Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Recently, as I’m sure many of you have heard, Pastor John Gray (Joel Osteen’s former Associate Pastor, now the Lead Pastor of Relentless Church which was handed over to him by Ron Carpenter) has been exposed for adultery yet again. Apparently this has happened before and now it’s happening all over again when our nation needs strong spiritual leaders more than ever before. This is very sad and grievous to me.

In a recent series of videos which Mr. Gray put together for his congregation as well as his online following He expressed remorse as he confessed in generalities his sins before the world. At first, when his mistress initially began to expose him on social media His lawyers issued a statement saying He was being black mailed and wrongfully accused, but soon thereafter He admitted to the sin and is saying that He’s submitted to a “restoration process”, whatever that is. What kind of restoration disciplinary process allows a preacher to continue to minister?

The first thing that struck me about his recent videos was his gift and his anointing which is still clearly in operation. In one video He had a piano playing in the background, and as He spoke He clearly showed his ability to move people emotionally and get people to empathize with him. What looked like a simple confession and repentance moment turned into a full blown sermon where He ended up instructing the people with his gift about how to live, and how to not do what He’s done. I felt this to be inappropriate considering that He has lost all “moral authority” to stand in a ministry office, to preach from a platform, and to lead God’s people. The bible clearly calls for church leaders to have and maintain a certain standard of morality and holy conduct before the Lord and the people, and if they fail to maintain that standard they are disqualified from occupying a ministry office and should step down with respect to the church of Jesus Christ until they’ve made full proof of themselves and their ministries once again. This is the biblical prescription for dealing with fallen leaders.

The bible talks about perilous times which would come in the last days when men would be lovers of themselves, unteachable, having a form of godliness but denying its power (2 Tim.3:1-5). These are truly the last days and men like John Gray have maintained a form of godliness but have denied the power of godliness to work in their lives. This is why men like John MacArthur are leading the charge being used most powerfully by the Lord as this time during this crisis instead of men like John Gray. Mr. Gray denies the power of godliness in his life, Mr. MacArthur has lived a godly life. Mr. Gray speaks in tongues and believes in miracles, and Mr. MacArthur believes that the gifts of the spirit ceased to operate in the church after the original apostles died. John MacArthur doesn’t even believe in the power of God yet he’s being used to literally shake the government of California because He’s a godly man standing on the word. All the while our celebrity charismatic preachers such as John Gray are found powerless and useless during this time of crisis. This is most disturbing and sad to me.

Remember this saints: your actions speak louder than your words. John Gray may say to the world that He’s repenting and changing, but His actions will yield the greatest testament to whether He means what He says or not. John Gray says all the right things in his recent videos. I would say I agree with most everything he says, but the problem is He’s lost the right to say it from that platform. If He really wanted to honor God and if He really had respect for the office, He would step down for an indefinite period of time, get his house in order, and prove himself before God and leaders before doing anything ministry related again. And if He continues to let demons lead him back to whores while preaching, then He should never be allowed to preach and lead God’s people again. If there’s no danger of being an Esau and not being able to find a way back into your inheritance then how can men really fear God when it comes to the handling of their ministry office? The bible says in the New Testament that Esau sought with tears for restoration but found none. God refused to restore to Esau his birthright (Heb.12:17). This must be an option for preachers who continue to cheat on their wives while leading our megachurches. In a denomination they pull your credentials, but in the modern American church leaders of similar stature and weight must join together to hold each other accountable. There must be governing within our ranks, otherwise this sin infested American church system will continue to drag this nation down around us and God will hold us accountable for it.

To hear more of my thoughts on this matter and to hear some clips from Mr. John Gray, click on the link above to watch the video version of this blog!

To hear John Gray’s confession video to his congregation from August 30th, 2020, click here:

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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