In this video Stephen talks about the power which is Mystery Babylon today which has been in the earth from the beginning working to unite the world under an antichrist spirit for Satan’s global plans and purposes. This power in the last days is called “Mystery Babylon” for its workings and plans evade many and it is indeed a mystery to both the world and the church. But in the beginning it was simply called “Babel” or “Babylon” meaning “confusion” in the Hebrew. This global territorial spirit releases the spirit of confusion through an enormous amount of power and control that it exercises over the flow of information globally. Just like at the tower of Babel, Satan wants the whole world thinking and speaking as He has crafted for his agenda. Satan knows that if He can get enough people thinking and saying the same thing then He can do anything. Look at what He’s been able to do in places like California and New York. Enough people began to think, speak, and act according to a demonic agenda, according to demonic ideologies, and look where it’s led them. Look at the power that Satan is exercising over people and over the nation from these places. Look at the power He’s exercising over the world from these places. Now it’s illegal to convert Homosexuals to hetrosexuals in therapy and the laws have been changed to protect pedophiles in California. This is insanity saints, yet the bible gives us clear revelation about these things from revelatory passages like the ones John wrote in the book of Revelation. Be blessed as you listen to this brand new teaching video by Stephen, and be sure to leave your comments in the comment section! We always love hearing from you!