By Stephen Powell

On September 21st, 2018 (exactly two months prior to this writing) I was waiting quietly on the Lord before ministering in a night service in Melbourne, Australia. As I waited on the Lord, an angel of fire appeared before my eyes in a vision. It was given to me to know that this angel was an “angel of repentance”. These kinds of angels work with Elijah messengers to aide in the baptism of repentance prior to the coming of the Lord. After this initial vision I saw and experienced several more things.
In the next experience I found myself sitting around a “campfire” in a circle with others. A man stepped forward to instruct us. He had dark skin, long black hair, and I could feel the spirit of wisdom and understanding emanating from him! He told us his name was Xander. Xander spoke to us all about many things, including the cost of being an Elijah messenger, learning to be faithful & true to the word of the Lord, and learning what it means to stand as a voice for God. After about an hour of instruction to our group He ended with this:
“You must tell people to be very careful when speaking of the Old covenant and the Old Testament, for they are not the same thing. The Old Testament is the testimony of Jesus, spoken by the spirit of prophecy, which became the foundation for introducing and endorsing the New Testament’s testimony of Jesus. Both were spoken by the spirit of prophecy and both are of equal value and authority. To value one over the other is sin in the eyes of God. It is the sin of unbelief. You must tell the people this boldly and do not fear their response. Many will hate you for this.”
Next, I saw a giant billboard with a man that represented the modern american prophet on it. He wore dark sunglasses so that I couldn’t see his eyes, his hair was nicely slicked back, and He had on nice expensive clothes. He looked very chill, very California cool and relaxed. The sign said “Oakdale Gloryfest”. It refers to Oakdale, California.
Next, an angel appears in front of a city off to the right of the billboard, in the distance, and says these words, “Let me show you what will happen to this city”. He holds up a big card in front of the city. On the card is painted like a scene out of 1950’s California. It’s nice, peaceful, innocent, old fashioned, and relaxed. It’s California paradise. He then removes the card and the city is ablaze with fire. He tells me:
“In one night this city will burn. It will burn because this nation’s sins have gone up before the Holy One and California leads in those sins.”
Remember this: prophecy is not given for mere prediction. Prophecy is not given so people can know how spiritual we are when it comes to pass. One of the main reasons prophecy is given by God is so that we can ascribe the correct meaning to events when they happen according to God’s word, and so we can find divine purpose in God’s dealings with mankind. In light of this, I must boldly declare this word: The meaning of the fires which have been happening in California has been clearly given in advance. They are a direct result of the sins of this nation & the sins of California who leads in these sins.
On November 6th, 2018 elections took place in this nation preserving control of the Senate for Republicans, and seceding control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats. In the build-up to this day there was quite the prophetic frenzy stirred up online involving overwhelming positive words about a sweeping victory for Republicans. This frenzy proved to produce unfruitful prophecy with tons of what I call “bandwagon prophecy” falling short, as words were added to the original words released by a few.
Bandwagon prophecy happens when a few influential prophets release strong words, and then thousands of other prophetic people who agree with it start piling on their individualized versions of the same prophecy that ultimately makes the original words more believable by the shear volume of what people now call a collective witness. A good biblical example of this is found in (1 Kings 22) where Zedekiah the Prophet stepped forward to speak his word, and then the four hundred prophets behind him rose up and spoke the same thing. It was later found by God’s pure prophet Machaiah that a lying spirit in the mouths of the four hundred prophets was responsible for the word they spoke (which interestingly was a word of encouragement to King Ahab). But you see, it all started with one lead prophet whose voice was greatly amplified by all the bandwagon prophets uttering the same thing. I’m convinced that this is exactly what happened leading up to the midterm elections, and that this has been happening for a long time in the prophetic movement. I’m convinced that prophetic pop-culture must be greatly cleansed if we’re to hear a clear sound from heaven coming from this movement moving forward.
The prophet which I saw on September 21st on the billboard was one of these prophets that missed his election word. He was one of many. In my vision his eyes were dim from wearing shades. This seems to be pointing to the dimness of spiritual sight in the prophetic movement today, made clear through the words which fell short leading up to Election Day this year. But why were so many wrong about this? I think the answer is contained Xander’s instruction in the vision I saw.
It’s become very clear to me that prophets are missing words very badly because they do not hold a healthy balanced view of scripture. They do not hold a balanced perspective when it comes to considering both the kindness & severity of God (Rom.11:22). Failure to address these egregious errors in doctrine and our view of a Holy Just God will continue to result in exaggerated grace words. It will continue to result in what I call “hyper-dominionist” words (which are words that exaggerate victory in the church without considering the consequence of sin in the church & the nations). How can you ever see things clearly from God’s perspective if your lens is not the Word of God? The lenses the prophet was wearing in my vision were dim and darkened. This is a picture of the prophetic movement today, I believe, who will continue to not clearly discern the word of the Lord because their eyes are not enlightened enough by the Word of God.
“The entrance of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”
In the midterm elections of November 6th, California elected ungodly leaders which are sure to expand Satanic practices in this nation and continue to pass policy in rebellion to Almighty God, defying the precepts of his Holy Word, unless there is mighty awakening and revival. The Governor-elect, Gavin Newsom, is known as a “prominent early advocate for same sex marriage, euthanasia, universal healthcare, and the legalization of cannabis” (1). He played a major role as the former mayor of San Francisco in legalizing homosexual marriage in this nation early on. Electing such leadership has consequences.
Within 24 hours of the elections there was a mass shooting in Ventura, California. The following day I was driving north through California’s Central Valley to Oakdale, California where I was scheduled to minister Thursday November 8th. When I stopped to get gas the moment I stepped out of the vehicle I felt like I was going to be blown away, the winds were so violent. I immediately thought of the scripture: “he makes his angels winds, and his ministers flames of fire” (Heb.1:7).
Upon arriving in Oakdale later that evening I felt compelled to speak out of (2 Cor.12) where Paul talked about humbling himself in the midst of great prophetic revelation. He learned to humble himself, not share everything, and hold things back which were “unlawful to utter” (2 Cor.12:4). Paul even went to the extent of telling a story about him being caught up to the third heaven while saying that it was “a man he once knew”. Why was Paul doing this? It was a lesson for us all about humbling ourselves in the midst of great revelation, learning to boast in weaknesses and infirmities (2 Cor.12:4), just as He did, for in our weakness Christ’s strength is perfected (2 Cor.12:9). I felt that these midterm election prophecy misses revealed weakness in the prophetic movement. As that weakness is revealed it’s not the time to double down and try to find ways to still make your word work and it was clearly missed. It’s time to humble yourself and boast in your weakness as Paul did. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, especially when it comes to the prophetic; if we don’t see the errors in our ways, we run the risk of growing in deception. Without humility a prophetic gift cannot stay pure and holy unto the Lord.
Paul wrote that He was “caught up to paradise” in (2 Cor.12:4). That night as I was in Oakdale, a city called Paradise, California burned to the ground just as the angel showed me in September, a month and half before it happened. It seems that the sign I saw for Oakdale in my vision indicated that I would be in Oakdale when that city would burn. I didn’t know that when I first saw the vision. I thought it could have been Oakdale, therefore I prayed for Oakdale. This is an example of me boasting in my weakness. I myself have not learned to interpret correctly every time, so I’ve tried to be more careful as of late to not go beyond the word of the Lord and put my own interpretation on things. Sometimes the vision is yet for an appointed time, and then it will speak in due time and not tarry (Hab.2:3). This vision is speaking now, even as I write this, as California has been ravaged by their worst fires in their history. I believe the word of the Lord to be this:
California, you are reaping what you have sown. God will not be mocked. Whatever is sown will also be reaped. Do not be deceived to think otherwise (Gal.6:7). You California are a trend setter, a leader… you have been exalted as a teacher in the nations, and out of your land has come the teaching and impartation of abominations. You have discipled generations under Satanic doctrine. You have taught children to not honor their mother and father. You have taught young people that fornication is acceptable. You have exalted the abominations of homosexuality, transgenderism, and all kinds of other abominable perversions and sins in the eyes of God. You have made yourself God and have told the nations, the young, and the impressionable that evil is good and good is evil. You have rebelled against the mandate of God to secure this nation. You have allowed injustices such as the tragedy of Kate Steinle to go unanswered. You have turned the hearts of millions against the Holy God and His Holy Word, and you think you will not reap the wages of sin which is death after you’ve been so diligent to sow it for generations. The Holy Bible says that the judgment is worse for teachers (Ja.3:1). You have been a teacher. You have indoctrinated generations through media & politics into rebellion against God and this has consequences.
The popular prophetic movement is being held responsible in this as well, for you my prophets have not sounded the alarm. You have not blown the trumpet in Zion. You have not told the entire truth. Like the false prophets of old that Jeremiah contended with, you have told this nation and its people, even California, that they shall have peace when they have rebelled against God (Jer.23:16). You have lied to this nation, it’s people, and the people of California in saying that they would not reap what they sowed because of God’s love and grace. But I ask you to hear the word once again: God will not be mocked, do not be deceived, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap (Gal.6:7). Woe unto the watchmen that are charged with sounding the alarm and watching for the people, who fail at their job… they will be held responsible by God (Ezek.33:6).
I find it very prophetic that in the vision involving Xander where he was talking about the ability to hear God’s voice from the Old Testament and the New Testament and accepting the authority of both, that he was teaching us around the “Camp Fire”. He was actually sitting across from me speaking through the flames. The fire that the angel showed me, which burned Paradise, California to the ground in one night, has come to be called “The Camp Fire” by the news. The name Xander means “defender” & “warrior”. The Lord is asking us to the take up the call of Jude in this hour, to defend the faith delivered to us from our fathers, to stand and war for biblical truth, which means speaking it even when it’s unpopular and deemed insensitive. There is a message from God in the carnage of these fires that keeps devastating this state. Think not for a moment that any of what man would call “natural reasons” for the fires are outside of the jurisdiction of God Almighty. They are not. First in the spiritual then in the natural. These fires are 100% a result of God’s judgment, as California is reaping death and destruction. They have sown to the flesh, they’ve sown to sin, and they’re reaping wages of death and destruction.
Mockers will point to innocents lost in the fire. They’ll point to good people affected by the fires, and talk about the more wicked areas that are still untouched in an attempt to discredit such words of judgment with logic and reason. But in every judgment you’ll find the wife of Lot who was innocent of the sins committed by the land which ultimately brought down the judgment, but yet still suffered because she didn’t heed the voice of God when God said to get out and not look back. The rain falls on the just and on the unjust (Matt.5:45).
God’s prophets have been warning the people of the destruction that would come upon the state of California for years, and as a result many have heeded those words. More than five million people have left the state in the last decade (2). New reports are now surfacing which suggest that multitudes more are expected to leave very soon because of ridiculous tax increases in the state (3). With California’s economy taking a major hit in the billions through these natural disasters (4), this will naturally lead to high taxes and more outlandish legislation to try and deal with a spiritual problem through politics. But these issues can’t just be fixed with mere policy and forest clearing. Repentance is needed if California is to survive.
Let us pray for California, that in judgment God would remember mercy (Hab.3:2). Let us pray that God would use the furnace of affliction to bring forth California tried in the fire, that this land would be purified by judgment, that men and women all across the state would hear the word of the Lord and open up to the gospel. I heard a story as early as this last weekend of someone who gave their heart to Jesus after their house burned. They said that until they lost everything they could not give Jesus any heed, but in the midst of poverty they found the Lord. They found hope through the gospel. Jesus was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor (Lk.4:18). In loss and shaking people will discover the power of the gospel in this day. Let’s pray for revival, for awakening, and for harvest in California. Let’s pray that God would give them beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. There’s hope for these people and this nation. Let’s pray that we find that hope in Jesus.
In his Service,
Stephen Powell


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman