Impoverish the Enemy

By Stephen Powell

The Lord would say, I’m looking for this company to emerge, this company who knows the weight of the sword and the power of the pen to emerge, and to lay waste to the enemy’s financial kingdom in this season, says the Lord. But who will have the mind of the Lord, who will search my ways in this hour, to get past their religious ways, to fully take on my kingly robes? For as king you must possess the financial streams, and be unashamed with mixing finances and ministry in this hour, for if you do not, the enemy will continue to use your inheritance for his own gain, and this is not my purpose, says the Lord. For I have sought for a David in the people, and I have found that David, who would storm the enemy’s gates, and even take those gates at great expense, feeling no fear or pressure from man at all, in these great exploits, even the exploits of finance in this day. But I intend to multiple this anointing among the saints, even in churches in this day, but it will be a move of the glory, not according to labels and cultures that have gone before, but it will be a new wine skin for prosperity and wealth in the kingdom which I will give. But I speak to you now my people, take this new mantle, take this new wineskin, and do not allow the enemy to shame you in anyway. For until you take on this kingly nature, this kingly identity, unashamed, I the Lord will not release its full blessing into your life. For you my people have cowered in fear, saying, “What if I’m bunched in with a certain kind of person, what if they see me like they’ve seen others who have abused money in the kingdom”, but the Lord says, let all these thoughts and worries flee from your heart, for they will hinder you from moving forward in this new anointing, says the Lord.

I am looking for this company of people who will impoverish the enemy in this day, even take from Him what He’s stolen from my people, and do it with haste, says the Lord, for I am hungry to see this. I’ve waited for a long time to see this. I’m hungry to see the enemy’s work cut off, but it’s you I’ve given the sword to, and it’s you I’ve assigned my angels to in this hour, to assist you in the gathering, the gathering of the harvest, the gathering of all things, including the wealth of the wicked which has been laid up for you, waiting for you to take in this promise I’ve given to you. It is an abundant land, a fruitful land, a plentiful land which I give to you in this hour. Only take it by faith, and I will take you fully into this new wineskin for wealth and influence, until my prophetic voice is the strongest in the land, until my mind is penetrating the hearts of every child, woman, and man. Into the heart of this very culture I aim a spear; this is the spear which will pierce the heart of culture and cause a hemorrhage from within; for what has grown there has not been of me, it’s been of another spirit, but I shall address it, I shall purge it, I shall cleanse it, even in your day, says the Lord. But I will drive the spear deep into this ungodly life, and I shall drive this spear with the anointing of Boaz, the anointing of the mighty men of wealth and finance, says the Lord. For in your day there shall be great grace to drive the moves of God in culture, and the enemy shall begin to lose his territory, lose his way in this land, says the Lord. As the Lord of Glory, Jesus the way the truth and life, opens up the highway of holiness in this country, the nations shall stream in on it, and strangers shall not find their way on it, for it will be strange to them and confusing to them, for this way is only found in me, in the covenant I’ve made. But through my goodness and my glory combined, these strangers shall find their way, for they shall see me in you, as you’re good to your neighbor, and loving to the sinner. For in you shall the righteousness of God be revealed in this day, for it is the day of my great shining forth, through the saints, through the sons and daughters of glory. Only rise up, do not delay, take the gates of the enemy, and do not be ashamed. You were called to carry the money bag, not Judas. This is the word of the Lord!

Love & Blessings


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman