10/13/20 / NORTHEAST GLORY TOUR | Eric Arnold | Message: Exposing Jezebel in the Church

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this audio sermon Eric Arnold of Sons of Light Ministries ministers a powerful sermon on exposing the spirit of Jezebel in the church. Jezebel, unlike what many of us have been taught, is not just individuals in churches. Jezebel is much more than that as Jesus reveals in the book of Revelation. It’s a spirit that exercises great power in the church, and in particular within the charismatic church since she’s called a prophetess who influences “the servants of God” (Rev.2:20).

Stephen & Eric have been talking a lot about Jezebel lately, not because they’re overly fascinated with Satan’s kingdom but because they’ve been dealing with Jezebel in the church, the spirit that tries to muzzle the prophetic voice, and they’ve been getting fresh revelation from the Lord on this important subject. The truth is the spirit of Jezebel must be overcome in these last days in order for the spirit and power of Elijah to effectively work in the end time prophetic messenger class, in order that the church and the world might be properly prepared for the Lord’s second coming, which we draw closer and closer to each day. So be blessed as you listen to this powerful message by Eric Arnold and be freed from Jezebel’s seductive influence. Be freed to speak the truth with boldness in these last days.


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