In this video Stephen talks about the need to put aside petty issues that we may have with the MAGA movement and Christian’s fascinations with it, for the sake of the greater good, and for the sake of the country. Yes, there’s plenty of people that have gotten overly wrapped up with Trump, and I’m sure some of them need to have the Lord check their hearts on things like hero worship and idolatry, but ultimately we must hold fast to the truth concerning this man, and that is that God has raised him up for such a time as this and God is using him powerfully for America and the world. Continue to fight for him, continue to support him, and be a part of what God is doing in this movement. God is at work here powerfully and I for one don’t want to stand before the Lord one day and say that I was not involved in the saving of this nation like I should have been because I got offended by the flesh of some who went overboard with their hero worship of Trump. Let’s be mature, let’s be discerning, and let’s see beyond the surface level infractions to partner with God at a deeper level in what He’s doing right now for this nation. Trump is leading a second American Revolution right now, anointed by the Lord to do it, and as we fight with our President we are fighting with the Lord for this nation!


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