Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In this video I talk about an issue that seems to be getting worse and worse in the charismatic church since click bait social media has come to influence “the delivery” of much of the prophetic and “words of the Lord”. Many so-called prophets and charismatics seem to have forgotten just how serious of an issue it is to “speak presumptuously in the name of the Lord”. There seems to be a real lack of humility and discretion when it comes to delivering the word of the Lord, and that’s okay. It’s not okay to present like you have the whole picture, when you only have a piece, or when you’ve only seen and heard in part (1 Cor.13:9). It’s not okay to say, “I was standing in heaven and Jesus told me this”, when you fantasized it, or had what’s called “a vision in your mind’s eye”, but you’re presenting it like you had a “John the Revelator type third heaven encounter”. Not only is this kind of behavior immoral and deceptive, it is also very dangerous. It opens the door to the devil, and in particular the types of deceptions and delusions which can be classified as “new age”, because they pass as Christian and require a genuine anointing to expose them.

Now I want to be clear, I do believe there is freedom in the church to prophesy and share “the word of the Lord” by faith. God knows our limitations. He knows our weaknesses as finite human beings, yet He still chose to indwell us and stir up the prophetic gifts within. So I’m one to advocate balance in this area, not policing that lacks grace. We can go too far with discipline in this area where we end up shutting down the gifts and quenching the Spirit in people, especially ones who are still young in the faith and learning. All I’m saying is let’s be careful when we speak in the name of the Lord. Let’s show humility, and let’s take responsibility when we clearly miss it in order to protect the sanctity of the ministry of our Lord Jesus the Prophet which He has entrusted to the church. When we don’t fully know the will of the Lord in a given situation, let’s not presume to know because we’ve built a reputation as a “know it all prophet”. There is no prophet that knows everything, despite how magnificent their gift may appear to be at times. Even Jesus had to humble himself, submit to the Father, and be dependent on revelation that continued to come by the Holy Spirit. Let’s be a people that major on prayer, fasting, and putting our ears to Poppa’s chest. Let’s be a people that talk less at times and spend more time to hear further, to get further clarity from the Lord by the Spirit of Revelation. Then when we do speak, let our words be more grounded in his truth and his voice, and may our representation of the prophetic office today live up to the Lord’s standard He has called us to for this vital ministry and role!

I would rather speak once a year and my words hit like a hammer and deal a serious blow to the enemy, than speaking every day with my words flying right over people or being consumed like spiritual junk food which ultimately gives the hearer no spiritual edification or nutrition. Speaking in the name of the Lord when you haven’t clearly heard from the Lord is the equivalent of serving spiritual junk food. Let’s give people the written word and let everything flow from that place. The written word will endure forever, and God will move heaven and earth to fulfill it. It is the sure testimony of Jesus and the promise of scripture that we can always rely on!

In his Service,

Stephen Powell


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