33) in the Icelandic bible (which is Dan.4:3 in the english bible). The scripture reads:

“How great are his signs! And how mighty are his wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion is from generation to generation.”

After He was done reading the scripture to me he proceeded to take the very nice watch off his left hand and give it to me. He said, “And with the word from Daniel, God told me to give this to you”. I was floored!

Not only had this man given me my prophetic number 33 (which is always a sign to me), but He also gave me a scripture that talked about God’s signs. Not only did he give me those things, He followed it up with giving me a watch, which was an actual sign to the word about inheritance I had been meditating on all day. I was overwhelmed and amazed at the goodness and glory of God!

Now at this time my wife and I had begun to step into a new level of the tangible harvest that we had been sowing into by faith sacrificially for months. In the midst of all these words and visions being given to me about inheritance, we were tangibly receiving this part of our inheritance, as it pertains to financial glory. But God didn’t want me to settle. He wanted me to continue to expand my vision, use my faith, and expand my capacity to receive more and more of my inheritance! So I believe He gave this watch and this word as a sign to me, that it’s only just begun! And I would like to encourage you with this word as well. It’s only just begun! Don’t settle for what others call an acceptable level in the american dream. My dream is far greater than an american one, it’s been birthed from above, it’s the dream of heaven. God wants us to receive his dream, his vision, even his word for transforming the earth in the glory! This is happening with prayer, with presence, with loving others as Christ has loved us. But it’s also happening through a company of people who are taking hold of the fullness of their inheritance, being strengthened in the harvest. Take hold of your inheritance today saints, by faith, and begin laboring in this limitless harvest according to heaven’s dream. Your greater works await!

Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman