Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video Stephen talks about a recent encounter where he found himself up in the night wrestling in the spirit with a man in his room. In the encounter they were wrestling over a very large horn. They were wrestling over who would own it.

If you remember from scripture David was anointed with a horn of oil when He was made King over all of Israel. Samuel took the horn, filled it with oil, and emptied it over David alone in the field. This represents that one’s true calling, anointing, and ordination comes from God alone in the secret place. It’s then worked out in the natural for all to see.

But there is a struggle right now in the spirit for authority and leadership in the church. The house of Saul has been at war with the house of David for many years for this transfer of power (2 Sam.3:1) and it’s coming to a head at this time in this season. Saul’s house has been overrun with witchcraft, spirits of divination, delusion, and false doctrine, and Saul’s house doesn’t want to let go of power. But power, glory, and honor belong to our Lord and His Christ, and He is the head of his church, not any other man. The Lord is bringing forth his endtime Davidic company to usher the bride into her greatest days of victory and glory, and the horn will pass in our day. The scepter will pass and the Lord will deal with his Saul servants who are clinging to power. May the will of the Lord be done.


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