Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Some of you may be aware of the great concern that I’ve had for a number of years concerning Carl Lentz and his ungodly behavior as a major leader in the charismatic church who has exercised a lot of influence, especially among young people. From his drinking parties with Justin Bieber caught on camera, to his open refusal to call homosexuality and abortion sin, to his open support of BLM and marxism in America, it’s been very grieving to the faithful to watch the American Church’s top leaders like Carl Lentz model this kind of terrible ungodly behavior and not be dealt with the way scripture instructs. I never assumed that there was worse things going on behind the scenes, but as history tells us oftentimes this type of behavior is not isolated or independent. It’s often associated with other levels and degrees of sin.

Just one day after the election on November 4th, Brian Houston (The Head Leader of Hillsong Church Network Global) issued a statement saying that Carl Lentz had been fired due to violating breaches of contract that involve “trust” and “moral failure”. Two days after that Carl Lentz went to instagram to confess that He had cheated on his wife and that now He’s starting the process to try and pick up the pieces and be restored. (Click here to read Pastor Brian Houston’s statement. Click here to see Carl Lentz’ public confession on instagram)

Now I just want to say that this is an absolute tragedy. I do not delight in this at all, and I do not delight in what Carl, his wife, and his children are now having to go through as a result of this man’s sin. But I will tell you unashamed that I am very happy that this man has finally been dealt with. He’s been corrupt and living an ungodly life for a long time and no one has dealt with him. In my opinion, this was too late for Brian Houston. The red flags concerning this guy have been so blatantly obvious for years, truthfully it should have never reached this point. Now it’s a mess, a very unfortunate public exposure has taken place, and it’s brought more reproach to the name of Jesus and the integrity of the church and it’s leaders. This is very sad.

But thanks be to God that the Lord is dealing with his church. He’s issued a clear clarion call for many years now that judgment and exposure was coming to America as well as to the house of God, and now we’re here and it’s happening. From Jerry Falwall Jr., to John Grey, and now Carl Lentz, we’ve seen some major celebrity stars fall in the church this year. Maybe it will be a wake up call to these types of ministers and their friends that they’re not called to be celebrities or stars, they're called to be humble servants of the Lord that live godly lives and set an example for all people they’re called to lead.

Pray for Carl Lentz and his family. Pray for all those who have fallen and give grace and mercy where you can. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy (Matt.5:7). But rejoice also in this, that God is dealing with his church and that He will have a glorious spotless bride in these last days! Rejoice that God is still on the throne and that He is cleaning the house! If He’s cleaning our house it means He still intends to do great things with us! Rejoice that as God removes one He raises up others. Pray that they will be leaders with the heart of David. Pray that they will be men and women completely after God’s own heart and not after the things of this world or the things of sin which so easily ensnare those who are not fully committed to Christ. Pray that God would expose areas of weakness before people are raised up to positions of power and authority so that as they are raised they will be enabled to stand and represent Christ with character and integrity.

In his Service,

Stephen Powell


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