Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As some of you may know from some of my previous videos and posts, I’ve been undergoing a significant process of inner healing and deliverance in my life which has been life changing as of late. It all started when I took a trip out to Texas in the month of August for a ministry tour and God turned the tables on me and ended up ministering to me in a significant way. This process has been ongoing and has caused me to go deep and see things I’ve never been able to see before. This last week it went to a whole new level when I was able to talk about some of things I’ve gone through and address some of my spiritual fathers who let me down.

It’s amazing because I remember last year reading in a book that victims can’t begin to really heal until they can talk about what they’ve been through and what’s happened to them. Although I don’t claim the victim status or hold onto that identity, still nonetheless there’s been some stuff that has happened to me that I needed to be able to talk about in order for another level healing to come, and my Lord has it come.

After I did this recent video (click here to watch that video) and confessed some things, immediately following that moment I wailed for about an hour in my home here in Arizona. I felt like all of my hurt, pain, and anger was coming out through my tears. I felt like a ten thousand pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It really is important to the process of healing. It’s what the bible calls confession.

(James 5:16)

“Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Yes, this process of confession involves confessing your own sins, but it also involves confessing what the bible calls “the sins of the fathers” (2 Kings 15:9; Neh.9:2). Sometimes you have to confess and vocalize what’s been done against you by natural fathers or spiritual authority figures in order for that healing to flow. James said that you need to confess so that you “may be healed”. Confess allows real healing to flow. Then the fervency of the heart comes into your prayers before God and that’s what really shifts things. As I confessed before God and man I felt that fervency instantly feel my heart and I was able to cry out to God and also pray for those who had abused me, and it was so liberating. When you begin to talk about it the language of the heart can then come forth in tears, and those who sow in tears shall reap in joy (Ps.126:5)!

I encourage you, if you have pain inside which manifests in being too harsh with your children or unkind to others, ask the Lord to search you deep within and show you the root. Ask him to show you what’s really going on. Begin to talk it out, preferably with someone you trust in private. I reiterate, just like I did in the vlog version of this… some things are for public confession others are for private confession. You have to use discretion and wisdom and find out what your setting your confession needs to happen. But talk it out, get it out of your heart, and don’t bury it and allow it to drive your actions and affect your relationships anymore. Believe that God is big enough not only to heal your heart but also to turn your pain into power and make the devil pay for every attack He has brought against you. This is a day of great exposure, but it’s also a day of great healing. Partake of that healing that God has for you and step into the next thing level of your destiny free of Satan’s bitterness, in forgiveness, and in power!

In His Service,

Stephen Powell


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