In this video clip, taken from a broadcast done back in August of 2020, Pastor Dana Coverstone releases a startling prophecy based on a dream he had which we believe speaks of judgment coming to prosperity preachers who have abused their authority as ministers to take advantage of God’s people. Already, since the release of this video, there have been some significant exposures and falls among the ranks of what one might call the “puffed up prosperity preachers/prophets”, and we believe there’s more to come for those who do not heed the word of the Lord and repent. Understand my heart… I believe that God prospers his people and that He blesses his people, and yes this includes ministers, but in some streams in the western church things have gotten out of hand. The Lord will rise up and defend the holiness of his namesake, and at times in order to do that He must deal with those who misrepresent him. So humble yourselves saints, ask God to search your heart and reveal if there’s any error in your way (Ps.139:23). God gives grace to the humble and exalts them in due time to represent his name. Let us all walk worthy of such a high call in our day when the world more than ever before needs to see Jesus in the church and it’s leaders.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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