By Stephen Powell

Last week we talked about how I was priveleged to grow up in the great state Alaska, and how I first discovered the power of God in my life. We discussed how God used the teachings and example of Todd Bentley to shape me in my preparation for ministry, and how I went through hard times during preparation for ministry while at the same time experiencing incredible glory and visitation from God. This week we'll continue with my story of how I got into full-time ministry, how I eventually met Todd, and how I came into the ministry and revelation of financial glory!


“I will send a man up from the states. He will call you out in a meeting and commission you in your call. This same man will lay hands on you in Alaska and ordain you in the ministry to which I’ve called you. I am the Lord. Receive the word of the Lord.”

Above is a journal entry from 2007, during the midst of another most remarkable season of visitation from the Lord. I wrote it down, along with all of the other hundreds and hundreds of entries which I faithfully journaled day after day during the wilderness years. It’s quite amazing to look back on it today and see the amazing accuracy of God’s word that was being spoken to me during that season. This word came to pass just as it was written all those years ago. God fulfilled his word in my life.

Just after I lost my job as a janitor in 2010 my precious pastor, Steve Toliver of Kalifonsky Christian Center, was the only man that had mercy on me. In my depraved state he offered me the job as janitor of the church, and that’s where Todd Bentley found me in a few years later.

In March of 2012, Todd Bentley came through my home church in Kenai, Alaska, and did exactly what the Lord told me would happen. He recognized by the spirit the anointing on my life, called me out of the crowd, commissioned me into the ministry, and invited me to travel with him on the road. The night he called me out, I cleaned the toilets for the conference that was being held there, before the service. I was the janitor that got called out and commissioned by the Lord! My dream was coming to pass! I was experiencing a supernatural call into ministry!

At the time Todd had no idea what kind of history I had with him and his teachings in the secret place. It was Todd’s teachings that God used to teach me about how to position myself before the Lord in prayer to encounter God in the open heaven. It was Todd’s teachings that activated me in the gifts, and got the prophetic and healing anointing flowing in my life. Of course, it was the Lord, it was the Holy Spirit, and God deserves the glory. But I honor Todd and his faithfulness to preach the supernatural gospel and model authentic supernatural Christianity for the next generation. God used his teachings and his stories of great exploits done around the world, to ignite me and inspire me to pursue the same path in the Lord. I am truly a spiritual son of his, crafted by the Lord in the secret place under his anointing. And to my amazement God brought it all full-circle, as He brought the man to Alaska who had been such an inspiration to me in the secret, to commission me and ordain me into the ministry.

The word of the Lord is so amazing to me. When I penned the above journal entry on the paper in 2007 Todd was stationed in Canada, where his ministry headquarters were. The Lord specifically said the man whom He chose to call me out would come from the states. Todd came up to Alaska at that time from Fort Mill, South Carolina, where Todd moved to in 2008, where I’m currently stationed with him today! God gave me foresight into his dealings with me, and with every detail He was right on! The word of the Lord was so accurate as God spoke to me about my future! God truly does have our lives detailed out in his plans! We truly are his workmanship being crafted along the sands of time, endowed with divine purpose and glory in him! He is so good!

From the years 2012-2015 I traveled to several nations with Todd and his Fresh Fire ministry team, seeing the most incredible signs, wonders, and miracles that I had ever seen. I saw revival break out in multiple nations. I saw people get up out of wheel chairs, and cancers healed instantly in the glory. I saw profound signs of the glory like gold, diamonds, feathers, and supernatural oil manifest right before my eyes in meetings. At the end of these three years, my final time of preparation for ministry, Todd came up to Alaska from the states and ordained me into the ministry in the presence of my senior pastor, the elders, and all my family, who had walked with me on this hard journey for many years. It was one of the most fulfilling and emotional days in my life as I tangibly experienced the fulfillment of God’s most precious promise to me. I turned thirty years old one month after my ordination into ministry.


On the night of my ordination, Todd began to prophesy over me as He and the elders laid hands on me. He began to utter words which I did not expect. He spoke clearly that God was giving me a Cyrus anointing based on (Isaiah 45); that God would use me to go into the nations and bring his glory; that God was giving to me the treasures of darkness, and the hidden riches of secret places. Todd prophesied a financial anointing over me which would forever change my life, again! At the time I was ordained, from that moment that Todd released that word; that is when the message and the ministry of financial glory began for me. Out of that anointing has come these visitations and these jewels of wisdom and revelation which have been released through my writing and sermons.

Within just a few days after Todd ordained me I found myself boarding a plane and flying to Fresno, California to be in a revival that had been lit there known as “Fresno Fire”. Todd had been scheduled to minister with me in Alaska for several days, but due to this amazing move of the spirit in California, he only came up to minister one night. He came up just to ordain me, and then we turned around together and flew down to California to continue there. From the moment I boarded the plane I could feel the glory so heavy. Open heaven visitations were upon me. I could feel my spirit being lifted into the realm of encounter!

The first vision I saw was of a spiritual leader in my life standing in front of me. We were standing there, facing each other, just looking at one another. This leader then lifted his right arm, stretched his hand over my head, and said, “Lord,... give him a shadow”. Coming out of the vision I discerned this to mean that God was not only going to impart a new abiding glory to my life from this revival I was going to be a part of, but that He was also going to assign a new angelic minister to my life! The shadow or the cloud is representative of the glory of God (Ps.91; Lk.1:35), and angels minister in that glory, and help the sons of God minister in that glory.

Once we arrived in California, I was able to be in that revival for three days and three nights before having to return home to Alaska to prepare for our move to South Carolina. The atmosphere was electric with the power of God! The praise and worship was off the charts! This has since become my favorite part of true revival meetings where God’s pouring out his spirit. Revival praise & worship makes you feel like you’re in heaven! It’s so glorious. It’s so full of energy, power, encouragement, and strength! I was convinced that any discouraged person coming into that atmosphere would be instantly strengthened and depression would flee away!

On the last night that I was in attendance Todd stood to his feet and began to describe a series of visions he was having in the meeting indicating what God was doing. One of the visions He had was of an awesome angel named “Charlie”, the international banker angel. Charlie is an angel that works in the realm of finances. Bob Jones used to talk about how this angel of finance would work in the southeast asia financial markets. Todd had worked with this angel in a move of God three years earlier in South Korea, in which there was an incredible realm of financial glory released for the kingdom and souls!

The next morning I packed my bags and caught a shuttle to the airport. I was off to catch my flight home. I was bummed that I was leaving, but at the same time happy to have received an impartation of the glory in the meetings! Once again, even on the plane, I could still feel the heavy lingering presence of God so thick. I decided to lean my head back for just a moment as we were preparing for takeoff, and then suddenly I found myself in yet another interactive prophetic experience.

A man stood before me toward the front of the plane. He was dressed in what looked like business attire, but it was a little different. It looked foreign to our business attire here in America. Maybe even foreign to our time period. This man was average height, his complexion was light, he had jet black hair, and wore very thin looking glasses. This man lifted up his arms above his head, and then suddenly I heard the audible voice of God speak, “The Messenger of Money”. The word of Lord continued to come to me and say many things in this encounter, but these words stuck out the most: The angel spoke and said:

“Everywhere you go I will pay your way, and you’ll come back from each place with a bag full of money”

It’s been confirmed multiple times since this initial encounter that the messenger of money is Charlie the International Banker Angel! The angel that Todd saw the night before which came into the meeting was that “shadow” the Lord had spoken to me about on the plane ride into Fresno! This angel will shadow me for the rest of my life, or until my assignment is complete in regards to his function. It is truly an honor to partner with heaven to see Jesus receive his full reward!

From that moment on I’ve seen an extraordinary realm of what I’ve come to call “financial glory” in my life and ministry. God sends signs to confirm the word of the Lord to you, and we’ve seen multiple people experience signs and wonders which attest to this realm of glory that’s working currently in the church! Ever since that visitation our ministry has seen supernatural money appear, the multiplication of cash in people’s hands, people finding loads of cash in old wallets, ministers seeing supernatural money appear in their bank accounts when there was no traceable source. We’ve seen people receive houses they didn’t build, businesses they didn’t start. We’ve seen people receive breakthrough in the courts after years of litigation, and receive thousands of dollars in settlement, as God has poured out this anointing for justice! We’ve seen people become millionaires overnight, as signs to this word which God has given us! It has truly been remarkable!

This is my journey into the anointing that I call financial glory, and I pray these words are an inspiration to you the reader, as you believe God to fulfill the word of promise in your life! I want to tell you that this anointing which I’ve written about is for you! Receive of this oil as I’m believing that your life will never be the same! I’m believing for the visitation of heaven to be upon you! I’m believing for financial glory to flow mightily in your life!

Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman