Recently, Stephen’s mother (who is also a seer prophet who has a lot of dreams and visions) had a dream where She saw a book which Stephen had written with an eagle on it. The book was standing open behind a glass case. The book was “put on display” and was open to a particular place. There was a marker in the book made of an angel feather and the book was about to be sent to Indonesia.

Stephen believes the interpretation to be such: There is an end-time open book of revelation being given to a prophetic people (the eagle book) which comes straight from the written word of God, and this is the only antidote for the antichrist spirit (Indonesia is the one the biggest strongholds for Islam in the world; the power that’s ultimately behind communision and Islam is the antichrist spirit). Messengers must arise in this hour and boldly release the revelation of the open eagle book. Millions of people are bound by these principalities behind Islam and communism. They must have the truth spoken to them to be set free. Are you one of those agents of truth? Are you willing to lay down your life, take up your cross, and follow Jesus to speak truth and set people free! Let the agents of truth arise! Let the eagle messengers arise and release the revelation of the open book!


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