In this video the Lord connects the prophetic dots so to speak between Dana Coverstone, Chris Reed, & Sidney Powell with a word that the Lord is clearly speaking to us at this time for this nation: we are in a new american revolution.

With Dana Coverstone and Chris Reed, you’ll hear both of them speak about prophetic experiences they had days apart from each other back in August of this year. Both men saw things which clearly point to a new American revolution which is happening right now with Trump as the leader of it. Also included is a clip from Sidey Powell (part of Trump’s legal team) where she’s used once again to confirm the word of the Lord concerning what is happening right now in our nation.

Understand the hour that we’re living in saints. Understand that it’s time to take off the gloves and fight. We can’t simply sit on our hands and hope that things will go back to the way they were before all this craziness started manifesting on the national stage. We’re in a fight for our country, our faith, our families, and our right to freely worship and preach the gospel, and it’s going to take the same courage and resolve that our forefathers showed to break this nation free from foreign powers which would seek to rule over us and destroy this republic that God has blessed us with. Fight the battle on your knees in prayer, and take other steps as well as the Lord leads to join in the fight. Join the protests, hold up those signs, write your representatives, and please GO TO CHURCH!!! Make a stand a say, “We’re not letting the antichrist marxist spirit have this nation, we’re not letting that spirit shut down the church”. As we stand together, a chosen people under God, and as we support our President, Donald J. Trump, who’s been chosen by the Lord to lead this 2nd American Revolution, we will surely prevail against these forces of darkness that have picked this fight!





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