What Is God Saying Through The Eclipse & These Hurricanes

By Stephen Powell

There is always a message, always an answer, always something that God is seeking to tell us if we would only listen. In some cases it’s been hard to discern exactly what that message is. During such times we learn to trust in God, believe His word, and lean not unto our own understanding choosing to acknowledge Him no matter what. But over the past year the voice of the Lord has been resounding throughout the land. There has been an uptick in prophecy for America since Donald Trump was elected and Kim Clement went home to be with the Lord effectively ending his watch over America. One prophet’s watch ends, and hundreds of other prophetic intercessors’ watches begin. The Obama era ends and the Trump era begins. There has been a shift and in this shift God has been speaking very clearly. Let us consider some of these words from God together and seek understanding of the times so that we might more effectively walk with him through this.


On March 17th of this year I released a prophetic article on my website entitled “The Third Sign of Outpouring for America”. The graphic I created for this article featured an old map of the United States under water.  In this article I described a vision I had of the body of Christ dressed in the priestly robes of heaven, walking across the map of the U.S. pouring out floods of water on the land. As the water hit the land I saw it turn to blood. I interpreted the vision in that particular article as indicating an outpouring of God’s spirit coming to America which would release the redemptive power that is in the blood of Jesus, and I still believe that to be the main interpretation. But as God pours out His spirit in a nation, as God moves in His glory, what is blessing for one is also judgment for another who is not aligned with Christ. Water can give life and it can drown. The fire ignites, gives life, and also brings destruction. I call this the “Acts 5 paradigm of glory”. What was judgment for Ananias and Saphira was healing and breakthrough for those who came under Peter’s shadow on the streets of Jerusalem later in the chapter. This is the work of glory happening now in the U.S as these prophetic events unfold in this land.

Consider Corpus Christi, meaning “the body of Christ” in Latin, being one of the first places that Harvey came through. It was the body of Christ dressed as the High Priest which I saw pouring out these floods. The High Priest in the Old Testament was charged by God with dealing with both the sins and the blessing/covering of the people, in accordance with the people moving in faith and obedience before God. Consider that these waters have flowed in a most devastating way in the city of Houston. What is this city? This is the city that hosts one of the largest gay pride parades in the nation. This is the largest U.S. city to elect an openly gay mayor. This is the city most notorious for the shedding of innocent blood, as it is the city which has perpetuated this great sin of abortion in a most extreme way. This city feeds one of the largest abortion clinics in the United States, if not the largest, which makes millions of dollars in this cultish death industry. It’s called the “abortion supercenter” because it does so much business trafficking in the death of the innocent. So in a move of God’s glory, as accounts are shortened in the heavenlies, as accounts are called upon to be given, as both judgment and reward are released, what is the reward for such things in this city? I think we’re seeing it. These decisions cannot go without consequence before the throne of God.

These are the times we’re living in saints. There will be the floods of God’s spirit being outpoured releasing the redemptive power which is in the blood of Jesus, but there will also be the floods of judgment hitting the grounds where the blood of the innocent have been shed, which still cries out from the ground for justice. There will be great displays of power and spiritual conflict. There will be great displays of breakthrough revival and the absolute glory of God which cannot be denied. And there will be great displays of disaster as certain cups are filled and begin to overflow. Jesus is walking through this nation right now and administering the dealings of God as the Kingly High Priest He is. Pray for your region, pray for your state, that as He steps foot on your land, there would be breakthrough revival and a turning to God, and that mercy would be granted for your people. Pray that the blood of innocent would quit running like rivers in your city and in your state. Otherwise you may find the flood filling your homes very soon.


Here are some direct quotations from the prophecy I released on March 5th, 2017 about the rains that would come to America.

The Lord would say, ...you shall have rain in this land, and you shall see that I am the one that shuts up the heavens, or lets them free, and I indeed am letting the heavens open, and releasing the rains for America. The time has come for it to rain, to rain once again, for every seed that’s been sown will be harvested, for I am the Lord of the harvest.

...I will give you rain for your land, unstoppable outpouring from My heavens says the Lord. Yea, 2017 will pass and 2018 will come quickly, and your land will see rain, says the Lord. Help Me now and see what I do as I open up this faucet. Help Me now, help those I’ve sent you, hold up their arms,..

This battle is Mine, and the enemy will not win, for I have coveted a place of outpouring once again in this nation, My nation, My republic, My land, says the Lord. This outpouring shall be from east to west, from the north to the south, for I shall heal the wounds of this land with great healing, with great strength, with great love. Even wounds going back to it’s beginning, before it’s founding, I shall heal, and I shall wash away the sins of this land, and there shall be a new birthing, for a new day, says the Lord...

The rains which Hurricane Harvey brought marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history. I think the Lord has shown us, just as He spoke through the prophetic word, that He has the power to shut up the heavens or let them free, and He has indeed opened the heavens. He has indeed released rain that did not stop. He has indeed opened the heavens like a faucet.

Once again, at the time I was interpreting a lot of this as the outpouring of God’s spirit which brings revival and restoration to the land. But now as I look at these words which I wrote under the prophetic unction, I see that as God was speaking of outpouring He was also speaking literally of floods that would come in response to imminent judgment on some of our lands. This is why the utterance concerning “every seed sown will be harvested” came forth in this word. It’s the days of harvest, and in these days every seed will come to maturity. Not just the good seeds but also the seeds of wickedness and sin. Where there has not been sufficient prayer and fasting in certain places ravaged by sin in this nation, these places will be faced with a barrage of harvest where there has been the seeds of sin and lawlessness sown before God without regard for the fear of the Lord.

Notice the utterance at the end of the first paragraph, “help me now, help those I’ve sent you, hold up their arms”. I believe this to be speaking of the cry for help which has arisen, such as we’ve seen in Houston, and how America has responded to those cries with unprecedented coordination, charity, donations, and the work of Samaritans as this crisis has unfolded before our eyes.

Notice how in the second paragraph the Lord is speaking of healing the wounds of this land, wounds going back many years, and “washing away the sins of this land”. I went on to utter under the prophetic anointing, “there shall be a new birthing”. I believe these utterances to have a direct interpretation with Houston and the sign which that city is, as judgment beginning to be poured out for the shedding of innocent blood in this country.And the Lord says this is only the beginning. There will be many more places devastated by both fire and flood as the dealings of God continue to shake this nation. The Lord says Washington D.C. will be visited by flood waters. It will rain in that place uncontrollably for many days, and you as a nation and as a people will know that these rains are coming from God.

Hear these words America, these are best of times and the worst of times for your nation, and you will decide which endures… you will decide over the next few months which spirit will overtake this nation; that of the enemy, the shadow government, the Clinton Cartel, releasing a further chaotic outpouring of judgment for sins committed against the Lord, against His people, against His children… or you will decide to throw off this spirit of deception, to obey God’s word, to break under the weight of God’s message going out to the corners of this nation now, and return to God and His ways. You will decide if it is revival or bondage which you will have. Now is the time for you to decide, says the Lord. 2017 is the year of “Decision America”.


Here is an excerpt from the prophecy released on our website on March 27th of this year.

“In America, you will see signs in the heavens above, and wonders in the earth beneath as the wonder workers emerge, just as they saw in Moses’ day, but remember the gods that are falling, the demons that are being cast down. Jesus said He saw Satan fall like lightning (Lk.10:18). The manifestation of lightning was a sign of Satan’s fall. In (Is.14:12), the bible says that when Lucifer fell he was “cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations”. This speaks of natural disasters and atmospheric phenomena which occurs when demonic principalities and powers are cut down, just like the signs in the heavens above and the wonders in the earth beneath which occurred when Moses came on the scene with his staff. These are the signs that say high level evil spirits are being displaced and brought low. These are the signs of national deliverance!!! You will see it in our day. Signs, not of God’s wrath poured out on man, but God’s wrath poured out on these evil spirits which have robbed, killed, and destroyed for generations. The Lord is saying no more! The Lord is saying to this Pharaoh spirit in America, “Let my people go”. As these bands are broken and as the gods of Egypt in America are brought low through the wonder woman, the wonder working bride, there will be the kind of revival pour forth with the redemptive power of the blood we’ve longed to see in our nation! In that day, all that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! Get ready saints! America’s hour of deliverance has come!”

This is what we’re faced with saints, an hour of decision which I believe is an hour of deliverance. In this prophecy quoted above, I prophesied under the Spirit of God that we would see natural disasters and natural phenomena in America which would indicate shakings in the heavenlies, even displacement of principalities and powers which have robbed, killed, and destroyed for generations. Pray with me saints, that this principality perched over Houston, drawing on the demonic power coming from the blood sacrifice of the thousands of innocents slain below it year after year, would be brought down never to assume it’s throne over that place. Pray that that Principality strengthening the sins of that land would be brought down and that from this destruction which spring a new direction of the city and it’s people that is in line with God’s heart and God’s word.

Some of the principles of deliverance ministry dictate that at times it is necessary to shake the devil’s house in order to cast him out. Smith Wigglesworth, the notorious English Apostle of Faith, became famous for violently casting out devils from people while shaking their habited vessel with his fist. When ministers would ask him why he did such a thing he would tell them, in a most logical tone, that he wasn’t hitting the person he was hitting the devil, and the person was just getting in the way.

Understand saints, I now believe with absolute conviction that this shaking of Houston is the shaking of the habitable place and those that deal therein, not just the people. Sometimes you have to shake the people of a land in order to address the spirit ruling there because the spirit’s authority is directly tied to the people and their actions. Understand saints, that as calamity comes and men and women of a land cry out to God being in desperate need, there is great power in that for good; for breaking up the fallow ground spiritually; for disrupting the power of the enemy in a particular region. How many abortions have occurred since Houston was hit by Harvey? Those who are spiritually minded know better than to think there’s not a link. It is a sign to the nation speaking of a larger issue we must deal with culturally if our nation is to survive. We cannot go on under the weight of this sin saints. It is the grace of God to shake us as He is right now. Be prepared for the shakings to intensify if we do not begin to turn to God culturally.

I’ve been prophesying all year long that the anointing of Moses was moving in the nation to deliver its people, to break the power of the gods of Egypt in America, to make a way for the breakthrough revival we’ve all been believing for, as God releases His signs in the heavens above, and His wonders in the earth beneath. Did we not just see this sign in the heavens above on August 21st as the eclipse happened, and only days later this wonder in the earth beneath as one of the most devastating natural disasters in United States history struck the gulf coast. This is the evidence of this wonder working anointing beginning to move in the United States. As Moses raised his staff in the day of Israel’s deliverance, there was both calamity for those under the spirit of Pharaoh, and blessing, providence, shelter, and even the great wealth transfer for those in Goshen. This is the place we find ourselves in here in America. As the cup of iniquity was filled after 400 years of bondage in Egypt, so has our cup of sin and iniquity been filled to overflowing as a nation. As the cries of the children of Israel went up to Jehovah during their time of slavery in Egypt, so has the cries of the innocent and unborn reached our Lord, and He is responding in this hour.

Be prepared people of God,..until Rameses’ son has been taken by the Lord in this land it will not end; which is to say: until that Spirit of Pharaoh which the Lord has been speaking of all year long is ultimately humbled and it’s power is broken and snapped over the people of this nation, it will not end. The force of heaven is upon this nation for its deliverance. The signs of deliverance and travail will continue in this nation. Join me in this prayer saints:

“Lord, forgive us for our sins committed against the unborn. You have heard their cries, and you are a just judge, but we ask for mercy. We ask for revival. We ask that you would turn the hearts of this people back to you, back to your ways, and back to your word which true morality is determined by. Deliver us from this death culture. Deliver us from the spirit of perverseness, the spirit which seeks the blood of the innocent, the spirit which rejects your leadership and authority in our nation. And we promise to do our part. We promise to support the leaders you’ve given us for Making America Great again. We promise to not forsake the weapons of prayer and fasting. We promise to continue to stand in the gap for mercy on the guilty, deliverance for the innocent, and revival and reformation for all. We promise to not be silent ever again, to never slumber. We promise to exercise our priestly role as prayer warriors and people of the Spirit; but we also promise to exercise our kingly authority, to be the salt and the light in the world, and take dominion in your name, empowered by your grace moving forward. Amen”

Love & blessings,




"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman