In this video Stephen shares a revelation He sees in the book of Amos being played out currently in the Charismatic Church. The Lord is raising up Amos type prophets. These are people who “follow after the sheep” (Amos 7:15), who don’t have a perceivable prophetic lineage (Amos 7:14), who are just simple people who work with their hands and love the Lord. The Lord’s taking people like this right now at this time and raising them up as powerful prophetic voices for the church and the nations.

Amos was a shepherd and a tender of sycamore fruit (Amos 7:14). The word and function of the shepherd is where the New Testament idea of a pastor comes from. Pastors are spiritual shepherds who watch over the flock of God. Many pastors are being raised up currently as powerful prophetic voices because they’ve proven faithful with tending to God’s sheep and God can trust them to have the heart of a shepherd when delivering the word of the Lord under their new prophetic burden. Be blessed as you listen and receive afresh the heart of Jesus our shepherd. May we all care for and have compassion for the flock of God just as Jesus himself cares for us and has compassion on us!


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