There Shall Be Rain For These Lands

By Stephen Powell

The Lord would say, come this time next year you shall have rain in this land, and you shall see that I am the one that shuts up the heaven, or lets it free, and I indeed am letting the heaven open, and releasing the rains for America once again. The time has come for it to rain, to rain once again, for every seed that’s been sown will be harvested, for I am the Lord of the harvest.

The enemy is playing his hand, extending his reach, leveraging control from many corners, from many places, from many pocket books, from many places. For the real work is still being done in the shadows and I have seen this work for many years, and I will not be detoured from My plan to retake America, I will not be distracted to this end. For I have set a man in My White House that will hear my voice and respond to the call. He won’t stand idly by, he won’t waste time, for time is still short. I’ve sent an urgency into his heart, and he understands the weight which his office now holds for this land, but you My people, don’t let the weight crush him, don’t let the battle slow, hold up this man’s arms, place the rock of truth under him to rest upon, speak the foundation by which this mans stands, and release the strength of your prayers, yea, even your blessing, for this man’s arms. For woe unto you if you let God’s man fall in this time, for God has sent you a deliverer not a con man, God has sent you someone who’s on the right path, but who will you trust, who will you hear. Will you hear the voice of the Lord piercing through the darkness, even the media’s darkness, will you choose to be blind to these things so you can hear, says the Lord. For many of you need to be blind and look with your heart, for you are not seeing the whole picture. I have revelation for you, I have words of wisdom for you, I have keys of understanding for you to turn things in, and show you how I’m moving at this time. Only let Me do it. Put other things aside. Let Me let you see through My eyes, hear with My ears, perceive with My heart. For you will know My work in this time. And that yes I can use such a man, and yes I am using such a man, only don’t bite on what the enemy is feeding you, for they are lies, they are deceitful words designed to change the way you feel toward this man I’ve put in the white house. Don’t bite, cleanse your pallet, feast on Me and you will see what I’m doing, and that yes I can use such a man. Only believe. Don’t align with the Accuser of your brother, don’t align with this Father of Lies, that’s his game, that’s his way, don’t play, says the Lord. Separate yourself from this flow that’s in the world, for all that is in the world is pride, and with pride you will never see My hand on this man, for pride is a lie, says the Lord.

Hope in Me, says the Lord, and I will give you rain for your land, unstoppable outpouring from My heavens says the Lord. Yea, 2017 will pass and 2018 will come quickly, and your land will see rain, says the Lord. Help Me now and see what I do as I open up this faucet. Help Me now, help those I’ve sent you, hold up their arms, rest for them in this rock of My Salvation, and don’t align with a lie in anyway,.. For this is a flood of truth waiting to flow in these lands, and the enemy most fears this standard from God. It shall be raised, higher and higher in 2017, and I will hold My politicians accountable moving forward says the Lord. This standard which is being raised, it’s not just for you, it’s not just for your day, it’s for a new level of truth in your land, says the Lord. The enemy has brought you low, and even out of your own mouths comes the endless violations of promises seemingly made only days before, but there is coming a day in your land where I will raise this standard of truth high, yea, even now it is being raised, says the Lord. Don’t let the enemy slow this work in anyway, for his only salvation is delay, says the Lord. The enemy thrives in the deserts which have been inhabited here. These are dry places for demons to roam, and these dry lands shall receive rain says the Lord, and life will flourish, and heaven will drop down and open, and from the earth will spring heaven’s way says the Lord, and I will touch America with the wetness of my lips, for I am kissing this land with My favor says the Lord. Though I find ten whom I can’t favor, I keep looking for that one to kiss, and I have found one to kiss with the kisses of my lips, for favor has found this man, says the Lord. Don’t smite him, don’t spite him, don’t strike him down, for I have put him there, and in striking you strike Me, in warring you war against Me, in contending you contend against Me, and I am the Mighty One, I am the Victorious One, I am the one that has been warring after My praying fasting bride in America, and they are still fasting, they are still praying, and I am still warring, and no one can match My fierceness in battle says the Lord. This battle is Mine, and the enemy will not win, for I have coveted a place of outpouring once again in this nation, My nation, My republic, My land, says the Lord. This outpouring shall be from east to west, from the north to the south, for I shall heal the wounds of this land with great healing, with great strength, with great love. Even wounds going back to it’s beginning, before it’s founding, I shall heal, and I shall wash away the sins of this land, and there shall be a new birthing, for a new day, says the Lord. Have faith in this hour, partner with truth, stand unafraid, and yes, do let those arrows loose. Put My words in your mouth, put My sound in your voice, and let it loose, says the Lord. For I am warring on your behalf, and you will overcome by My blood, and the word of your testimony will be sure, says the Lord!
Love & Blessings,


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman