Confronting The Power In The Tower

By Stephen Powell

Recently, as I was sleeping in my bed, I saw the Lord Jesus come to me as the Prophet once again. As He stood by me I went into several night visions where He gave me the Issachar anointing in understanding the times and seasons. Several of the visions were just for me, so I won’t share those, but one was for America, revealing powers at work in this country, and I feel I must share this with you.
In this experience, I saw a man of great power, high up in a very tall skyscraper. This skyscraper must have been the tallest on the planet, for there was no other building around even close to reaching this structure’s mighty zenith. This man whom I beheld was a politician, some kind of world leader, yet he had never been elected, and no one knew his name. He was actually in business and finance, and he was the richest man on the planet which nobody knew or understood.
Now this is going to sound really gross and out there, but I promise it is what I saw, and it has meaning, so bear with me.
Next, I saw this man open his mouth and out slithered a large black snake. He carefully grabbed the snake by its body close to it’s head, and the snake began to coil its body around this man’s arm until it was tightly wrapped. The powerful man then proceeded to call this snake Father, and then started to walk around and order the affairs of his mighty company as the snake spoke to him in a calm voice, hissing here and there in a most disturbing way. This is what I saw. Now let us unmask the power of the Satan and discuss this matter.
(1 Jn.2:22)
“Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.”
What I saw in the night vision was the strong “bond” between antichrist and powerful people who have dominated media, politics, and finance for a long time, mainly (I believe) because Jesus has not had kingly representation coming out of His church. We’ve been intent on huddling in church corners holding on til’ Jesus returns so the devil can rule the world, while the enemy has been filling the gaps on top of the mountains left by the body of Christ. But this spirit is being challenged in a most remarkable way right now, and the Lord had to revive the Cyrus anointing, put it on a man which most would have thought to be inept and out of tune with God spiritually, but has proven to be more in touch with the heart of God for the nation than most christians have been. That man is Donald J. Trump.
Listen to John’s revelatory words spoken about antichrist. John spoke of it’s resistance to both “the Father” and “the Son” together. When you add Christ to the Father (God) you now only have one way to the Father, which invalidates all other false religions. Why do you think there has been such a strong connection between the democratic party in America and muslims, the left and the muslim brotherhood worldwide? It’s because they are of the same spirit. They are of the same spiritual occupation, which is that of the kingdom of darkness being manifest upon the earth. The greatest deception contained in Islam is not that Allah is God, but that Jesus was just a prophet, because that invalidates His deity in the eyes of millions, thus displacing Him from being the only representation of the Father and being the only way to the Father. The battle is over who Jesus and God are together. The battle is over how Jesus and the Father relate. The battle is over changing the gospel.
Understand when you see the seven mountains of influence, that religion and politics are united if we don’t see that publicly in many cases. At the core of resistance to God in all the mountains is political and religious alignment. The man of power in the tower, likened to the tower of Babel reaching high in the sky in a feeble attempt to exalt a system above God’s throne, is a man of financial strength, political power, and religion. To this man the serpent which possessed him is his Father, his God, and just as the christian ruler seeks the direction of Father God, this man seeks his direction from his god, that old serpent the Devil (Rev.12:9). This is a revealing of high level spiritual power and darkness which the enemy has worked hard to keep hidden, but the serpent’s lair of darkness is being penetrated by light, and the bulldozer named Trump is at the head of that work!
Understand church that Christ is both King and High Priest, and in one sense you cannot separate his spirituality from His tangible dominion, because His rule and reign is inherently spiritual. Make no mistake about it, those who are in high places of authority, who stand as representation for the spirit of antichrist are inherently spiritual in their dominion and their rule, and that is where the true battle is waged, in the spirit war which our President now finds himself. So I ask you, who is there who will support him when the courts stand against him, when the media wrongfully paints his image and twists his words, when the intelligence community illegally sabotages his administration? Who will stand with him and who will hold his arms up as Aaron and Hur did for Moses so the people could keep pushing forward in the fight? You and I saints, strengthened by our faith, speaking by revelation, proclaiming the blessing over this man, watching on the wall, fasting and praying as the spirit moves us, so that God will continue to shake these powers in the heavenlies! The enemy’s tower is shaking in America and I believe it’s time to topple it, it’s time to wrest it to the ground, just as Moses the servant of the Most High brought Ramses and his gods of Egypt to their knees. I believe that time has come for America and it’s Powers which have been.
We are the watchmen, so watch America, watch western church, and see what I shall do in your day. A new work, a terrible work, wondrous to behold, but a blow to the enemy's structure which he will not recover from. For I the Lord will cause him to retreat not just into the courts, into the CIA, into the media, but across the sea, into the abyss, for this is where this is leading saints.. A move of the glory, a move of Christ’s kingship, and who can abide the day of His coming, who can stand when He comes? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, for He shall ascend the hill of the Lord, and all the mountains of influence shall become the mountain of the Lord, and this mountain shall fill the earth and cast all other mountains into the sea, the sea of forgetfulness, the sea of oblivion, for there shall not be a greater memory to come but that which is set up by the Lord in His kingdom to come! Watch America and see, for I will do a great work, a terrible work in your day, only keep your hand to the plow, and cause this man to stand in your prayer and in your support, for he is in a storm, but I have made him strong, and I have made the enemy weak, and he has the plan to prevail through this time in American history while the enemy is in retreat. For this enemy who is dejected shall continue to be rejected by the heartland of America, and from this heart will flow a new sound, the sound of the trump, the trumpet of the Lord. This is the sound of Jubilee I release to you saints, not just to you but for Israel too, for it is a new day.. A new day of harvest, a new day of glory, and you will be strengthened in this day, in My day, says the Lord!
Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell



"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman