Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video Stephen shows a correlation between two prophetic words given years apart and from two different prophetic voices (Jeremiah Johnson & Dana Coverstone) which Stephen is calling the “Iron Fist Prophecies”. In both prophecies (Jeremiah’s from January 2018 & Dana’s from June 2020) both men saw a balled up fist in reference to the 2020 election. Jeremiah described it as “Trump’s agenda” which would be dangerous for the nation in reference to his second run for the presidency. Dana saw a balled up fist hit the calendar in November 2020 and all hell break loose in the nation. Stephen believes that both prophecies, although different in application and interpretation, point to the same thing: that the 2020 election would be very dangerous for the nation and we need to pray. If the results of the election are overturned and Trump is named the winner how will the other side react? If Trump doesn’t let this go and the American people feel that the election was stolen, how will Trump’s base react? This is a very dangerous and volatile time for the nation and the Lord is warning us of more impending danger and we need to pray.

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