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A few weeks ago I was driving home from the city of Anchorage, located about one hundred and fifty miles north of where I live in Alaska. About an hour into the drive the Spirit of God came sweeping into my chest and I began to manifest under the weight of his overwhelming love as I was driving. I pulled the car to the side of the road and asked my wife to drive, and continued to weep and worship the Lord in the passenger’s seat. I saw a woman that had been put in the hospital from a blood clot that a friend had asked me to pray for a short time before this. As I worshiped and weeped I interceded for this woman.

After about forty-five minutes the anointing began to lift and I laid my head back against the seat and just rested in his presence. Within a few minutes I found myself in a vision. I saw myself standing in a dim lit room with my back faced to where I was viewing the vision. Then I heard the voice of the Lord fill the room and say, “I’M FORMING LIONS FROM FIRE”. Suddenly a flash of fire appeared on me and instantly consumed me. The fire didn’t fall from heaven or come from some particular direction, it just appeared, it just sprung up, and then instantly I was transformed into a mighty lion that faced my view. The lion was huge and beautiful. It stood seven feet tall on all fours and had golden twines of fur that glistened despite the dimness of the area. 

The next morning I began a long fast that the Lord had called me to. During my prayer session in the morning I felt led to go in the other room and just lay down flat on my bed and soak in His glory. As I lay there the power of God began to fall on my flesh and suddenly I found myself in another visionary experience.

I was in a service ministering in the anointing. There were bodies everywhere on the floor; the power of God was present in fantastic form. People were out cold, some were weeping, some were in prophetic experiences, but everyone who was not standing was prostrate or completely laid out flat on their backs. It was a heavy glory atmosphere.

As I stood on the platform the Spirit of God was having me “conduct” the anointing around the room with my hand. As a conductor of an orchestra waves his little scepter and conducts the sound coming out of different parts of the orchestra, I was moving my hands around in the direction of different people and sections from the platform and every time I did the sections would manifest the anointing of God in their flesh. It was a spectacular thing to see and experience.

I looked down at the foot of the platform and I saw a mother and her daughter standing there worshiping the Lord. I walked up to the mother and lifted my hand to touch her but I couldn’t even get my hand within a few feet of her and she went down under the power. But when I looked at her daughter to my right I instantly knew that she needed a miracle of healing in her stomach. So I took my hand and began to move it to touch her and in that instant with my hand still at my side the anointing changed into what I describe as a “ten-thousand pound brick”. The anointing in my hand changed into a heavy tangible substance that was packed with glory, and I simply threw it into her stomach from several feet away and she doubled over like someone hit her with a mack truck right in her middle. She was instantly healed.

Next the scene switched and I was ministering in an overflow room. A woman stood before me who was in her fifties. I looked and I saw into her throat and esophagus. I saw oval shaped nubs going all the way down that were cancer growths.

Now I have to stop there for a second and explain something. I don’t fully understand the way these things happen myself sometimes, but I’ll try to explain it. As I’m in this interactive vision in which in the vision I’m am fully experiencing all of these things I’ve described and feeling them as well, my flesh back on the bed is feeling it and experiencing the same power and glory that I’m experiencing in the vision…. Somehow by the spirit of God I’m locked into the vision in the realm of the spirit, but I can still feel my body back on the bed being overwhelmed by all the power and glory I’m experiencing in the vision. I don’t know how that all works, but Paul did say that he was rather confused at times about whether his encounters were happening in the body or not (2 Cor.12:2). In my experience I’ve found that at times I can say, “Yes, I had that vision in my flesh, or yes I had that experience out of my body, but at times the two seem to merge it can be very hard to determine “how” the encounter is happening. All I know is that it happened.

So when I saw the cancers in this woman’s body I laid my right hand on her head and as she was going down under the anointing something happened. The anointing switched again and suddenly something welled up inside me like I had never felt. An authority mixed with a holy anger and rage manifested (of course against the devil and his cancer), and as this woman fell to the ground I grabbed her throat and spoke to the cancer and instantly I saw every cancer cell explode and disappear and she was completely delivered!!!

But something else happened when this miracle occurred. Remember how I explained that my spirit man in the vision and my flesh back on the bed were having an overlapping encounter in the glory. Well right when I grabbed the woman’s throat and the miracle occurred, in the vision the glory and the power was so overwhelming…it so filled me that my body couldn’t take it and my spirit came right out of my body. But the same happened back in my room on the bed. My spirit came right out of my body. At that moment the two experiences (the visionary one and the one back on my bed) became one experience and I began to ascend into a heavenly place.

I found myself on some kind of a heavenly plane and there sat the Lord Jesus at a desk with his back to me. As I walked up behind him I realized He was sketching something. I came and I stood beside him and my heart leaped as I saw his work of art. It was a beautiful sketch of a lion in a forest. And when He looked up at me, without him saying a word, he imparted to me his heart. He imparted to me just how long He has been waiting and dreaming of the day when He would form me into a mighty lion! And then the experience ended and I was back on my bed basking in his love and goodness!

Right now the Lord God is forming lions from fire. There is a truth and reality to who we are “in him” and what He has already made us and given to us by his own mighty triumph, but there is a working out of that workmanship and forming in the earth in our time as He equips us and mantles us for His mighty exploits. This is occurring in the church right now in an unprecedented manner. In a very short period of time the world will see a wave of God’s mighty lions released across the land, and they will do signs, wonders, miracles, and move in apostolic power that will shake the nations. The enemy has released increased levels of darkness and evil to escalate his plans in these last days, but God is releasing a force of giant-slayers that will shake whole regions and bring down even ancient evil strongholds that have stood in lands for more than a thousand years. These giant slayers, like when David of old who slew Goliath and rallied the army of Israel, will do likewise and the BODY of Christ will mobilize like we’ve never seen before for an epic offensive against the enemy, and multitudes of souls will come sweeping into the kingdom. It will be a violent time of harvest, a time of taking the kingdom by force (Matt.11:12). There will not just be evangelists going into nations and souls coming into the kingdom, but there will be whole nations with governments and kingdoms coming into the kingdom of heaven. The power and glory will be so spectacular. These visions are not just for me but for you. Prepare yourselves, prepare your hearts, the church is about to receive a sweeping fire and out of it will come the lion of the tribe of Judah through a people that will overtake their lands wresting them from the enemy by the force of His love!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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