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Be encouraged by this word from Jeremiah Johnson that was released recently. The main word is based off of a dream He had about a year ago where He saw Donald Trump "underground" in a bunker too tired and exhausted to fight anymore. Jeremiah told him in the dream that He was watching for him, surveying for him, and that the church was praying for him.

It definately appears, at least at the moment, that President Trump has "gone underground" in a way, with hardly talking to the media and not addressing the nation openly much at all. He needs our prayers and support saints. This is a brutal battle. War is being waged in the heavenlies and here upon the earth in the political arena, and our President is human. He's very tired and He's very fatigued from the relentless attacks day and night since He came on the scene and announced his canidancy in 2015. Pray that God continues to strengthen him, not only in body but in spirit. As we pray, I believe that God will not allow his spirit to be broken. I believe that God will give him fresh hope, fresh faith, and fresh strength in his heart to fight this good fight for our nation! As Aaron and Hur held up the arms of Moses while the people went to battle and prevailed, let us hold up the arms of this President as he continues to fight for us and our children's children, to preserve the heritage we've been given by God in this land and restore the foundations in our day.

Bless you,



11-16-2020 Prophetic Update:

Dear Saints and Leaders,

Thank you for continuing to read and share these special prophetic updates with your friends and family from around the world. The feedback that we are receiving and the intercession that is being birthed is so encouraging.

I want to now share with you a prophetic dream that I received and published exactly one year ago today. The timing of it is absolutely stunning. My prayer is that you hear the clarion voice of God calling out to His remnant people to partner with Him during such a critical time in American history. The Holy Spirit has certainly been speaking. Have we been listening and obeying?


I had such an alarming dream last night where Washington D.C. had turned into a HUGE jungle and it was absolutely INFESTED with snakes. I found Donald Trump and his wife Melanie forced down into a bunker of some sorts. I somehow knew exactly where to find them. They told me they were forced to go underground because they could no longer discern who their true friends and enemies were. I tried to encourage him that the Church was praying for them but it was to no avail. Donald Trump was simply too emotionally and physically exhausted to listen.

The President then told me where a specific command post was in Washington D.C. and I was to go survey the land and then come back and give him a report. I went back out into the jungle and climbed an ancient and very tall, thick tree. When I reached the top, I started shouting over Washington D.C.,

“Guerrilla warfare! Yes, and I will tell you more! It’s called, ‘Political Warfare’ and it’s as real as the devil is real. Can anyone hear me?!”

I went back and reported to Donald Trump what I had seen and heard. I told him Washington D.C. had been overrun by Guerrilla and Political Warfare and his life was in great danger. With tears in his eyes, he said, “I thought you said the Church has been praying for me.” Then I awoke. Deeply stirred to fast and pray, I discovered the following piece of information concerning guerrilla warfare that exposes the strategies of the devil against our President.

“The main strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare tend to involve the use of a small attacking, mobile force against a large, unwieldy force. The guerrilla force is largely or entirely organized in small units that are dependent on the support of the local population. Tactically, the guerrilla army makes the repetitive attacks far from the opponent's center of gravity with a view to keeping its own casualties to a minimum and imposing a constant debilitating strain on the enemy. This may provoke the enemy into a brutal, excessively destructive response which will both anger their own supporters and increase support for the guerrillas, ultimately compelling the enemy to withdraw.”

We Must Take a Stand

I want to thank all those who have consistently prayed for our President throughout his entire first term. However, we must also be aware that many saints and leaders have only recently just started praying for our President due to the current circumstances surrounding the 2020 election. As you read in my last prophetic alert, Satan is after creating chaos, disrupting systems, and diverting our attention away from the real issues in America.

We are in a tremendous spiritual battle in America and God is looking for watchmen on the wall who are willing to cry aloud and spare not for the sake of His people. Will you join me today in asking God to break the power of political warfare and strengthen Donald Trump to keep fighting. He must know the Church has him covered in prayer.

If you know that God has called you as one of His watchman on the wall, I encourage you to consider joining me on a new e-course called, “Watchman Arise” where I discuss what caused men like John Paul Jackson, Kim Clement, and David Wilkerson to stand out in their generation.

Let’s keep the fires of intercession and fasting burning in November!

For His Glory,

Jeremiah Johnson



Supernaturally called from his mother's womb and raised in a spirit filled home, Jeremiah Johnson has had the privilege of walking in a strong prophetic anointing since he was a little boy. Dreams and visions began to flood his life at nine years old and he has been fathered in the things of God ever since. Growing up as a pastor's son gave him a tremendous love for the people of God and a unique opportunity to express his gifts. In 2010, Jeremiah and his wife graduated from Southeastern University with bachelor's degrees in "Church Ministries" and planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL out of their living room.

In the years that followed, hundreds of saints and an incredible leadership team gathered to marry the Word of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit. In 2016, HOTFM purchased a million dollar facility off Bartow Highway that is now home to an incredible family of believers. In 2018, Jeremiah also commissioned a core team of leaders and saints to plant a second Heart of the Father Ministry campus in Winter Haven, FL. God has blessed these two communities with a deep love and passion for God's Word and His people.

In 2020, after having planted, fathered, and raised up many qualified leaders and saints for a decade, Jeremiah and his family transitioned to Charlotte, NC where they now reside and oversee "Jeremiah Johnson Ministries" with their staff. Jeremiah still remains in close covenant friendship with both church campuses and leadership teams in Florida.

Please visit the "Altar Page" page on Jeremiah's website ( to discover what God is now inviting Jeremiah into in Charlotte!

Along with pioneering on a local level since 2010, Jeremiah has also had the privilege of preaching in more than 40 states and 20 foreign nations. He has been interviewed on many popular television stations such as: Daystar, TBN, GodTv, Sid Roth: It’s Supernatural, and the 700 club. He is also a Best-Selling author of multiple books that can be purchased in bookstores around the world as well as our website. To invite Jeremiah to speak at your church or conference, please visit the booking page.


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