In this video you’ll hear about a dream that Clay Nash (a prophet who works closely with Dutch Sheets) had after the election this year which He sent to Lou Engle. In the dream, as you’ll hear, Clay saw four liberals spinning blue plates on top of sticks which were on their heads. They were laughing and jesting stating that they were about to “serve four blue plate specials”. At this point our President, President Trump, called for an assistant and asked this assistant to call for “sharpshooters”. In the dream Lou Engle was called forth as one of these sharpshooters.

As Lou Engle positioned himself and took aim in this dream, He hit each of the blue plates that were spinning on top of these liberals' heads. As each one fell to the ground each one turned from blue to red in color and transformed into the shape of a state. The first was Georgia, the second was North Carolina, the third was Pennsylvania, and the fourth was Arizona. Out of this dream a prayer mandate was given, which Lou Engle has been leading ever since, and we at Lion of Light Ministries want to ask you, our dear friends and followers, to join in with that prayer mandate and hold the line in the spirit. We believe that through this dream the Lord is telling us that He intends to flip these key states as we pray.

Yes, there’s been some disappointing developments over this past weekend which would cause any normal person to lose heart and lose hope for justice to prevail in this hour, but we are not normal people. We are the people of God, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are more than conquerors in him! Continue to pray and continue to believe for victory to come in this election! God specializes in the impossible and we should continue to look to him all the more when things look impossible upon the earth!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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