Traffickers Of Hope Who Only Believe

By Stephen Powell

One of the definitions for “trafficking” is to trade with different countries, producing commerce for both sides.

The Lord would say to the church, you are called with these riches I’ve given you, and yes riches they are, and they are riches of faith, love, and even hope. And this hope I give to you, you are called to share, to trade with, even in different nations says the Lord. And as you trade you participate in the divine exchange, and in this divine exchange I will swallow up doubt, and unbelief, and partnerships the people have made with the enemy’s lies. Only believe my church, only believe. Make a choice, and say to yourselves, I will give myself no other option, I will only believe.

As you release these riches, I will enrich these lands, even these people, and they will hope in the new day, my day, which I have prepared for them. But you are to traffick in the hope of this new day, and don’t hold back. Your hope is supposed to be supernatural, your faith is not your own, it’s of a higher order. You’re supposed to be positive, you’re supposed to be encouraged when others are filled with fear, you’re supposed to be filled with expectation when others are doubting. I’m calling you my church to rise up and break the bands of the wicked one, even these chains that he holds nations in through unbelief and hopelessness, as He has convinced many to partner with his lies. But this is a day where I will breaks these bands, and loose the dancing singing bride, and she shall dance the dance of freedom, and sing the songs of hope from on high. And in this new sound, I will cause the people to hope again, and in this hope we will create a better tomorrow.

To you my church have I given my power to create, but you must create with my hope, and you must create with my faith, and you must quit agreeing with the lies of the enemy. Tomorrow will not be worse, why? Because you are here, I have strategically placed you, I have chosen you for this day, to stand in the gap, to build the wall, to make up the hedge, to plead the blood, to look Satan in the face and not be changed by his intimidation. He may roar like a lion, but remember, I have removed his teeth. I’m roaring in you church, now roar in me, and release my hope to the nations, and be a part of the solution instead of bowing to these problems.

Do you not think I am wise, do you not think I possess the knowledge needed, do you not think that I have the answers for the problems you face? Then act like it, and start to see that I’ve placed those solutions in you. You are the answer, you have my mind and my heart, you have my spirit of wisdom and understanding, so start to see the problems with my eyes and with my heart, and you’ll begin to have too many ways to deal with the problems. The problems will grow smaller and smaller in the light of the glory of my wisdom, for I am giving you the upper hand in this day. You will not be outsmarted, you will not be outmaneuvered, you will not be swindled by the enemy, because when the enemy gathers together against the Lord, I sit in the heavens and I laugh in the earth, and this laugh will fill your belly with my hope, and fear will leave your bellies, this is the word of the Lord!

Traffick the hope. Trade the anger, the anguish, and the fear for my riches, and I will enrich these lands. Where the enemy has no vessel he cannot germinate his plans, he cannot perpetuate his spirit, there remains no strength in his hands. For I the Lord have chosen this day for you, I have chosen you as my vessels unto honor, my vessels of glory, to carry my spirit, and to take possession of the gates. These gates will be opened and the king of glory shall come in, and faith, hope, and love shall flourish, and the soil of men’s hearts will continue to grow more ripe for the Lord’s harvest, being hard to the enemy’s seeds, if you my bride will ONLY BELIEVE. Become the answer, become the solution, and quit looking afar, quit looking for something the enemy has convinced you you don’t have. You do have the answers, you do have my wisdom, you do possess my understanding, ONLY BELIEVE, ONLY BELIEVE!!!

Love & Blessings,




"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman