NORTHEAST GLORY TOUR | Stephen Powell | Message: Jesus the Great Intercessor

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video you’ll hear Stephen preach his first message on the “North East Glory Tour” which he and Eric Arnold are currently on. The name of this tour is based on a series of visions Stephen had a few months ago when traveling through Louisiana in which the Lord showed him a glory cloud coming to New York, and the Lord’s presence resting and remaining somewhere in that state. Stephen saw habitation glory coming and that’s what he and Eric have been pressing in for as they’ve begun to travel from city to city, church to church, proclaiming the gospel and praying for the church and the nation.

So far the tour has been amazing! They’ve seen Holy Ghost fire fall, people being struck by his power, people being filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of tongues coming forth. Stephen and Eric have also seen a very powerful anointing on the word. It’s literally been like the stories from the Old Testament, when the High Priest would hear from God and the two stones which were placed within the ephod over the Priest’s heart would literally get warm. The word has been burning in Eric and Stephen’s hearts which has made it very easy to determine which direction to go in each service!

Please continue to pray for them as they get further along on the tour in the great state of New York, and also as they travel to Pennsylvania for a few services next week. They’re believing for great breakthrough for the region spiritually, but also for the American people to have constitutional liberties and freedoms restored and to have wickedness dealt with according to the justice of the Lord. Enjoy this message entitled “Jesus, the Great Intercessor”, and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as well as our website to get notifications when new videos and blogs are made available!


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