Trump Standing In The Spirit War

By Stephen Powell

Earlier this year of 2017, I witnessed both a darkness and a great light coming over our President as he took office in January. In my spirit I perceived this to speak of the glory conditions as described by Isaiah the Prophet in (Is.60) where with a great day of glory, light, hope, and faith, there would also come great darkness. In this visionary encounter I also beheld two storms come out of both the light and the darkness which gathered around our President. I perceived this to mean that there would be storms, there would be raging, there would be great conflict in the spiritual realm over America which would spill over into the natural realm, and the storms would come from both light and darkness. I think we’ve seen that since this man first started running for President, and we’ve seen it escalating as he walked deeper into his first term. Trump in standing in a war and we must hold his arms up in fasting and in prayer if we are to win this conflict which has ensued with the clashing of swords.
Recently as I was watching the news I saw into the spirit to behold a spiritual bond, even bands that exist in this country connecting spirit to spirit, cause to cause, movement to movement. What I saw I believe to be this: There is a bond between Trump and the people, and there is a bond between the Political establishment, the Washington establishment, and the media establishment. This is not a right to left comparison. Why? Because that is a narrative which the enemy can no longer strongly support, for the attacks and resistance which has come against Trump reveal fortitude by the enemy on both sides of the aisle. This is an alignment of the people with Trump against the elite, which I must say, I believe to be a spirit war. There is a battle raging which is light against darkness, Christ against antichrist, and this conflict is being revealed because of the power that is Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump is not God, but his power is not his own, and it comes from God. He has brought the fight back into the soul of this nation, and that is what this battle is for, the very soul of a nation; the future being created in light or darkness, in God’s blueprint or the enemy’s… this is what the battle is over.
Relationship is spiritual. It's a word we use to describe when a bond is made or broken, whether that bond is strong or weak. As I watched the news on this particular night I saw into the spirit to spirit bond between Trump and the people, and his and the people’s divorce with the media and the political establishment. Why does this bond exist between Trump and the American people? It’s because there's a move of God's spirit among the people which Trump has tapped into, and that spirit is not compatible with the antichrist spirit which almost took over this country, and is still very much in power, through the Washington establishment, the courts, the intelligence community, and the media. It was prophesied years ago during Obama’s presidency that he would not let go of his power when his term was up, and there seems to be very compelling evidence surfacing to that effect, as talks of the “shadow government” fill the conversation; as Obama had reportedly “set up shop” only two miles from Pennsylvania Avenue after Trump was inaugurated. Things like this show that the spirit behind Obama, the left, anti-God liberalism, is not giving up power, and now that that spirit’s lost its executive power, it’s flexing it’s muscles through intelligence, the judiciary branch, the media, congress, and fake race wars funded by the elite designed to draw attention away from Trump’s incredible triumphs so far in office.
You see now saints, that as this spirit has infiltrated all these branches so must we. We need people who are a part of this move in the judge’s seats, the intelligence chairs, and feeding us the news at night. It’s not about a man, it’s about a movement penetrating every part of this country’s power structure.Trump has become a symbol of the restoration of Americanism, the revival of a nation founded for religious freedom, founded in the upheaval of religious powers out of the wave of awakening coming from the reformation renaissance era. Trump represents the current expanse of awakening, for his authority is not his own, his power which he holds with the people is not his own, his power comes from the anointing he carries, which God has given him to stand in the gap on our behalf for such a time as this.
Christians still must stay very much involved and connected to Trump's presidency in vigilance, watching, prayer, blessing, and spiritual warfare with fasting as the Lord leads. There's a displacement of power happening, and Trump's campaign, his election, and his inauguration, and his first term is only the beginning. This displacement of high level demonic power which has been ruling on the tops of these mountains is a process, not a single act. Keep the pressure `on the enemy saints until he's run out of this nation!
(1 Ki.3:5,9)
5 “At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, “Ask! What shall I give you?”
9 “Therefore give to your servant an understanding heart to judge this great people of yours?”
(2 Sam.5:12)
“So David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, and that He had exalted His kingdom for the sake of His people Israel.”
As Solomon asked for an understanding heart to better judge and serve the people, so has Trump asked for God’s strength and blessing to serve America in these dark times. As David knew the Lord’s intention in making him great, establishing him in governmental power, highly exalting him for the sake of the people, so does Donald Trump understand that all of his blessing, all of his power, his celebrity and business power gained through the years was for the sake of God’s people in this nation and many nations around the world. His acquiescence of this call has come from the Spirit’s leading.
As Trump continues to do rallies, bypass the media through powerful tools like twitter to speak directly to the people, his bond with the people will strengthen and his power will grow, because this government, at the core, is still for the people and by the people. God never permitted the true American spirit to completely be taken because of the last line of defense which held strong, the praying and fasting remnant church of America! But hear me on this matter saints. Some assuming conservative philosophers in this country have bashed the President for continuing with his campaign, holding these massive rallies, like the one we just witnessed in Phoenix a few weeks back. Hear me when I say that THE LORD HAS GIVEN TRUMP THIS STRATEGY, TO NOT STOP CAMPAIGNING DURING HIS FIRST TERM AS PRESIDENT. Why? Because this government is for the people and by the people, and the Lord has given Trump access to a wisdom which has alluded the enemy’s agents. As long as Trump continues to lead these people, as long as he continues to take his case directly to the people, I believe that his movement will only grow; his strength and will to govern will only grow, because it is the heart of God-given Americanism which has sparked this revolution, and it is that heart that is driving the movement. Trump sees the people and he is strengthened with resolve for them, for it is for this purpose which he has been ordained by God; to serve God’s people in this nation. He understands this, maybe not intellectually, but spiritually. Indeed, he has grasped this strategy and will continue to employ it being led of the Spirit.
True Representation for the people has been restored. The left's populace support is majorly blown out of proportion by the media, just like Hilary's projected crushing of Trump was greatly exaggerated. Even more, their projected strength is supported by the spirit behind them, which make no mistake about it, is anti-American and anti-God. It's the same antichrist spirit which John confronted in his epistles (1 Jn.2:18-22, 4:3; 2 Jn.1:7). It’s the same anti-Christ, anti-Israel, anti-biblical spirit which overtook Germany during the Second World War. The inflamed Soros funded brigade shows more than a divided nation, but a contrasting spirit war, which is good to see, because as the American church slept for decades it seemed all too one-sided, as we watched as our liberties, religious freedoms, and moral clarity slowly erode before our eyes. What has dealt from the shadows for decades is being forced to deal in the light and it is truly showing its ugly demonic head.
President Donald J. Trump is standing in a spirit war currently, holding back a force of darkness you cannot possibly begin to grasp. The stakes have never been higher saints. So when you hear Christians bashing the ancient ways of the prophets such as fasting and prayer, do not listen to them. When you hear leaders in the body mocking those who would take up the arms of the spirit, these mighty weapons of our warfare for the pulling down of demonic strongholds, don’t listen to them. Don’t be beguiled through a false apostolic grace movement to lift a burden you were given by God. Take the burden to the courtroom of heaven and join with me in pleading the case of this nation before the Lord. You give him your body of prayer and He’ll release his power through you as you willingly offer yourself before Him as the instrument which Daniel was on behalf of His people when they were in captivity. We’re in this captivity, and God is working to break us free. I plead with you saints, let us offer ourselves freely in the day of His power, and work with Him in union to see this nation through to freedom and deliverance which He has promised by the mouths of His prophets!
In his Service,
Stephen Powell
(this article was originally written on 2/17/17 and has been updated to fit it’s present release)



"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman