Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The subject of Jezebel has come up a lot in the church, in particular in the charismatic church. Virtually every prophetic minister who has ministered over the last hundred years has done in-depth teaching and preached sermons on the Jezebel and Elijah paradigm. But do we really understand what and who Jezebel is? Do we understand the mystery of Jezebel in the last days church?

In this video Stephen unlocks fresh revelation from the Father on the seduction of Jezebel in the charismatic church today. As Herodias’ daughter danced before Herod (Mark 6:22) and seduced him into giving her both his kingdom and John the Baptist’s head, so has Jezebel’s seduction come forth in the charismatic church today, and so has up to half of man’s ministry kingdoms been hijacked by this spirit. This spirit has cut off the prophetic voice, it has coalesced around a power structure of nobles and princes (Mark 6:21) in the revival movement, and it has led the church into treacherous waters, no longer being given the sobriety and preparation necessary for overcoming in these last days. Receive this revelation from the Father and be freed from Jezebel’s influence in the church. The prophetic voice must be freed to prepare the way of the Lord once again.


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