The Dealings Of God Will Continue In America

By Stephen Powell

(this is a prophetic utterance which came out on a plane ride from Brisbane to Sydney Australia this last Sunday at 2:22 am. I realize not everyone is going to accept this, but I must be true to what I feel the Lord filling my heart with. If we respond correctly I believe God will answer from heaven and heal our land. In order to do this, we must face the entirety of God's word & quit pretending like only pieces of it apply to us. We must preach the full gospel again in America. It's time. Our nation's survival depends on it. Blessings)
"The Lord says, Irma will not disappear my son, and neither will these other storms, cyclones, hurricanes, fires, and disaster phenomena until you, AMERICA, repent & turn from what has caused these conditions, your sins.
Do you not understand there are consequences for your sin? Do you not know that I the Lord will visit the iniquity of the Fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation? Do you not see what's being reaped today has been sown into since the rebellion of your fathers going back to what your nation calls the sex revolution? Do you not understand that there is no hedge for you without the blood of my son Jesus Christ? And you America have trodden under foot this precious blood I've offered you. I've sent you prophets, many from overseas, but have you listened? No, you have not. You have been like Israel in their days and have mocked these precious vessels for speaking the truth. You've put your trust in a false peace, when I the Lord have not come to make peace with your sin... I've come with a sword (Matt.10:34). You've rejected my word when it hurt your bottom line. You've rejected my word because it comes with a price when you preach the fullness thereof, and you've been cowards to uphold it in the midst of your fellowship, and now you're seeing the consequences.
Your ministers are sticking their finger in the eye of this storm & rebuking it, but lo, understand this day, you are rebuking me in doing so. You are rebuking amiss. You are foolish and lack understanding of these times because you are drunk on the diluted gospel of accommodation. You have not spoken the word which this nation has needed to hear. Many of you, my ministers, won't even say that my son is the only way when you find your moment to represent me to the world, and you think I'll let this go on without consequence.
No, I the Lord will continue to raise up burning men & burning women who love the whole truth of My word and preach it uncompromisingly. I will raise up true mouth pieces to lead this nation back to Me, but it will not be done by the ones who have built their ministry & media empires around a false gospel.
Do you not know that I am good in My justice and in My righteous judgment? Do you not understand that the cries of the innocent, the babies being ripped from the womb, denied of their life which I've given them,... their cries have filled My ears, even My heart, and from My heart goes a fire of judgement, justice, & righteousness, for I the Lord will not allow this to go on without consequence.
These prophets who you mock, these intercessors who you make fun of, these watchmen whom you've defamed and have stricken the record of their words and prayers from your movements... do you not know that they are the only ones who have stood in the way of this judgement thus far. Your cups overflowed long ago, but because of their praying, yea their fasting, I withstood My fire of judgment with My mercy & patience until you could have your Cyrus in your land... for had this happened under the leadership of Hillary, they would have seized the opportunity to change this republic into their image of government.., but I the Lord was merciful. I the Lord withheld this day, but now it is breaking forth, and nothing will stop it. These dealings will occur and you are to pray correctly My church.
Do not rebuke these storms, but pray for God's mercy, pray for safety & protection, but above all PRAY THAT AMERICA TURNS TO GOD IN THIS SEASON. For it will not end until the gods of Egypt fall; it will not end until the iniquity of this nation is dealt with. IT WILL NOT END UNTIL YOU THE CHURCH RESPOND CORRECTLY AND QUIT FOLLOWING THE SHEPHERDS THAT LEAD YOU ASTRAY.
I see a cyclone, another super storm coming down out of heaven, reaching to the heights of heaven further & broader than scientists new storms could reach. I see country shakers and nation shakers on the horizon such as we've never seen before. I see hundreds of tornados breaking out at the same time.
You've heard it said that God would never kill, God would never steal, God would never destroy... but I say to you that the abundant life is only available through Christ, and if you reject Him then what do you have? I say to you that IT WAS GOD WHO SENT THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO EGYPT TO BREAK THE BACK OF THE RULING PRINCIPALITIES IN THAT LAND,... and I say to you America, it is the Lord your God who has issued the decree from heaven to loose these storms. Do not pray foolishly, for there are lives in the balance.
I the Lord will give you revival & shorten these days of destruction if you the church pray according to My word, and as you America find your Psalm 91 shelter in Me. I am your only refuge in these days, says the Lord. My name is your only protection.
Your diluted gospel will not help you. Only I can do that. But you must humble yourself before My mighty hand in these days, for I will indeed raise you up as you do this. I will bring you out on Eagle's wings. I will deliver your nation from the demonic chains it is bound by. I will give you breakthrough revival & a harvest of souls as you humble yourself, pray, and seek my face. I will heal you from the wounds which rot you, the wounds you've tried to heal with a false message. These wounds will never heal until you accept the truth and respond accordingly.
I will transfer the wealth for a great momentum of harvest, out of the treasury of Egypt. I will make you a Goshen in your day. I will establish the kingdom in a new way, through this man Donald Trump and church which is behind him, if you humble yourself, repent, & pray church. That's right, you repent church, as I taught you through my servant Daniel,.. you repent for yourselves & the nation, for you are guilty of carrying the cultural iniquity right into your homes when you knew not to. If you do this I will deliver you from Babylon. I will break the Babylonian prince over Hollywood. I will tear down the alters, the high places; I will burn down the groves with unquenchable fire. I will give you freedom, liberty, and life for all. Only respond correctly at this time, says the Lord. Turn to Me America and accept My son Jesus Christ. Put away all gods from before you. Then the day will be shortened and then I will give you life for your death, blessing for your misery, prosperity for your brokenness, & truth for your lies. You will be free in the light of my new day, and you will move forward and accomplish My will for your nation."
In His Service,
Stephen Powell


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman