MAN’S JUSTICE VS. GOD’S JUSTICE | Sermon by Stephen Powell

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this powerful audio sermon captured from Sunday’s message in Rome, New York, Stephen releases a powerful prophetic unction from the Lord for the church and the nation for the time that we’re living in. In this message Stephen draws out through the revelatory anointing the real issues concerning justice and counterfeit justice that we’re facing now as a nation and as a church. Satan is incredibly crafty and subtle. His deceptions are many times not overt and hard to discern. Only a true prophetic anointing from the Lord which has been tested by fire can draw out the truth in times like these and expose the craftiness of Satan to pervert justice and replace the moral conscience of a society with a new morality written by the antichrist spirit. But ours is a morality that comes from the word of God, which comes from the plumbline of the prophets and apostles who wrote the word, and we should fight for that morality with all we have. We should fight for the America that God has gifted us with.


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