Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video (originally recorded on facebook live on Stephen’s feed), Stephen breaks down Dana Coverstone’s “wagon dream” which He had on August 25th, 2020, and talks about how He believes this dream is coming to pass this month. In the dream Pastor saw the date of November 3rd (election day) being circled, along with a man holding a sign which said, “The Obvious Winner is not obvious” (which Stephen believes Trump to be the “not obvious winner”). After Dana saw this He beheld more riots, fighting in the streets, guns going off, and mass chaos (which would point to a reversal in the election results and BLM & Antifa (the democratic party’s militant arm) going to the streets to make America pay for electing Trump.

Toward the end of the dream Pastor Dana sees a very interesting scene where Kamala Harris is driving two mules with a whip as the mules pull her wagon. Joe Biden was riding on the mule to the left hand side, and He was being whipped by Kamala without knowing it. Dana saw Hilary Clinton holding a knife to Trump’s throat, but just as she was about to cut his throat Trump made an impossible escape and the whole situation blew up in Kamala, Hilary, and Joe’s faces, literally!

In this video, Stephen goes through each line of the dream point by point giving interpretation as he feels led by the Lord to do. So check out this video, this amazing dream, and this anointed interpretation, and be encouraged. God spoke clearly before this election and it appears that these words are playing out just as the Lord has foretold!


LLM Staff


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