Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A few years ago, on August 22nd, 2018, I had a prophetic experience where I saw the Lord Jesus Christ step forward as “President Jesus”. He was wearing a “45 long suit” which He told me represented a few things: 1) Donald Trump has been anointed by the Lord to be our 45th President; 2) His presidency will be “abnormally long” (this was the prophetic significance behind the 45 “long” suit) and engulfed in great conflict “just as 16 Abraham’s was”. This is what I heard that day.

The suit represented the mantle that Jesus himself has placed upon Donald Trump to be our President for such a time as thing. The reason the suit was long was because the Lord had anointed Donald Trump to be in power “longer” than what evil men and evil people wanted. As the Southern states chose their own President for themselves in the mid 1800’s and succeeded from the Union causing a war, so has the nation come to a similar crossroads in its history. There’s a very real scenario at work here where both factions are ultimately going to reject what the other side is trying to do (whether it’s legal or not), and both sides will pledge allegiance to their own leaders. How far that goes in shaping up how our republic goes on, only the Lord knows.

But I believe the Lord wants us to be aware of the reality of this situation that’s playing out right before our very eyes. The truth and the reality is we’ve been conquered and ruled by an elite class of politicians and powerful people for a long time as a nation. It hasn’t just happened, it happened decades ago. There really haven’t been “fair” elections for decades. Two sides of the same establishment coin have taken turns in ruling, and both sides have driven our nation to this place: weak and broken down enough to be handed over to a globalist antichrist spirit. Donald Trump is more hated by them and their servants who are under their mind control and witchcraft because He’s not a part of their system. He’s a Moses type deliverer who walked up into the courts of Pharaoh and started demanding things for the good of the people, and they have fought him and the people at every turn. More fighting is to come.

The moment that Donald Trump declared his run for the presidency it was not a declaration of campaigning but a declaration of war against these evil forces that have brought our country to this place. For daring to take back our republic and give it back to the people, for daring to restore the republic and our elections which were meant to be free and fair, these global elites have fired back with hellish fervor to stop what God has been trying to do through our President. They illegally launched the “Russian Hoax” with the help of our corrupt intelligence bureaucracy and mainstream media. They illegally impeached Trump. They released a global pandemic in cooperation with their marxist communist allies in China in order to implement martial law type lockdowns world wide to intentionally tank Trump’s economy. This was their strategy to put the democratic candidate within striking distance of the presidency since they knew that no incumbent President would be voted out if the economy was good coming into the last year of the first term. They incited race riots on a national scale to galvinize minority votes through stoking hatred for Trump, and to close the deal they cheated on election night (primarily through mail-in voting fraud and a computer software program called “Hammer/Scorecard”) to seamlessly take votes from Trump and add to Biden’s talley. They’ve done it for many years and got away with it because those who came before Trump would not take on the system. But Trump is cut from a different cloth.

So as Pastor Dana Coverstone and others have exhorted for many months, now I would continue to do the same in saying: “brace yourselves”! If Donald Trump decides to continue to fight this and not bow down like those who have come before him, we are in for a long winter. Brace yourselves saints, first spiritually but also in the natural with being prepared in a healthy and wise way, and continue to pray for our President and our nation. I believe we are at war as a nation. Trump has called himself all year long a “wartime President”. That wasn’t just a nice rallying cry to fight covid. No, Trump knew exactly what forces He was up against and the virus is the least of his concerns. Let us pray that justice prevails and even if the conflict escalates, let us pray that our nation is ultimately delivered from the forces of darkness that have conspired to destroy our republic and hand it over to the power of the Antichrist Spirit.

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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