Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In this video clip taken from a sermon of William Branham’s recorded in 1960, Brother Branham talks about what He would do if the Lord told him who the next President was going to be. His answer might shock you knowing that He’s a prophet.

Brother Branham was one of the most accurate prophets that we’ve known in church history. For the time that Gordon Lindsay (founder of Christ for All Nations School) was with Branham in the Voice of Healing days (1946-1956) He said that He never saw Branham miss a prophecy, not once. If he saw a vision and announced that vision it happened with 100% accuracy. That’s astounding saints.

Brother Branham was graced by God to know a lot of things before they happened, but he was very careful with what He disclosed to others or to the general public. If He felt that disclosing a prophecy or a piece of foresight would exalt himself in any way He wouldn’t do it, and sadly this is exactly what is happening today. Prophets are prophesying for gain, they’re prophesying for fame, and many of them have no discretion when it comes to the secrets that God entrusts them with.

As I say in the intro and extro of this video, I do believe that foretelling, I do believe that predictive prophecy has it’s a place in the prophetic ministry. But it must be done with the utmost humility, and the purpose of the prophet should always remain to reveal Jesus Christ, not just predict the future. Psychics predict the future, diviners give accurate information, but prophets reveal Christ. Every prophet in scripture foretold of Christ, revealed Christ, and released the gospel of Jesus Christ by revelation. This must remain the sacred way of God’s prophets. They must be separated and completely consecrated unto the Lord through the revelation of Jesus they carry and disclose to the world.

- Stephen


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