In this video I share a dream I had the day before the election, the morning of November 2nd. In the dream I was invited to speak at a conference with several other speakers in the charismatic church. During the conference there was one day that was a rest day where no meetings were supposed to be happening, but on that day I decided to go to the meeting hall for some reason. When I went, to my shock I found one of the speakers at the conference leading a joint meeting with muslims, worshiping God together with the muslims. When I confronted this leader they had the look of shame and sadness. When asked what they were doing the leader responded by saying, “There is no truth”. I then responded with, “Oh yes there is. His name is Jesus and you’ve lost your faith in him”, and then I woke up.

I believe the Lord is sounding the alarm on some of the “inter-faith” antichrist initiatives which are at work throughout the earth. There’s a subtle deception happening that’s presenting as brotherly love, unity, human compassion, brotherhood, and fraternity for mankind, but it is antichrist in nature and not being initiated by the Lord. Ultimately, according to the word, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the name of Jesus. There will be no global concession made by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to allow for people and nations to continue to live in darkness, worshipping false gods, and living in sin. Every knee will bow and the gospel will remain the only message that facilitates true peace. The name of Jesus will remain the only name that saves, and nothing that any of these “interfaithers” do will change that. To deny this basic bible truth is to believe a lie that will most certainly lead to greater spiritual and political tyranny. What appears to be open arms of unity now in the religious arenas will eventually become law in many nation states, where resistance will be labeled as “disturbing the global peace”. Take your stand now saints and do not compromise, as more inter-faith plans are pushed on the church by popular leaders.

In this video I also share two clips: one from a trip that Pope Francis took to Abu Dubai last yearn where He effectively made a covenant with the leader of Suni Islam, and the other from the late Reverend Ravi Zacharias where He recalls a conversation He had with one of the most famous and influential preachers in the history of the world only to find out, to his shock and sadness, that this leader was entertaining the idea that there’s really not much difference between the Christian and Muslim faith. This is a battle for souls saints and we must fight the good fight of faith and effectively wage this holy war. The very survival of the church and the orthodox christian faith delivered to us by our forefathers is at stake!


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