Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I wanted to share this video with you, our friends and followers, because it was an encouragement to me and I felt it would be an encouragement to you as well. In this video you’ll see a short clip by Michelle Bachmann where she’s praying on a facebook live recording just after the election of November 3rd. This video is encouraging on many levels. Obviously, it’s just a powerful prayer which I’m sure you can feel the anointing coming through as you listen to Mrs. Bachmann pray. But on another level, I felt that who was actually offering this prayer was very encouraging. Michelle Bachmann is a former congressional representative who at one point ran for the presidency. I know it can be discouraging at times to look at our nation, our leadership, and what’s happened in what’s been called “The D.C. swamp”, but we need to remember that God has some very precious and anointed people that He’s placed in leadership in this country like Mrs. Bachmann. They need our prayers and support. We need to keep the faith like many of them have that God can turn things around in this great nation and we can see more godly leaders raised up by the Lord and put in places of influence to affect the course of this nation for the good! So enjoy this video, and be sure to subscribe to our channel to get more encouraging videos and words like this immediately when they come available!

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