In this video you’ll hear two separate dreams, one by Dana Coverstone and the other told by Lou Engle, where the Lord seems to be speaking about the same thing: there is a “liberal clown show” (of sorts) or “performance” happening right now that is designed to keep American’s votes from counting. The enemy is laughing now thinking that He’s won, thinking He’s pulled off this cou, but we believe, based on what God has spoken, that this election is far from over. Just as Clay Nash saw in the dream that Lou Engle shared, we believe God is getting ready to flip some states from blue to red. We believe that this clown show the liberals and the associated press are performing is ultimately not going to work, and as we continue to pray and decree the word of the Lord we will have victory!

In closing, I talk about a connection I saw in scripture with the dream that Clay Nash had with the plates on the liberals' heads. Just as the baker in the story of Joseph in (Gen.40) dreamed that He had plates on his heads, so did Clay Nash dream recently that liberals had plates on their heads which represented their stealing of votes in these battleground states. In the story of Joseph the baker was discovered as the thief and was judged, while the cup bearer was restored to service. Let’s believe for judgment and justice to find the thieves in this nation and for Donald Trump to be restored to his ordained place of authority in this land;.. A position the enemy is trying to wrest him from currently. Be encouraged as you listen and contemplate these things. God’s not done with this election regardless of how far fetched it may seem.

In his Service,

Stephen Powell


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