Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We all have to come to a place in this life (preferably sooner rather than later) where we learn to fully trust God for our every need and for all of our success. If we don’t then we are doomed to find other avenues for our sustenance and success to flow through, and the only other avenues available are through man or the devil. That’s the truth.

I’ve been taught of the Lord for many years about this very thing, but it’s amazing just how much time it often takes for the Lord to really do the deeper work and really deliver us from things like the fear of man and dependency upon the worldly systems for survival and increase. These things are often so ingrained in us, even from childhood, that it takes years of walking with the Lord and the Lord showing through the spirit of wisdom and revelation the spiritual mechanics of what makes us tick. It’s often both shocking and extremely liberating when the Lord begins to tear back those layers of our soul and show us the truth about ourselves.

For me, one of those layers which has been peeled back lately has been my own actions and behavior when it comes to “building my ministry” or “operating my ministry”. First of all, it’s not my ministry. This is something that the Lord spoke to me about recently in a very clear and direct way. When we consider the ministry which the Lord has entrusted to us too much in terms of “our ministry”, “our responsibility”, then naturally it also becomes our responsibility to build and increase that ministry. This is very dangerous, This has given way to untold horrible decisions in the ranks of church leadership because we did not trust Christ to build His own church like He said He would. We inevitably end up compromising for the sake of growth instead of being faithful and letting God give the increase in his own time and his own way.


“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

Let these words sink in ministers…. “I will build my church” Jesus said. The rock which Jesus referred to, I believe, was not necessarily Peter’s apostolic anointing or even Jesus himself, but the revelation of Jesus Christ which Peter carried in intimacy and fellowship with the Father. Upon this rock of intimate revelation man steps aside and let’s the Lord build his church. This is huge saints. This is the most needed revelation in this hour given the climate we find ourselves in where we’ve never had access to more mesmerizing ministry/business building tools through the internet. Hear these words saints. Christ and Christ alone will build his church, and if we try to do his job then we will be doomed to build something in our own image which will ultimately amount to wood, hay, and straw as kindle for the final judgment.

So from this day forward, I’m laying down my ministry and I will no longer consider it my responsibility or burden to build the church or this ministry. I embrace the simplicity which is in the apostolic model given to us in (Acts 6:4). I will give myself fully to prayer and the ministry of the word, and Christ will build this ministry and his church in his own time and his own way. No longer will my ministry decisions, my preaching decisions, my alignment decisions be influenced by my desire or ability to grow this ministry. I’m dieing to all that and vowing to live as a faithful prayer warrior and voice for God. May the grace of the Lord keep me in this fresh commitment and may the Lord be glorified in everything I do and don’t do.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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