Testimony of Financial Breakthrough

By Stephen Powell

This is a testimony that came into our inbox just a few days ago from a couple that is having amazing financial breakthrough after receiving the revelation of "eating the fat of the land". Be encouraged as you read this and know that God is not a respecter of persons; what He's doing for us, what he's doing for this couple, he will do for you as well, as you receive this word and activate it by faith!

Stephen Powell

"My husband and I have been barely getting by financially for some time. We have had to discipline ourselves in regards to our budget while trying to live frugally, trusting God to take care of our family and doing our best to be faithful in tithing. I came across Stephen's periscope some time ago. One scope in particular, Stephen shared an encounter he had regarding financial glory (inheritance, fat of the land). He prayed over all those watching and with all my heart I believed that me and my family would receive this breakthrough in our lives too. Not long after all hell broke lose. Without notice our water got cut off, we had no way to pay, our house insurance was due and my car broke down. We were not going to be shaken by this so we trusted God and the Word that had been spoken. Out of nowhere, a Pastor we barely know shows up at my husbands job with a $200 check enough to cover the water bill and the repairs to the car. The next day the house insurance was due. That morning my husband checked his account balance and he had received an unexpected bonus on his pay check that was able to cover the house insurance payment. God is so Good but it doesn't end there. My husband has had a desire to go back to college and work towards a Culinary Arts and Business Management Entrepreneurship Degree. He had attempted to go the previous year but because of financial difficulties he was unable to start the program. His heart was to try again this year. After being denied 3x and almost giving it up he was awarded with an education grant that covered ALL his tuition, classes, labs and books and EXTRA!! Our God is more than enough!! Oh, it doesn't end there. Just last week I received a letter from Unclaimed Funds about a state check I forgot to cash in 2011, and they have to send it to me!! GLORY!! OH but there's more!! I have been an independent recording artist for sometime, because of lack of funds I have not been able to invest into new projects or hire a music manager. I had been praying about it for sometime, and just thanking God that He already had the person even if they weren't on staff yet. Out of nowhere, we were approached by a Music Manager/Composer/Producer who is a Christian. He has been working with us and I have already been booked for a paid show and now have an opportunity to do more at my leisure with all the freedom and flexibility of working with my husbands new schedule, while still being able to serve my family, church and community. ABBA IS SO SO AWESOME!!! Words cannot begin to describe His goodness!! 

Thank you Stephen for sharing that encounter!! I needed a Word that my faith could hold on to in. May ABBA continue to Bless you, your precious wife and children!!"

Jenny Marie Fralin


"You may be surprised at the maturity and revelatory gifting from such a young prophet as Stephen Powell."

- Steve Shultz

"Stephen Powell may be a relatively new voice within the prophetic movement, but it's clear God is using him in a very powerful way."

- Bob Eschliman