Where Does Money Come From pt.1

By Stephen Powell

God has been asking me this question for a while: “Where does money come from?”. And I know from experience in my interaction with the Lord that He never asks me a question which I already have the corresponding answer to.  The questions of the Lord come to awaken your heart to the reality of a new substance of revelation that is coming to you, so you can in turn ask God the question back and invite the new substance of light into your life.  God is inviting the church into a new receiving… the receiving of kingly revelation that will change the world forever and usher in kingdom culture typified by Solomon’s reign.  God is inviting the church into realms of revelation that will truly bring heaven to earth, and will truly invite the earthly reign of Christ.

The Lord tells me that people think they know where money comes from, but the Lord tells me that most people don’t understand truly where it comes from.  We can adopt certain practices that others model, we can read wonderful books that teach us about proper stewarding, making our money work hard for us, and so on.  We can see stories of others that inspire us and make us want to work harder and create. All of these are good things and are a part of the training for reigning process.  But I believe that God intends to give us an upgrade across the board in areas pertaining to our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about ruling and reigning, which at the core is the creation and management of resources.  That is what this writing is about.  It is about part of the upgrade that God is releasing.  I pray this blesses you and begins a work in you that cannot be stopped.  I pray that as you read writing like this that the spirit of wisdom and understanding is stirred up in you, and you rise up in your kingly oil that God is releasing right now.  You have the heart of the king as well as the mind of the king.  It is time to open up the king’s thoughts and learn to walk in his ways like few have done before!

As I was walking with the Lord one morning I finally heard the Lord speak to me about the question we had both been asking each other for two weeks, “Where does money come from?”.  The Lord spoke very clearly to me, in an audible voice to my right ear: “Money comes from desire”.  Let’s consider the words as penned by the prophet Haggai during the time of the restoration of the temple.


(Hagg.2:6-9) KJV
6 “For thus says the Lord of hosts: Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land.
7 and I will shake all nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory, says the Lord of hosts.
8 The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts.
9 The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts, And in this place I will give peace says the Lord of hosts.”

Notice how this passage here starts off with speaking of a shaking “once more”. There has been shaking ever since evil entered into this world and established structure that offends the flow of God’s kingdom.  The shaking comes from God to ultimately remove the demonic strongholds in existence to make way for the reign of the king in everything.  The writer of Hebrews declared in his twelfth chapter, “Everything that can be shaken will be shaken” (Heb.12:27).  The kingdom of God, along with everything that is built on it, cannot be shaken.  That is why the safest security that you can find in this world or the next is found in God.  Every person, every structure, every way of thinking that partners with the spirit of this world or the enemy in any capacity becomes shaky real estate.  Sooner or later this earth is going to vibrate in the glory to the extreme that this world shall become another manifest corner of heaven in creation!  Heaven on earth is the destiny here for this land and it’s inhabitants.  Everything that stands in the way of the knowledge of the glory that Jesus is the Desire of every nation, will be shaken and removed! This is sure!

Verse six describes a completion of the great shaking, and not just of the earth, but of heaven, earth, the sea, and the dry land.  There will come a point where the shaking becomes so violent, as the kingdom of darkness looses it’s last grip on creation, that from heaven to earth, from sea to dry land, the last enemy, even death, will be removed from this realm.  When this happens the desire of God will manifestly fill his creation, and the heart of God will rule in every sector, every sphere, every institution, and even nature itself.  Fear and unbelief will vanish away. Love and light will fill all things!

Now Most theologians would agree that the “Desire of All Nations” is a pre-incarnate name for the Messiah, one of many names given to Jesus, before his appearing, through the writings of the Old Testament prophets & patriarchs.  The ultimate fruit of shakings, and of vibrations through the glory (which is the same vibrations which occur for creative miracles), is the manifestation of nations flowing to the person of Jesus.  As this continues to happen we can declare with the prophet, “he is filling his temple with glory” (vs.7).  The temple is the house of God composed from every tribe and every tongue.  All nations flowing to Christ, the Desire of all Nations, composes the temple in the fullness of the earth.  This is the picture of God filling the earth with the glory.  It is the glory finding temple to manifest through in every part of the earth!


Notice how the prophetic utterance here directly connects the filling of the temple with glory with taking possession of the silver and the gold.  People who walk in the glory understand that gold follows the glory.  Wealth and prosperity follow the glory.  But even more than just being blessed as a by-product of walking in glory, there is a “possessive” tone here in reference to the wealth of the nations.  The earth and it’s resources belong to God and the church who is inheriting the earth and it’s resources.  The resources don’t belong to the enemy.

As God restores the move of the glory in the earth among his people he is empowering his people to take back the earth and it’s resources to use the glory of the land that God has given for the good of the people, abolishing it's use for evil. Having a church rising in glory means to have a church that is rising in authority. The kingly oil demands influence, and you can’t have true widespread influence in this world without finances and without resources.

But in the context of this revelation, of this question that God kept asking me, see where the finances are flowing to in this verse.  Nations are flowing with their wealth to THE DESIRE.  He is the desire of all nations, and desire is truly where money comes from.

Most people only ever learn the desires of the flesh and the earth when it comes to this revelation of finance.  And that is valid and we do need to understand that aspect of it.  But God is bringing us higher in this generation to understand not only what drives the earth’s economy, but what drives the economy of heaven.

In the world of business, companies seek to meet the desires of their customers and this drives the market.  There are many words for what I call desire-based business in the world we live in.  When people want to spend money with discretionary income on things that enrich their lives, we call this desire-based commerce something like “consumerism”. When people seek to satisfy their desires to meet basic needs, many times they employ what we call the “service industry”. A set of terms that is commonly used for a desire-based economy is “supply and demand”. The demand is the desire, and the supply is the products we create to meet that desire. But as I have stated, these are all based in most cases on the desires of the flesh and of this world.  There is a higher desire that the economy of heaven runs on, and that is the Desire of God. Any man or any woman that seeks to fulfill the desires of God’s heart in the earth will step over into a flow of kingdom economy that will put them on another plain of living that is foreign to most.  There is a new level of kingdom economics being opened to the the church in this hour, being made available through fresh revelation of how to walk in financial glory!


The word for desire that is found in (Hagg.2:7) is the Hebrew word “chemdah”.  It means that which is desirable, pleasant, and precious.  That which we desire is usually pleasant to us, and usually becomes precious to us as well.  So ask yourself what does God desire?  The answer is not too hard.  Because God is love (1 Jn.4:8), God’s greatest desire is to love.  God’s desire is for His people to walk in blessing, for the poor to be taken care of, for the broken to be healed, and for the discouraged to be lifted up.  All of these desires stem from the principle desire which is love.  Any man or any woman seeking to fulfill the desire of God’s heart in love will step over into the greatest flow of kingdom finance and wealth that is available.

Consider the life of Solomon. At the very beginning of his reign he decided to make a great sacrifice to the Lord.  He offered a thousand burnt offerings to the Lord at the alter in Gibeon (1 Ki.3:4).  The very next verse the Lord appears to him in a dream and says, “Ask! What shall I give you?” (1 Ki.3:5).  Now Solomon didn’t ask for riches, and he didn’t ask for victory over his enemies.  Solomon made one of the greatest decisions in the history of mankind in this moment.  He decided to tap into the heart of God and ask for something that would fulfill the desire of God’s heart. He asked for something that would please the loving kind heart of God toward his beloved people Israel.  Solomon asked for an understanding heart.  Solomon asked for a wise heart.  And why does it say that he asked for these things?  It was not for his himself.  It wasn’t so people could be impressed with his spirituality.  It was so that he could better serve the people (1 Ki.3:6-9). Solomon asked for things that would directly help the apple of God's eye, Israel (Deut.32:10). Solomon tapped right into the very desire of God, and became apart of fulfilling that desire of love, and therefore put himself in the greatest position for resources to flow through him! God told him that He had given Solomon what he asked for, and also for what He didn’t ask for. God had given him riches and honor “so that there would be no one like him among the kings all of his days” (1 Ki.3:13).  This is what tapping into the desire of God’s heart does in your life.  This is what happens when you order the work of your hands and the activities of your life after fulfilling the desire of God’s heart!  All of heaven’s resources are available to the kingly company of people who would rise up and ask for what they need to fulfill God’s desire of love in the earth; to restore justice and righteousness in the land, to feed the poor, to raise up heavenly equality, to take care of the widows and orphans, to visit those who are in prison. The heart of God beats day and night for the fulfillment of love’s mandate on the earth.  Who will partner with the desire of God in this hour and step into the wealth of the nations to see the nations restored to the love of God?!!!

Next we will continue discussing the desire of God that causes kingdom resources to flow in your life.  We will also open up the lives of Saul and David to see how the inception of Israel’s kingdom came about, and why each of these reigns were so different.

Love & Blessings,
Stephen Powell



"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman