By Stephen Powell

In part 1 of this article, we started a lesson based on a word the Lord recently spoke to me about what He called “moral authority” which He looking for in the charismatic church. Today we’ll continue that lesson talking about how we can combine the power and authority we see for miracles, signs, and wonders with the power of godliness and really see the ministry of Jesus in this hour. I pray the continuation of this lesson is a blessing to you.




When Jesus sent forth his disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons, the bible says He gave them “power & authority” (Lk.9:1). The power comes by the Holy Spirit working with you to confirm the word of God. The authority comes from the word. It comes from heaven’s authorization in what you’ve been commanded to do. If God did not back the servant who goes in faith to perform the command of the word, then God would be a liar. He must back the word you’re being obedient to, because authority has been given by that word.


Today, there are many who are seeing miracles and seeing the works of God simply because of the word. It’s not because God approves of their lifestyles. It’s not because God approves of their methods of ministry. It’s because God has given authority through his word and for his namesake and his love for people, he always backs his word. In (Matt.7:15-23) men are cast into the fires of hell even though they cast out demons and prophesied in the name of the Lord. How did they move in the power of the Holy Spirit and did not know the Lord? It’s because they were operating in gifts and authority void of the power of godliness.


To walk in the power of godliness you have to know God intimately. As you know him you become more like him. Now sons know their authority, and they know the word, but sons who are made into the image of their father by the power of the Holy Spirit know something that many don’t. They know the power of godliness. They have moral authority which comes from living like God lives.


This is a power that we’ve seen in the evangelical church which hasn’t been celebrated by charismatics enough. Consider God’s servant Billy Graham. I’m not aware of any miracles which have been laid to his account. I’m not aware of him ever having one angelic encounter. I’m not aware of him ever seeing one sign and wonder, but look at the power and influence He operated under, in large part I believe due to his godliness. He created a standard in his generation which said that a man should never be alone with a woman that He’s not married to. This standard became a measuring rod for countless ministers all over the world for years to come, and still is a measuring rod for many to this day. I find it interesting how Jesus violated this when He spoke alone with the Samaritan woman at the well. She had man problems, and yet Jesus still spoke alone with her (Jn.4:4-42). So obviously there are scriptural exceptions to such a rule being put in place, but consider the power of Billy Graham’s godliness. In his own heart, he felt led of the Lord to hold himself to such a standard. I don’t think He ever meant for it to be enforced as moral law in the church. But because of his power and influence the standard grew and spread and became a standard for many countless men and women in ministry, which has no doubt saved many from sin in ministry. What if we could take such power and combine it with the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of the word that we’ve known in the charismatic church for miracles, signs, & wonders? I think that would be the ministry of Jesus that the world has been looking for!




The moral authority that God will cause men to manifest in this hour will go hand in hand with the power of the spoken word.



“For all those things My hand has made, and all those things exist,” says the LORD. “But on this one will I look: on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word.”



“Hear the word of the LORD, you who tremble at His word:..”



“My heart within me is broken because of the prophets; all my bones shake. I am like a drunken man, and like a man overcome, because of the Lord, and because of His holy words.”


I see champions of purity arising in this next season who are extremely gifted, know the authority they have through the word, but who also wield the power of godliness. I see this power manifesting in their spoken word.


I see physical manifestations of the spirit coming where men, women, and children will literally tremble when these vessels who carry moral authority minister the word. I see the power of their spoken word showing up the way it did for Billy Graham; they will be trend setters by their words and their lifestyles they live. In some ways it will be weird. There will be immaturity with people simply mimicking and mocking in an attempt to make something that is godly worldly, like the way people hero worship our Hollywood celebrities and stars. But in some cases it will be genuine inspiration by faith. Apostolic fathers will arise to reproduce sons and daughters in the image of Jesus who live godly lives.


I see the best of evangelical and charismatic church coming together to form a beautiful bride. Look for the power of the Holy Spirit in miracles, signs, and wonders being combined with the power of godliness in character, purity, and integrity in the bride of Christ that will emerge in this hour. Yearn for this. Long for this. Apply the word to your life in this regard. The Lord is ready to do this work in those who are seeking such an honor.


In His Service,

Stephen Powell



"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman