An Angelic Visitation From The Messenger of Money

By Stephen Powell

I had waited so long for this.  My heart was filled with excitement and anticipation of what God would do in my life moving forward.  I was overwhelmed with His goodness.  Truly the Lord is not a man that he should lie (Num.23:19).  He was keeping his word spoken to me for so many years in my extended season of hidden preparation.  The time had finally come for me to be ordained into the ministry and start traveling full time around the world!

Within just a few days of me being ordained I found myself boarding a plane and flying to Fresno, California to be in a revival that had been lit there, known as “Fresno Fire”.  I could feel the glory so heavy, even just getting on the plane.  Open heaven visitations were upon me.  I could feel my spirit being lifted into the realm of encounter!

The first vision I saw was of a spiritual leader in my life standing in front of me.  We were standing there, facing each other, just looking at one another.  This leader then lifted his right arm, stretched his hand over my head, and said, “Lord,... give him a shadow”.  Coming out of the vision I discerned this to mean that God was not only going to impart a new abiding glory to my life from this revival I was going to be a part of, but that He was also going to assign a new angelic minister to my ministry!  The shadow or the cloud is representative of the glory of God (Ps.91; Lk.1:35), and angels minister in that glory, and help the sons of God minister in that glory.  My life was changing forever!

I made it to the revival and was able to be in that glory for three days and three nights, and man was it glorious.  The praise and worship was off the charts!  This has since become my favorite part of true revival meetings where God’s pouring out His spirit.  Revival praise and worship makes you feel like you’re in heaven!  It is so glorious.  It is so full of energy, power, encouragement, and strength!  I was convinced that any discouraged person coming into that atmosphere would be instantly strengthened and depression would flee away!

On the last night that I was in attendance, the minister in this revival stood to his feet and began to describe a series of visions he was having in the meeting indicating what God was doing.  One of the visions he had was of an awesome angel that many prophets referred to as “Charlie”, the International Banker Angel.  Charlie is an angel that works in the realm of finances.  Some have even said that he works in southeast Asian markets, interestingly enough.  This minister at Fresno had worked with this angel in a move of God three years earlier in South Korea, in which there was an incredible realm of financial glory released for the kingdom and souls!

The next morning I packed my bags and caught a shuttle to the airport.  I was off to my next location to minister.  I was bummed that I was leaving, but at the same time happy to carry the impartation that I had just received to the church I was headed to!  Once again, even on the plane, I could still feel the heavy lingering presence of God so thick.  I decided to lean my head back for just a moment as we were preparing for take off, and then suddenly I found myself in yet another interactive prophetic experience.

A man stood before me toward the front of the plane.  He was dressed in what looked like business attire, but it was a little different.  It looked foreign to our business attire here in America.  Maybe even foreign to our time period.  This man was average height, his complexion was light, he had jet black hair, and wore very thin looking glasses.  This man lifted up his arms above his head and then suddenly I heard the audible voice of God speak, “The Messenger of Money”.  The word of the Lord continued to come to me and say many things in this encounter, but these words stuck out the most: “Everywhere you go I will pay your way, and you’ll walk away with a bag full of money”.  It’s been confirmed multiple times since this initial encounter that the messenger of money is Charlie the International Banker Angel! The angel that the minister saw the night before come into the meeting was that “shadow” the Lord had spoken to me about on the plane ride into Fresno!  This angel will shadow me for the rest of my life, or until my assignment is complete, in regards to his function.  It is truly an honor to partner with heaven to see Jesus receive His full reward!

From that moment on I’ve seen an extraordinary realm of what I’ve come to call “financial glory” in my life and ministry.  Ever since a visitation from heaven in the year 2010 God has released an incredible realm of signs in my life that manifest everywhere I go, and it’s been no different with this financial glory as well.  God sends signs to confirm the word of the Lord to you.  We’ve seen multiple people experience supernatural money; multiplication of cash in their hand, finding a load of cash in old wallets, and seeing supernatural money appear in their bank accounts when there was no traceable source.  All since this encounter with this angel.  There was one man that was watching me talk on periscope about the messenger of money.  Later that day he bought an old cash register at a garage sale, and by the time he got it home and opened it, it was full of cash!  We’ve seen supernatural money, precious stones, gems,... even an american quarter turned to gold & silver. All since this encounter with this powerful angel!  These are all signs that confirm the word of the Lord to us in this hour (Mrk.16:20).  And this isn’t just a word for us, it is a word to the entire body of Christ right now!  God is sending help from heaven to help us move in the greatest financial glory that any generation has ever seen! Why?  Because we are bringing in the greatest harvest, the harvest at the end of the age, and we need the greatest resources to truly harvest the earth and it’s people. We need the wealth of the nations to be a part of the greatest inheritance; the inheritance of Christ & His bride.

The statement: “Everywhere you go I will pay your way, and you’ll walk away with a bag full of money” may seem funny to some, but it has prophetic meaning in it with regards to the season the body of Christ has entered!  We’ve entered a season where there will be extraordinary provision to finance the vision of God in people’s hearts.  We’ve entered a season where more and more of the sons & daughters of God who are walking in fellowship with God, will not only have the capital to launch out into the assignment, but will also make a profit in everything they’re involved in.


The master in Jesus’ parable in (Matt.25:14-30) rebuked the servant that hid his treasure and didn’t multiply it.  The master rebuked that servant for not using what he had.  The master told him he should have deposited his money in the bank if he wasn’t going to use it so he would have at least received interest.  If you look at the whole chapter there in Matthew 25, so much of it is about stewardship of the earth and it's resources while waiting for the return of the master.  The foolish virgins weren’t told to go and pray more to get ready.  They were told that they should have been selling and buying for themselves (Matt.25:9).  Could it be that the foolish virgins are actually likened to Christians who aren’t active in building the kingdom while waiting for the Lord, instead of just Christians who don’t pray enough or go to church enough, as many have traditionally interpreted it?  What did Jesus say was the reward of the wise servants who invested their talents and multiplied them?  It was being made rulers over many things (Matt.25:21,23).  In the parable found in (Lk.19) the reward was being made rulers over cities!  We’re commanded by the Lord to not only pay our bills, but multiply our seed and increase our wealth.  Help is coming from heaven for this!

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”

We always talk about the great end-time “wealth transfer”, but we often miss the beginning of this scripture here in Proverbs.  A prudent and wise steward positions themselves to leave an inheritance for not just their children, but their children’s children!  The man who positions themselves for generational wealth is the man that positions himself to receive of that wealth transfer.  We’ve been waiting on God but in truth God has been waiting on us.  He has been waiting for a company of people to rise up who have the hearty and the mind of a king, so they can inherit the kingdom!

For centuries the enemy has robbed us of our inheritance (which includes the wealth and resources of this world) because we’ve had wrong mindsets about how to prepare for the coming of our Lord and about what is truly spiritual.  Jesus said, “Occupy till I come” (Lk.19:13).  The enemy has robbed us of our kingly oil for too long, but not anymore!  God is sending help from heaven to aide us in inheriting the earth!  Jesus is coming back, but He is coming back to occupy something His bride is capturing from the enemy!  He is here now empowering his people to fulfill the original command in (Gen.1:28) which says to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion..”. “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it" (Gen.2:15). We are called to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth with the influence of Jesus and the glory of God!  We are called to subdue and take dominion over the enemy and the earth.  We are called to beat down corruption, institute justice and righteousness, and to set up the order of kingdom rule!  We are called to not only tend and take care of this earth, but we are called to “keep it”.  Keep is a military term.  When a force wants to fortify their position they build a “keep” and protect what they have while continuing to war. We are called as a kingly company to take back this earth from the enemy and all the forces of darkness, and “keep” what we capture.  But this kingly mindset has been greatly hindered by previous generational doctrine that has given too much authority to Satan in the last days.  But this is changing now!  God is visiting His people and empowering His church for the greatest kingdom advance in the earth we have ever heard of!  It is harvest time!!!

The knowledge of God’s glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Hab.2:14).  This knowledge doesn’t simply come through miracles and glory clouds. It comes through a company of people walking in the glory and setting up the kingdom.  To look at the tabernacle, the temple, or the ark of the covenant in the old testament was to look upon the knowledge of glory.  The knowledge of God’s glory is displayed through God’s people as they become who they were always called to be.  The knowledge of God’s glory is displayed through the works of our hands, as we build according to heaven’s blueprint, and as God fills and makes His habitation in what we build!  Help is being sent from heaven for this purpose!  Messengers of finance are being released to help us inherit in the glory!

Love & Blessings!

Stephen Powell


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman