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Now in light of what's happening with the election and all the doubt that's swirling about prophetic words that were given previously about Trump winning a second term, I just want to say right here right now that I'm not saying that all these prophets got it wrong. Time will tell, and I personally am among those who think there's going to be a miraculous turn around with what's happened in the election between now and inauguration day. Having said that I still want to address the idea that I've been hearing from people which says that if a large majority of prophets are all saying the same thing then that means that it must be correct.

In (1 Kings 22) the bible gives us a clear picture of what happens to the prophetic movement when it becomes dominated by Jezebel’s influence. Jezebel is a woman who calls herself a prophetess (Rev.2:20), so she’s greatly influential in prophetic circles. She also provides a table (a great source of income and sustenance) for her prophets to eat at (1 Kings 18:19). In (1 Kings 22) you have the story of Michaiah and how He stood up to Ahab, Zedekiah, and all the false prophets with the truth. Here you have the combination of Ahab and Zedekiah rather than Ahab and Jezebel, but it’s still the same dynamic in the spirit (usually represents apathetic apostolic leadership and corrupt prophetic leadership). Zedekiah embodies the Jezebel spirit here and He too, just like Jezebel before him, has hundreds of prophets that follow him and repeat what He says. So in a prophetic movement that’s dominated by Jezebel you have what I call “parroting prophets”. You have prophets who are under the influence of a spirit that shuts down their creativity, their originality, and their ability to hear God independently for themselves and speak in faith and freedom as an oracle of God.

The combination of Ahab and Zebekiah is referenced again in Jeremiah’s prophetic book and there seems to be a link between their actions and Israel eventually being handed over to Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian Empire for captivity and exile. Although commentators say these two men were contemporary false prophets of the day who were just named after these historical figures in Israel’s history having no actually ties to King Ahab and the prophet Zedekiah in Ahab’s day, I say that the combination of them together with their description given is too similar to the account in (1 Kings 22) to be a coincidence. I believe that these men being named the same names having similar sins and character represents how these spirits are at work in each generation, and how these spirits’ endurance in Israel ultimately bore the fruit of judgment in that land.


21 “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, concerning Ahab the son of Kolaiah, and Zedekiah the son of Maaseiah, who prophesy a lie to you in My name: Behold, I will deliver them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and he shall slay them before your eyes.

22 And because of them a curse shall be taken up by all the captivity of Judah who are in Babylon, saying, “The Lord make you like Zedekiah and Ahab, whom the king of Babylon roasted in the fire”;

23 because they have done disgraceful things in Israel, have committed adultery with their neighbors’ wives, and have spoken lying words in My name, which I have not commanded them. Indeed I know, and am a witness, says the Lord.

Similarly, Jezebel is cited as seducing the servants of God to commit sexual immorality as well (Rev.2:20). We just had yet another celebrity pastor in the charismatic church exposed for being in sexual sin. How long are we going to ignore the fact that Jezebel’s influence is strong in the charismatic church? She’s leading the servants of God to eat food offered to idols (Rev.2:20) (which is to say men and women are eating spiritually from another source other than Christ and this is in turn producing doctrines of demons in the church which sears the conscience and makes sin easier them (1 Tim.4:1-2)). One of the most prevalent doctrines of demons in the charismatic church is “hyper grace” or “exaggerated grace” teaching, which seems to always accompany these gifted spirit-filled leaders who are exposed for being in sexual sin. But notice the words of Jeremiah when He’s describing Ahab and Zedekiah; He says “they prophesy a lie in the name of the Lord when God did not tell them to prophesy”. Now let’s look at a few passages from (1 Kings 22).

(1 Kings 22:10-14)

10 “The king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, having put on their robes, sat each on his throne, at a threshing floor at the entrance of the gate of Samaria; and all the prophets prophesied before them.

11 Now Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah had made horns of iron for himself; and he said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘With these you shall gore the Syrians until they are destroyed.’ ”

12 And all the prophets prophesied so, saying, “Go up to Ramoth Gilead and prosper, for the Lord will deliver it into the king’s hand.”

13 Then the messenger who had gone to call Micaiah spoke to him, saying, “Now listen, the words of the prophets with one accord encourage the king. Please, let your word be like the word of one of them, and speak encouragement.”

14 And Micaiah said, “As the Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that I will speak.”

So just a few things I want you to see here to answer the question about “when all the prophets are saying the same thing”.

Firstly, notice how the kings are arrayed in royal robes, sitting on their thrones at the entrance of the gate of Samaria. The gates speak of commerce, where all the goods, all the riches, and all the sustenance flows in and out for the city and its people. The prophetic meaning is similar to Jezebel’s table. The Jezebelic prophetic spirit will position itself at the gates with the kings. It will find powerful influential people (people in the charismatic church today who are usually referred to as the apostles of the movement);... this spirit will find powerful, influential, and wealthy people to position themselves with and their prophecies will be directly influenced by that scene. Because of the royal robes, the abundance of wealth and prosperity flowing, the prophecies will always have a bent toward encouragement, strength, power, breakthrough, and blessing in order to keep that money flowing and keep the people in power happy. So this is one thing to take note of and observe.

Secondly, notice how there’s always one prophet who goes first and the other prophets follow and prophesy the same thing afterwards. Here, in this story, Zedekiah goes first and “all the prophets prophesy so” just like Zedekiah. Now why is that? It represents the influence and pressure of that spirit that comes to only prophesy certain things, and to blacklist anyone who veers from that narrative. It’s very similar in the world with Hollywood and with politics. If you veer too much from the narrative, if you go too far outside of party lines, then you become blacklisted and it becomes hard for you to make a living or have success in that system. This is why Donald Trump is such an anomaly. He completely went against the narrative and the boundaries of what was acceptable in this corrupt political machine and He won! He is being used in an Elijah anointing in our day! But this is the second thing to look for that would indicate that a movement has been high-jacked by the Jezebel spirit: when you see what I call “cookie cutter prophecy”. In other words there’s no originality, there’s no risk taking, there’s no going against the grain,... everyone is pretty much saying that same thing. So here you see that the idea of “everyone saying the same thing must mean that’s it’s Lord” doesn’t mean that at all. It can mean precisely the opposite. It can mean that a movement is being ruled by an evil spirit now more than the Holy Spirit. Am I saying that’s what’s happening among all the prophets who prophesied Trump’s second term and who have collectively missed big words before? No, I’m not saying that. But I do believe that Jezebel’s influence is strong in America, as well as the charismatic church, and that if we don’t start preaching the gospel again and teaching the word again; if we don’t tear down our idols and quit allowing food offered to idols to be circulated, and if we keep tolerating Jezebel, I think that this is exactly where we’ll end up in a very short time. Currently, I feel there’s a lot of mixture in the prophetic movement. The mixture needs to be purged by fidelity to the word and through intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Thirdly, I want you to see the pressure that the messenger puts on Micaiah when He meets him on the road. This represents how when a Jezebelic prophetic system has really taken root it will invoke personal one on one confrontation with individuals who are on their way to deliver the true word of the Lord. It will threaten based on the premise of “every is saying the same thing, therefore you better line up and say it too”. But Michaiah’s response is the correct response and contains the template for a true prophet, or a true voice for God. He said, “As the Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that I will speak.” (1 Kings 22:14). A true voice for God will say what God says to them, nothing more and nothing less. A true prophetic voice will say what God says and will not withhold anything, even if it gets them into trouble, even if it’s unpopular to say it.


My concern with the prophetic movement today and what I’m hearing people saying in situations like the one we find ourselves in with election prophecies is that so much of what flies in the prophetic seems to be cookie cutter. So much prophecy seems to be a parroting or mimicking of what “top leaders” are saying. And trust me, I know from personal experience, that there is an “acceptable narrative” in this movement that one pays a price for going against.

Could we reach a point in the charismatic church, in America, where like Israel before us all the prophetic voices are saying the same thing yet all have come under the influence of Jezebel? Could we reach a place where the lying spirit, the spirit of delusion, becomes so strong that we can no longer discern the pure from the profane in the prophetic? If we say we can’t then we’re already on our way because one of the main ways that this spirit gains access is through pride.

I’m calling all prophetic leaders everywhere to humble themselves and use discretion in the prophetic. If you’re seeing in part and hearing in part don’t say “thus saith the Lord”. Don’t present like you’re receiving in full. God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud (James 4:6). We need more humility in the prophetic movement. We need more accountability when we blatantly get things wrong, instead of quickly erasing it from our websites and acting like it never happened. I personally believe that God is looking to entrust some of the greatest prophetic accuracy and authority to a bridal company in these last days who are possessed by the mind of Christ and the character of our Lord, but that will only come to the humble, to the meek, and to those who reverence the prophetic office of the Lord. The prophetic office should not feel like fast food McDonald’s drive through,... it should feel and taste like the richest thing in a spiritual diet, because what we’re partaking of has been so tempered with grace, wisdom, and humility. What we taste of in the prophetic should be so saturated with the purity of bible revelation, that it offers all of the meat that God has to offer through the prophetic spirit of Jesus, and none of the fat of the human soul which is so often served in the church today. I call for discretion in the prophetic and careful handling because I value it so much. What one values one takes great care to protect it and preserve it, but in the prophetic movement today things seem so cheap. So many of the prophetic words that cycle through our social media feeds are nothing more than recycled human garbage based on bad theology and pop culture. Lord forgive us.

So will all the prophets be proven wrong about this election? Will the ones who prophesied Trump’s second term look like fools? I hope not, because I, like many of you, want to see the blessing of Trump’s presidential watch over our nation extended another four years. But just because everyone is prophesying it doesn’t make it so. For me, the Lord did not clearly speak to me about the election results therefore I would not and could not speak concerning it. I pray others who have spoken about it didn’t do so because of peer pressure, prophetic pop culture, or because it was the cool and edgy thing to do. I pray that those who spoke clearly heard from the Lord and will hold themselves accountable based on the results. I pray that the same prophetic spirit which burned in Michaiah, which burned in Elijah, which burned in Jeremiah and all of the other biblical prophets would burn in us today; that even when Jezebel’s numbers are bolstered and what we’re saying isn’t itching ears and being readily accepted by the masses, that we would speak it nonetheless with conviction, boldness, and greater love for God than the love we have for man’s praise.

In his Service,

Stephen Powell


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