Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video Stephen reacts to the mainstream media’s recent barrage of brainwashing released against the American people trying to convince everyone that President Trump is a racist and a supporter of white supremicists. Interestingly enough, this recent attack of witchcraft on the American people and our President all stemmed from Fox News anchor Chris Wallace in the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden which was held on September 29th. What many Christians don’t realize is that Wallace is a leftist democrat and He’s aligned with the spirit at work in that party and in Joe Biden. Even if Chris Wallace made attempts to be neutral and fair in that first debate (which we believe He did), it doesn’t matter. He’s aligned with that spirit and He served its purpose even when He’s trying to be fair.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological warfare where the enemy peppers their target with so many lies and misinformation that eventually it causes the subject to lose their grip on reality. Once that grip has been lost then the enemy can rewrite a new reality into the subject’s mind and conscience and replace any truth with any lie they desire. The lie becomes the truth in the subject’s mind.

This is exactly what the mainstream media has been doing to President Trump and the American people for years. Our President has literally denounced the KKK and white supremicists hundreds of times, but it doesn’t matter to these people. President Trump literally declared the KKK to be a domestic terrorist organization just before this first debate, and yet Chris Wallace still had to ask President Trump his unfair question in the debate about white supremacy framing it in a false narrative about what the President really said years ago concerning Charlottesville. All the while never addressing Biden about his incredibly racist statements and positions over the years.

These people will keep attempting to gaslight our President and the American people until they have a large enough swath of the population manifesting the demonic spirit of racism, hatred, and unbelief in order to sway the elections and destroy our nation. But one of the main points that Stephen is seeking to show Christians and the American people in this video is that Fox News is 100% complicit in these witchcraft attacks against our President and the people. Make no mistake about it, this is witchcraft. It’s control, it’s manipulation, and mind control, and it must be opposed in fasting and prayer by spirit-filled christians who are not ignorant to the Devil’s devices. Pray for this witchcraft to be broken and for evil men and women to be held accountable for their lies, libel, and slander. Pray for protection over our President’s mind, over the American people’s minds, and pray that the truth would prevail in this hour!


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